Why humans will not survive mass extinction

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According to scientists from around the world, the next mass extinction is already underway. Unlike previous ones, this mass extinction will likely be unique in that it was enabled by the smartest creatures on the planet: Homo Sapiens.

We will never be able to face down that we are to blame for the planet’s health and environmental destruction. At this point in time, 2019, people are pointing the finger at one another on who is to blame. Fossil fuels, wars, technology, pollution, nuclear, overpopulation, the irresponsibility of other humans, anyone but us, ourselves.

Cracked glasses and no rearview mirrors

We can stare in the reflection pond but not for a moment do we want to admit who we are or what we are doing. It’s like being unable to imagine that the glass is cracked, even when we are guarding against passing cars in the rearview mirror.

The result is a warped generation. Our children have become what is metaphorically described in Childhood’s End by author Arthur C. Clarke; they are giving themselves over to the devils, our “true overlords” in exchange for everlasting life in the form of artificial intelligence. They will betray us before we have time to annihilate them. In any event, AI will soon be able to do everything better than us, especially finishing us off since they don’t require anything to survive beyond some electricity.

In our past work as an educator, it is obvious to realize that our children are not going to save the world for us, anymore than we have for them. They are caught in the time machine described in the movie once shown by our English teacher, Mr. Harkness. In days past, educators loved to show movies, reel films that they checked out from the school district resources center, and Mr. Harkness was no exception. Often we had very little concept what he was showing; the metastory was that he had to put up with spitballs.

One movie, “The man, the lady, and the tiger” featured three old people, two men and a woman. They appeared to be commenting on the wasteful habits and wanton manners of the young. They expressed regret for their lack of living up to ideals. A magician offers them an elixir, sternly advising that in exchange for the return to youth, they would make amends and live wisely. Needless to say, the old people are eager to display their wisdom once they are offered the elixir. But what do you think happens when they all turn twenty-five years old again? The woman, enchanted with her return to the springtime of beauty, gazes endlessly at herself in her hand-held mirror. The men, aroused by the woman, and fired up by their teeming testerone, begin flirting with her. In their ardor and rivalry, the two young men proceed to argue with one another. Eventually the men are involved in a fist-fight and lives are endangered when one draws a knife. All three had forgotten the promises they made as older people.

For the most part, this is what we often see in education. Adolescents are biologically wired for what passes as counter-culture and peer relations. Children cannot appreciate how wasteful we have been of fossil fuels before they have learned to drive. They grew up outside the era of washing cloth diapers or sterilizing milk bottles. For most born after 9-11 the war economy is the only economy they have ever known. This is the price we pay for owning the most advanced technology. Is that not true patriotism? To become popular, they are forced to lose themselves in fictional gang violence and grand theft auto. They cannot be wise about protecting life on Earth anymore than teachers have been. Besides all professionals are discouraged from discussing anything of importance, especially international military buildups.

Children know that when adults display an infantile predilection for guileful news and entertainment, they themselves can be nothing more than milquetoast. Adults always approve of dumbed down versions of themselves to drive around, otherwise their complacency would be too upset.

Going back to when we were growing up, at least back then there were massive peace movements and magazines discussed and passed around. Today no such movements exist. Alternative news is presented as the preoccupation of an army of whack jobs. The grasstops are depicted as third-tier lobbyists, willing to supply Mossad with monitoring data and guest lists. Grassroots demonstrations have turned themselves into mass surveillance events. Grasstop leaders are caught staring at the commoners with intense dislike. Often, they hypocritically reinvest their earnings back into the bull-market, buying stock from the giant corporations they openly criticize. To add to their establishment vitae, they will do practically anything, hence the term media whores for those who chase after T.V. interviews while giving ardent potential organizers and citizen journalists the runaround.

The ultimate give-away of grasstops being part of the controlled opposition is their patent unwillingness to cogently discuss the most pressing Earth-shattering events in our 21st century interplanetary lives: September 11, 2001 (aka 9-11), and March 11, 2011 (3-11 aka Fukushima nuclear meltdowns). Talk with Code Pink about 9-11 and they will blame Al-Qaeda. Very few grasstops are willing to acknowledge that 3-11 has changed the oceans and the planet forever. 350.org suggests nuclear energy is green, and even Dr. Helen Caldicott poses before glossy industry backdrops for interviews while pretending she is at Fukushima. Grasstops also take writers and academics who are people of color completely for granted unless they are posthumously famous or offer parsing. By the Western liberal establishment, only an Asian female serving as an LGBT revolutionary doctor is worth publishing, since the Asian monk nun medic working the hills of Thailand and helping lepers become cured of their disease is too ordinary, and contrary to the barbarians wicked ideals for enslavement.

Escape we can, into Never Never Land

The sad part of it is when you hold probing conversations with young people about why they are such escape artists these days. At least they open up a little, unlike the backbiting candy crush players relaxing on the way home from their office jobs. Several have conveyed to me that they just no longer care what happens. “If the world is going to end, let it come. I am ready to go now.” “Let’s bring it on, who cares?” “I want to die soon anyway.”  This sounds like the talk of octogenarians, people dying from the late-stages of irreversible disease, starvation, or the ravages of war. It shouldn’t be coming from our youngsters, particularly here in the United States, where poor children are offered three meals a day, educated, clothed, transported, provided free medical care, and training programs—all at minimal costs.

