Trump incited the #MagaThugs, kick him out now!


Trump is a psychopath, he deserves jail time!

We watched it all, starting on January 5, 2021 with the gathering at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. through January 6, 2021 at various patriot outlets. I will list them here, although due to the trespassing on the Capitol grounds, including in Washington, DC; Columbia, SC; Olympia, WA; we are not sure those YT channels will stay up. 
There are various small channels that also offered live coverage or feeds. The channel operators claim that the feeds do not necessarily reflect their views, yet obviously, like NTDTV or Epoch Times, the rebels were not just talking with anybody. You needed to be on their side to be granted access for interviews, is the way they saw it!
On January 5, 2021 at Freedom Plaza, one citizen-journalist making the rounds with Trump activists was repeatedly rebuffed, even threatened for being suspected of “being a socialist, communist, antifa.” WUSA9‘s reporter stayed blocks away from the melee because these blokes are not your friendliest.
We encountered quite a few of the ‘Stop the Steal’ activists inside Walmart on January 5, and wandering around along Massachusetts Avenue. Just very average looking people, yet it is clear they are on a mission, sent by God himself no doubt. Typical of these reactionaries are several noticeable traits. They are excitable. Within a minute or two if they discover your views do not align with theirs, they will commence attacking you, calling you names. They refuse to listen to the voice of logic and reason once they can no longer defend their shallow talking points. They have a lot of deep-seated anger, and arguably this is misplaced anger, since taking the side of the billionaire kleptomaniac family is far from good for the American public.
Just in case you don’t believe me, my neighbor is one of them…
Just in case you don’t believe that we know what we are talking about, my neighbor is one of them! She routinely hates on people, and maintains all kinds of stock stereotypes of how we should behave, yet somehow because we do not meet expectations, she has a right to be angry, accuse us of discrimination, call the police…

For over four years we have had to watch more and more people succumb to the Trump Derangement Syndrome. The marvelous part being that any time the person tries to defend themselves against a false accusation by a TDS patriot, that patriot will also play the victim, sort of how an opossum plays dead to escape capture. And of course the counter-attack, counter-lawsuit, counter-distraction is one of Trump’s most notorious plays. It’s how he’s managed to evade the plaintiff, and according to USA Today, it was over 4095 lawsuits in 2016. It’s not rocket science to understand why he wanted to stay in office! It has nothing to do with Jo Public, but rather legal protections afforded by immunity from prosecution as a President of the United States! (Here’s a nice graphic for aspiring law students in case you want to join his team!)

So why are so many followers being duped into believing that he is the Son of God himself? That his words are unquestionable? That his tweets are COMMANDS? Is it because it gives them the same kind of torpor as some sweet red knockout drops?
No doubt it’s sort of complicated. People who are conservative, according to Big 5 personality tests tend to be less open, more prone to rigid inflexible thinking. Like my neighbor will only listen to radio stations with plenty of Trump-speak. Technology has enabled us to share over time and space in split seconds, but it has also morphed what used to be a daily diet of balanced news into a smorgasbord selected by Facebook or our other artificial intelligence feeds. So we revel in group confirmation and viewpoints that increasingly exclude and target the opposing side. 

