Update on wars


There are so many facets on the bits-and-pieces of World War 3 that it is not easy to cover. Anyone who thinks we are not already mired in World War 3 is a fool. The NATO is just wrapping up yet another exercise from the past two weeks in Europe, with practice exercises adjacent to the Russian border. About 20 different countries usually participate in these exercises led by the U.S., and now hosted in Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and possibly Norway and Sweden, but also including Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkiye, etc. and increasingly, Ukraine. The U.S. and other European nations have voiced support for sending F-16s to Ukraine now, even if a couple of years ago that was off the table as too much of an escalation. The U.K. and U.S. are now also willing to send depleted-uranium tipped missiles, since the Russians have been too successful in eliminating the tanks (including Leopard and LIVs) sent over from Poland. The U.K. was also upset that the Russians were able to shoot down their supposedly invincible StormShadow cruise missiles.

As Douglas Macgregor and others have talked about, there is just no way that Ukraine could not have surrendered by now but for the fact that NATO is arming Ukraine to the teeth, helping with logistics from Poland, and sending fighters across the border as contractors, mercenaries, who must carry no insignia and if they are killed, cannot even be identified. There are clips of the Ukrainian soldiers even beheading them for non-identification.

According to military analysts from various sources, once NATO finishes their extensive exercises in the host countries, it is often the case that the hardware does not return home. After such extensive mobilization and including training forces, whether air, sea, or land, at least part of the contingents will remain, including the fighter aircraft, and military equipment. As with Ukraine from 2014-2021, it is basically a build-up.

Worst in U-R War

Not quite yet. Last week AGN was investigating the African Union Peace mission to Ukraine and Russia. Part of this was mentioned in the two-hour press conference given by President Vladimir Putin to a full table of journalists and military spokespeople, at least four of which were from Wagner Group. The tape is translated by Michael Rossi on his channel, and was really quite telling. Without delving into actual quotes or details, there were some strong impressions which unfortunately relate to the ongoing coup-attempt by Wagner PMC.

First, it seemed so unlike the West that President Putin would have such a direct conference, sitting at the same table, as ordinary citizens. It seemed almost a bit too casual, whether it was the lovely femme by his left arm, who seemingly kept staring at him, or the combative types who evinced time and again their complaints, framed as questions, that they were not being paid enough, that they were not receiving benefits, that they did not want to sign onto the regular military. Several of them even stared rather belligerently at the President. Of course this is in hindsight, but it did strike this reporter as bordering on disrespectful.

Second, this reporter is impressed with how President Putin had such a smooth delivery in answers no matter what the question. Of course it would seem as if this President had a higher withitness than the U.S. president for reasons that much of the press, even Western press, has speculated about. But perhaps the questions were submitted in advance? Certainly the presser seemed to have elements of staging to it. It seemed each participant already had their question memorized, already seemed to have the order of questioning, and even the ending was seemingly on cue. Nothing appears to ruffle President Putin’s feathers, which is almost strange.

One journalist seemed to hint also at the future coup in asking several times whether or not or how the President would deal with recidivism among the retiring soldiers (or mercenaries). Unbeknownst to the general public is that the Wagner PMC had not had its service contract renewed by the Russian government. They had already been suffering from lower order level of supplies and equipment and pay, probably a sign that the Ministry of Defense did not favor them so much anymore.

No wonder then that there is this armed insurrection taking place by Wagner PMC, which is no small force to contend with. With 25,000 soldiers, Russia’s elite fighting force already is downing Russia aircraft. Just within the past few hours, Hindustan Times reports that a drone has been shot down and also a helicopter. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner PMC is either a madman (some say PTSD) or he has become a traitor.

If one looks at his history including gambling businesses and other corruptions, he is certainly capable of having been bought out by the West. Someone (perhaps Alex Mercouris) mentioned during their coverage of events at Bakhmut, a long-drawn battle lasting several months, in Eastern Ukraine, possibly due to all the underground salt-mine tunnels, that there had been secret talks between the Russian and Ukrainian commanders; that these talks may have even included talks with NATO representatives. Certainly it is possible that the armies on both sides have been infiltrated by spies and propagandists.

