Zhentong: Monkhood, cultivation, and few regrets

Journey to discover the Way

In the war of the worlds, good news is getting harder to share. Nevertheless, its important to share stories of hope, self-actualization, and well-being.

Sister Zhentong rejected the lifestyle of an ordinary woman. Like Sakyamuni, she retreated from the world to try to answer deep questions.

Who are we, and what is our final destiny? Must we live lives of sorrow and regret on our deathbeds?

For Zhentong, wandering as a courageous Buddhist Daoist monk for many years, these questions haunted her in her solitary search, journeying by foot from monastery to monastery.

Monk Zhentong relates her journey of awakening to XuYin, host of “Gentle Life” at New Tang Dynasty Television

Disciple Zhentong’s story is unusual yet inspirational. We cannot all live lives following the path of a straight unbroken arrow. As long as we are living there will always be hope for transformation.

Part 1: Zhengtong’s search before discovering Buddhist Falun Dafa

Part 2: Zhengtong’s transformation and new life

By leading ethical upright lives, it becomes easier to stand together to condemn wrongful actions and seek to amend them by changing human law.


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