Insecure people (including Trump or Bannon) will devote hours upon hours checking their social feeds because they have become addicted to managing their profile. Just look at how many WH press secretaries Trump has turned over, an average of one per year; not to mention the other turnover in the Cabinet. They absolutely demand that people reflect, no genuflect in front of them, take the “Trump Oath.” There are people who adore Trump because they adore his manly power. They believe he exudes financial gain, limitless fame, and the boundless glory of the Presidency. 
In every age, there are the worshipers of Baal (god of Money), and Moloch (god of human sacrifice). Moloch requires child-sacrifice, and this is why Trump set up the detention camps and wants to build the US-Mexican border wall. Like the counterpart in Israel, the border wall is a ruse to foment bloodshed, captivity, and human suffering. According to human rights groups such as Amnesty International, hundreds of children have gone missing. However, since those are only from official reports, there are more likely thousands of missing children, children who conveniently disappear and reappear in human trafficking as slave labor or child sex-slaves or are sacrificed. Can you imagine how crime intensifies when there is no work?
The type of people who gravitate towards Baal and Moloch don’t wear special name tags and do not need to join the occult. In America, all they have to do is become addicts of junk pop-culture, such as the Hollywood-elite controlled satanic worshiping trashy rock or rap music videos; for children, their induction comes via stages of advancement in the world of virtual gaming. Their brains fried by ritual slayings, their hearts benumbed by one-sided episodes, their souls become as corrupt as their parents. And for those who cannot believe that this behavior is condoned, please investigate all the politicians who were potentially tied to Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia or K12 teachers connected with Hell’s Angels drug and human trafficking. Their nights are the same as their days, an endless jumble fest of feeding, acquiring, and preying upon others…
Our mainstream culture bans spirituality in public news, schools, and almost any other setting. The only practice left is hedonism and decadence, pagan savagery and competition. This is why the elders are fascinated with raping children, is because they cannot believe in God, but meanwhile, they lust after youth, because they do not believe in the sanctity of true Nature and the sacred Cosmos. Its like some savages that we know who will celebrate chopping down the very last tree in the forest as an unforgettable ritual, and who will wake up with the forest gone, the riverbed dried, and yet not be able to recount their own responsibility, but instead, will start murdering and cannibalizing one another. Sacred indeed!
But here is what Jared Hussey lists in “13 Types of Donald Trump Supporters.” There are the haters, proud deniers, ignorant dads, fans of The Apprentice, die-hard Republicans, child molesters, slogan suckers, establishment Russians, Frat D-Bags, ISIS, sexists, gun people, selfish people. 
We pointedly beg to differ on the “establishment Russians” for several reasons. One, there are not that many Russian-Americans; two the Russians have been accused of info-war spin ala puppet master Vladislav Surkov, however, there are a lot more neocons involved in spin, not to mention the Mercer family, who may have once again helped this election cycle through social media or via superPAC funding; third, the accusation of the Russians being involved might be less precise than that of Zionist Jews favoring the incumbent. It is no secret that there are close links between Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Some people have alleged that ISIS itself is not only a CIA funded creation but assisted and infiltrated by the IDF. In the aftermath of the election, and as the frustrations of Donald Trump have mounted, where did Jared Kushner run to but Israel? Presumably it was to advance the Peace Treaty, and in fact he also can spend time in his home on the West Bank (where Jewish developments have mostly been acquired by illegal settlements since the land belongs to Palestine). Thus, if Trump is looking for a safe haven in the aftermath of leaving office, the West Bank might be such a place, as there are other illegal settlers there, but he would still be afforded the free protections of the IDF, and can remain invisible there if he wants to, or build some new hotels. And the West Bank has become a safe-haven for convicted Jewish criminals, perhaps such as Jeffrey Epstein.
Selfish people? Hussey writes:
“You might be a Trump supporter reading this and thinking to yourself, ‘Hey, I don’t fit any of these categories.‘ First, look back and read again. Are you sure you’re not racist? Are you my dad? Well, if you don’t fit any of the above groups, then this group is for you. You’re just plain selfish. You voted for Trump because his policies would benefit you (or you thought his policies would benefit you)….”