So here is this cruel irony: we see a very bright teenager who hates his teachers but nevertheless does what it takes to be a top-notch student. In his off-hours, he is pumping up the most vile rap music, visiting the most wicked war gaming sites, and bouncing between being utterly arrogant and completely sullen. We want to believe that he might open up and change. But all indications are that he really hates the reality of living or is disconnected from it or disillusioned by all the successful hypocrites he sees around him. He sneers at teachers’ idealism, even while he situationally waxes eloquent when told to do so as well as any blooming sociopath might do with regard to philanthropy and fundraising.

In other words, our young now view life as just a big game, where the biggest fish ends up in the White House where they can continue gaming the system for themselves and protect their billionaire buddies. If only the billionaires or elites, as we commoners call them, were content to drain the swamp for themselves or their megadevelopment projects. The trouble is that they were initiated into the kleptocracy via progressive rites of fraternal passage, lodges which we commoners refer to as pagan or even Satanic. They are bound to spread their lost spiritual values and tout them as examples for the masses to emulate.

Either that or they want to blind us, so we are further handicapped from anything beyond immediate material consumerist obsessions. Never mind that in so doing our elite superintelligent homo sapiens are straitjacketing human civilization into an antipodal against natural ecosystem health for an interplanetary environment. And how they are doing this is by unleashing all the potential ill-gotten gains of transgender spiritual morass, suicidal thinking, and satanic memberships.

As any alternative news readers know, there are a plethora of websites describing the depravities of the elite and those seeking for admittance. In fact one need not read these articles in their entirety (itself a grotesque and lurid exercise that in some instances are designed to beckon readers analogous to porn literature feeding a voyeurism addiction) to grasp the drift. The initiation of made Hollywood stars is even captured in mass-media videos. These releases are intended to convince us that the price is worth it. High art no longer consists of dramatizing Faust by Goethe; we are invested in Indy pop music with a monotone “we are broken” meme.

In the “we are broken” world of spiritual malaise and abject morals, everything is sold for cheap, and we do not question the sources but instead, invite the gangland profiteers into the White House, private clubs with politicians seeking to enhance their wealth and glory. In France, the age of consent for sex with minors is only 15, with the cases of abuse against younger children being difficult to prove unless there is “constraint, threat, violence or surprise.” The grey area appears to be where coercion is involved, and this loophole allows traffickers to book the minors and hook the johns. The extent of the addiction is apparent because there are many sex tourism websites devoted to providing travelers information.

The johns are not just average blokes suffering middle-aged crisis, but can include the rich and famous, software developers, sadists with insatiable appetites, military men, closet lesbians, artists and musicians traveling in junkets, ambassadors on leave, oriental businessmen, and even broken millennials, bored and aimless. The victims are from poor families whose farms have folded, kidnapped girls from Russia to South Africa, former orphans or missionary children recruited into sexwork, even barmaids and housecleaners looking to supplement their income. In the United States capital, it is no secret that such commerce occurs as if customary favors albeit amid much fanfare, luxury, and indispensable hubris.

None of this would affect or percolate down to the masses, stoic in spite of news blackouts, media lockdowns, persistent Hollywood propaganda making wars holy, and junk trafficking video games, were it not that even the Department of Education has gotten into the act. A revamp of sex-education and introduction for very young age groups was enabled by the last President and his education minister under the pretext that learning about such stuff at the age of four to six might be educational. No longer is sex education about just the birds and the bees either. Big decisions are being made to equalize the playing field for all types of sex, including sex-doll fetishes, pedophiliac, and transgender.

Mass Resistance and this reporter documented summer events in Maryland in which sex predators are paid to offer presentations as transgender clowns. The former sex predators—men who have been arrested for acts of perversion—operate sex parlor shops but are eager to hypnotize children into playing with their lower body organs or discovering onanism. Talk to the librarians, and they are totally committed to freedom of expression, except where it comes to talking about spiritual enlightenment, since that is not the American way.

The extent that this is making inroads—being bisexual, gay, lesbian, or hypersexual—is no longer the big focus; however introducing hypothetical transgenderism and initiating hormone treatments for sex-change is. Nothing can help keep us more entrapped in the matrix than staring in the mirror and asking ourselves soul-searching questions about whether or not we should have been born into the opposite sex. This is the safe topic that every American classroom child is being encouraged to share and talk about all around the country. Not starvation or bomb-fleeing refugees, not climate change and irradiated foods from the Pacific, not the new nuclear arms race and closing down HUD apartments to save money for a couple of F-35s, and certainly not talking about shipping homeless people to detention camps where they disappear off the face of the planet.

Citizens must endure a new manipulative form of bread-and-circuses involving the spiritual theft of our children. Crippling them with the entrapment of sex at younger ages will corrupt their priorities and neuter their capacity for moral reasoning and embracing noble ideals. What could be the goal except to hasten mass extinction by encouraging more people to walk the the broad brick highway of accelerated global militarization, destruction, and exploitation? Alternatively, having only a vague sense of reality due to living in a projected holographic hyperreality, our children will no longer be able to sort out what kind of death and destruction will rain down on the planet if they pleasurably push the fun red MOAB nuclear button.

And to be sure, someone will have taught them to think, “The less suffering, the better.”

Op-ed by AGN founder Christine H. Wong, dedicated blogger since 2009