Anyway it is the perspective by alternative news analyst Richard Medhurst (who was really quick in coming out with a broadcast) that Wagner PMC founder Prigozhin is a traitor to Russia. In fact, he shows a clip of Prigozhin stating why he feels Russia should not have entered the Donbass region, and that since 2014, Russia has been mired in corruption in engineering a civil war in Ukraine. (This sobering reality is confirmed by Scott Ritter in a five-minute clip he published a few hours ago. Ritter still looks like he is having a hard time adjusting to this new reality—less than 12 hours earlier he was on U.S. Tour of Duty showing off his Wagner PMC memorabilia, presented to him by a Wagner chief personally, including a military patch, and a battle-axe!)

At any rate, the danger is that this armed insurrection can snowball into a civil war. How many other disgruntled soldiers are there in Russia, and other combative types whose first calling is not the Motherland but pay and advancement. Does not Prigozhin look like a worshipper of Baal and Moloch? In fact, he was also placed on the wanted list in the U.S. and a freeze placed on his foreign bank accounts (hence his bribeability).

Worse at home

There is no doubt that the chaos and confusion of the U.S./NATO, mired in the U-R war all but in name, is causing many disturbances inside the United States. It’s like a war by the homeless drug addicts and migrants against the moderate and lower-income Americans. This reporter says that because higher-earning income Americans, at least those with common-sense, should not be living in urban areas unless they really have to. Gentrification (because of the outrageous costs) has led only to more displaced homeless people, and many empty buildings (because such a high proportion of people eat out only on weekends now).

Jonathan Choe, who runs the Choe Show channel on YT, as well as features on Discovery Institute, is documenting how it plays out on the ground in Seattle. There is some “skin in the game” here for AGN; first, this reporter lived and worked in Seattle for quite a few years including while attending the University of Washington. It was always regarded as shameful to have to take the bus, but take the bus (#71, #72, #73) we often did to get to U.W. from downtown Seattle, standing nearby the Bon Marche bus stop. (Ironically riding public transportation, however upgraded, is still viewed with chagrin, despite the chronic traffic jams, bottlenecks, and outrageous air pollution cars generate). We recall how for many lower income and students, there is no alternative besides bicycling, bus, walking, and now subway.

When the drug addicts want to mug someone or snatch their purse, it will most likely be someone who is lower-income and a fellow minority on the ground, because more urbanites than ever choose to work from home rather than travel to downtown Seattle where, for instance, their car may be broken into.

Second, Choe has clips which really raised the ire of this reporter, who also holds an A.Sc. in Special Education and worked in Special Education as a second-career for some time. In that capacity, one observes the “turning of the students into addicts” by dark elements of the teaching workforce. Knowing the limitations on becoming productive citizens, they actually channel them into dark arts: gaming, heavy metal music, rap lyrics praising the use of cusswords, trivializing females, elevating crime, rape, drug use, violence, and murder is normalized on the sly. It transforms the un/consciousness toward supporting sinfulness and satanism.

What happens when Special Education students graduate and no longer have easy access to Ritalin or Prozac or the other pills they were taking while in school all their lives? What happens when they have limited or no health insurance, and their parents chase them out of the house? They turn to “surrogate drugs” for self-medication! Many of the fentanyl drug-addicts infesting the streets of downtown Seattle (3rd & Pike) to International District are under 30, even as young as 18. And yes, his clips basically illustrate what many are calling a “lost generation,” kids who grew up in the 2000s, under the United States of War, with no hope attending college and who come from broken homes…

Third, whether it is an outgrowth of drug addiction or crime or blame-projection, the violence against Asian-Americans (Asian Pacific Islander American) in general has vastly increased in the cities all around the country, especially New York, Chicago, San Francisco, but also Portland, Los Angeles, and now Seattle. Choe covered the recent shooting by a black man of a Korean working-class couple while they were sitting in their car. This horrific crime is claimed to be just random, but there are other attacks occurring against women, and other Asians around the country. In New York City, a subway rider was randomly slashing female subway riders in the leg last week. There have been countless stories of elderly Asians just being pushed and hit. And this has dramatically increased the prevalence of a lack of trust in authorities by citizens in Seattle against their government. Even when the mayor claims that he is hoping to increase public safety, soft-on-crime is making Seattle business owners feel frustrated because it hurts business.