Does this explain the close election results? Our opinion is that in fact there was voter machine tampering or envelope miscounts but that it might have been the other way because in October, the political pundits had forecasted an up to 15% lead by Biden over Trump. How could that 15% lead be narrowed down to less than 5%? It’s actually surprising that more Democrats have not been screaming about cheating…
But our pro-Zionist media is always also intent on keeping the American public focused on “civil war” possibilities; the elite would see the common citizens as nothing but pawns who must by kept distracted by bread-and-circuses. Since they have gotten most of the “bread” breaks from any bail-out legislation, then all we have left are the “circus” arenas; such is the fanfare of this past summer’s Black Lives Matter riots. Those riots (enabled by the Trump-law-and-order cops) have pitted the voters on the opposite side of the patch, the poor whites, against their traditional fictive enemy, the hapless blacks. It is nothing less than pathetic, that in the middle of the worst pandemic to strike the world, and especially the United States, since 1917, along with global recession, that the American public is warring over “socialism and CCP.”
#MagaThugs had it planned out weeks in advance!
The “selfish” per Hussey have no concept of the virus being a natural borne transmogrified entity. They are too conformist to recognize that trickle-up has actually happened; we can see they NEVER notice homeless people who are invisible to them; but they love to PROJECT THEIR BLAME onto whoever they can target. And Trump embodies that opportunity for them: He is the figure-head of the angry bloviating monster who will blame, balk, and bombast his figurative enemies rather than try to understand, empathize, coordinate, and cooperate. This is one reason why in the middle of such a horrible year, all Trump has bragged about is the health of Wall Street, and the need to take military and economic action against enemy nations. 
Selfish People? Haters? Proud Deniers? Gun People? Sexists?
You saw plenty of those at the Steal of the Century (it’s Stop the Steal, but anyway notice how Trump loves that word?) MAGA Rally on January 5, and January 6, 2021 (even if the Virginia Women did hold a ‘fake’ prayer circle). And if you check out some of these hash tags, you will be assured that I am not alone in my condemnation of these horrific events which took place yesterday. After all, my first introduction to Washington, D.C. was in 1977 when our family took a Back East vacation that included several days in the nation’s capital. I still remember our VIP tour of the Capitol building. My parents loved it so much they signed us up for a VIP tour twice. Funny that in the intervening years, I have not gone on any additional tours, but I have been in the vicinity quite often, often for research purposes, other times conducting political advocacy. It’s like the Black Lives Matter twitter feeds notes, that double standards are SO OBVIOUS HERE IT WAS INTENTIONAL. (Check out @JuddLegum $16m to 138 lawmakers)
Last year, I was just taking a walk around the Capitol building, and had to sit and rest. Well, just because the bench was too close to the steps on the West side, the guard scowled at me and pointedly tried to make me sit somewhere else. It was a marble bench by the steps and I had no intention of climbing the steps, yet he would not even let me sit there. And he was a guard of color, but it really doesn’t matter; it’s their somewhat blatant sexist attitude and particularly towards Asian-American female walking alone, as if that were somehow a crime from the Victorian era…
And this is not to mention the perfectly shameful descending on a handful (less than 30) Poor People for Economic Human Rights Marchers the security agencies harassed and tried to arrest for camping at Dupont Circle in June 2018, after they had triumphantly and laboriously marched from Philadelphia, PA to Washington, D.C.
There’s a lot more at these feeds about whether or not these were not a blatant coups attempt. Believe me, all you have to do is watch (hopefully not too redacted) the videos at StatusCoup channel to view the sophisticated coordination via social media, the planned points of entry and methods of attack to gain entry. The clumsy responses of the guards looking like rapprochements, as if they were playing football. Nothing like what would be expected if this were a group of angry colored women, which might include their using tasers, rubber bullets, and clubs. All the Capitol police, even in the Library of Congress normally carry taser guns or guns with possibly rubber bullets. So why the guards would be essentially standing by is more than likely because they were told this circus would appease the Group of Seven…
Stay tuned….Afterall, this unrest is not going to go away soon, and that’s exactly what the elite like, is a state of civil war, just so Trump and his family can safely stowaway those $600 million SuperPAC monies, or arrange self-pardons, or keep those dirty slaving subcontractors off their backs, maybe in China, right? 
PS. Epoch Times and NTDTV were paid off a long time ago to become the Asian version of Fox News. They have literally furnished Trump all the toxic lingo he uses on a daily basis to “blame China” such as “CCP Virus” and all the rest of the baloney.

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