Fourth, the soft-on-crime template is being played out here even in Washington, D.C., and exacerbated by a visible number of new migrants. They are easily spotted because they often cannot speak English, but are generally trying to navigate around town using their smartphone. Others are poorly dressed, openly litter, and are importing their bad habits from their country of origin, such as alcoholism. They make the low-income residents of D.C., often native African-Americans who have been here a few generations, respectable by comparison. However other gangs from cities such as Chicago are also infiltrating the local scene. (Even yesterday, a tall homeless black migrant, a good runner, was trying to scare me and probably worse…)

This is why the Summer of Love is just a summer of delusion and confusion. Instead of being encouraged to discuss the news or take courses, young adults are lured into the naval-gazing abyss of identity politics. Instead of learning about classical culture, they are listening and dancing to satanic rap. Instead of volunteer work or participation in nonprofits such as Food Not Bombs, all they want to do is drink, party, and take drugs…


Amid all this, AGN is still planning a Peace Plan write up, whether the proposal is by Schiller Institute, the China Peace Plan, or the African Union. Turkiye, and Italy, may also play host, as well as South America. Everyone wants peace on the planet, and it is even exploited as a boondoggle issue now, just like addressing homelessness or treating COVID-19. It is important that whoever is offering such a peace plan is deeply vetted not just for sincerity and charisma but also for a track record of key performance indicators. What is the genie index or corruption perceptions index? One does not have to be a rocket scientist or political scientist to understand how much political influence and corruption may be taking place. Just research whether there is a corruptions watch group or what the watchdogs are allowed to say (or not to say). Sometimes academia is so ensconced with the government that (as GNspace4peace recently covered) all of the departments are bought off: they can only be supported based upon output which supports certain types of narratives. Social scientists may coin very clever terminology which disguises or obfuscates the fact that the power grid infrastructure is decimated by lack of qualified repair; or the runaway scams being conducted due to an overbearing political class of untouchables (as is increasingly the case in America, whose CPI is 24); or the blithe excuses offered by those who deserve jail sentences but are “too powerful to fail” because of their short-term interests.

As a species, homo sapiens‘ most overriding concerns are with creature comforts, satisfying their gross appetites especially eating and sex, driven by lust for money, power, glory, and propagating like guinea pigs. This is why all the great religions focus on self-control as such a virtue. Women naturally want to bear ten children apiece and men wish to own thirty wives if they could, but self-control helps us visualize higher goals and even Faustian ideals. Bettering the human race, such as Buddha does, requires quartering off our Devadatta urges, or the worship of such overriding darkness, arrogance, personal power, magick, and riches. Hero worship of such, whether it is Prigozhin or any other Luciferian counterpart whatever its race, sex, or ethnicity, is bound to lead to country destabilization and deviation from the plans for a great nation.

And this is why one remarks the Summer of Love, whether it is here or in Ukraine or Russia, is looking more and more like a sorrowful Theater of the Absurd. In fact Ron Paul, founder of the Peace and Prosperity (Ron Paul) Institute recently delivered a keynote address, “The Rise of Nihilism,” at the 2023 Houston Conference.

“The whole principle of what’s going on today is a contest between telling the truth and nihilism.”

Ron Paul, “The Rise of Nihilism,” 2023 Houston Conference

Both Dr. Paul and Ray McGovern state the case repeatedly that we need a peace-President, just like John F. Kennedy, who chose the path of wisdom in resolving the Cuban Missile crisis. The Schiller Institute has put forth several conferences regarding the need to elevate peace in the time of war, and while it runs counter to the narrative of the current political establishment, perhaps it is only because of whom they represent.