The hardest thing: Truth


The hardest thing at the End Kalpa (which is what various Buddhist masters believe we are living in this age) is that Truth is hard to find, difficult to discover, and moreover, even when it becomes self-evident, it is rejected.

That is what is happening now in the unfolding drama in Ukraine. Each side contends the other side is winning, can win, must win. But the truth is that each day brings us closer to nuclear war against Russia. Wisdom of the ages urges humankind to err on the side of caution, to back away from the precipice, to urge for diplomacy and enact a ceasefire.

But apparently world geopolitics is not operating in the same sphere as daily life. In this view, we would be as if allowing cars to drive at 60mph on the same road towards one another oblivious of any car-crash. Or allowing kids to fight to the death and wreck the school cafetaria. But our mainstream news shields viewers from seeing any bloodshed. We can watch all the vampire and gore movies we want, but apparently real bloodshed would expose the public to too much reality. Or truth.

War is not pretty. It’s messy, ugly stuff, and the callousness makes men develop rank hatred, and disrespect for all life. That’s why even the political pundits reporting on the war daily such as the Colonel, or Berletic, or whomever are really not welcoming of women journalists in the Q&A, or at least there is an impression of that. They are brushed off, their questions are discounted.

Because in war, men come to see women and children as merely chattel. The fighting drives them insane and what little reward comes to mean taking whatever they want, including raping and killing for the sake of grisly gloriful sense-gratification. More men are acting coarsely, more women are becoming vulgar, and the society is becoming visibly careless.

There is world war taking place in bits and pieces. For instance, Israel has taken advantage of the situation to attack Gaza, Lebanon, or Syria. Turkey has also made excursions into Syria’s north eastern region. The U.S. makes new sanctions every month against various enemy nations. China is withholding shipping containers filled with cargo that should have landed by now on U.S. shores. (For instance, at the Walmart located a few blocks away, the frozen and refrigerated food sections are completely empty—and they have been like that for almost two weeks.)

War breeds chaos, confusion, negativity, and gives birth to more violence. That is only natural, that there is such bad Qi floating in the air all around. This, despite the strenuous efforts of the buddhist and Christian ministries to conduct extra masses and ceremonies and prayers for healing (and often unstated but including for world peace).

Schiller Institute has recently yet again called for a peace dialogue with the founder, Helga Zepp-Larouche, stating that the most viable third party would be a willing intermediary. The Vatican has volunteered to be such an intermediary for a peace dialogue with no stipulations attached. All that would be required is that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine be willing to sit and talk.

But if you look at some of the headlines from alternative media, such as Hal Turner Radio, you can see that the Russians have seriously mobilized and will not back down, as recent headlines such as “Report: Russia to mobilize another 500,000 men” or “Russian Official: Put Zircon Hypersonic Missiles 100 miles from Potomac River” indicate.

How hard can that be? The truth appears to be that humankind is mired in such materialism that the Western hegemony is willing to go for an all or none approach. It would rather drag the whole world to perdition and take everyone along with them.

Redacted Inc with Clayton and Natalie Morris did a nice broadcast on that a few weeks ago, “Oh No, They’re really doing this in Canada and they’re not hiding it.” Most Christians are against euthanasia because it destroys the sanctity of human life. In fact, physicians are sworn to protect human life as well, but of course, in the age of Constitutional Law (an Orwellian interpretation of such), the law supercedes science.

But what if there is a deeper agenda, as some pundits such as Peak Prosperity suggests. We want to solve the overpopulation problem and thermonuclear war is one option. Another option are the false innoculations that the experimental vaccines have come to represent: kill shots. Another option that the elite secretly discuss using learned language and in sophisticated enclaves is “legalizing euthanasia.”

Politicization of science and education is forcing doctors to bend their knee to accept operations for sex-change, death protocols based on the kill-shots, and encouraging the recommendation of euthanasia for patients who are chronically depressed or terminally ill. Teachers are supposed help students become addicted to sex, and the shots are supposed to disable the god-gene.

All of that sounds really kooky, but the World Economic Forum is really holding special meetings on countering disinformation, that is, alternative news media that present the news from perspectives of the harm that is caused by blindly adopting capitalist corporate policies without national debate and review of such laws or policies. For instance, the World Health Organization has a new pandemic preparedness policy that allows it to dictate that all countries must follow its pandemic protocols henceforth. They are already planning how to handle the next pandemic in order that everyone will be vaccinated, carry a vaccination pass, perhaps opt to become chipped for identity convenience, and tied to this will be drivers license and centralized bitcoin digital currency.

This kind of green totalitarianism is in various stages of development but it was blocked by world protests and uprisings in 2021, such as the truckers protests in Canada, and the various farmers protests in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, progress has been made in conforming countries such as in Austria and Australia and Mexico. But too many pundits, alternative press, and politicians have spoken against the WEF agenda, so this is why they are already devising new ways to censor the public.

One way we believe they are doing this includes the recent update to WordPress. This is no ordinary update. It involves the launching of Gutenberg Blocks. That already has an eerie Orwellian evocation to it. Martin Luther liberated the world from the Catholic Church thanks to the wonders of the Gutenberg Press which allowed his thesis (and later his bible) to spread throughout Europe. Here in the United States, in the 2000s there was a Project Gutenberg which became famous (and still is) as a purveyor of free books and audio. Thus, Gutenberg is the symbol of the voice of the printed word, its convenience, and its efficacy.

Now WordPress is set to destroy that perhaps encouraged, aided, and abetted by its board. The new version of WordPress strongly encourages all users to deploy Gutenberg Blocks, a clumsy blockish publishing software whose only convenience is for the many programmers and cloud servers that develop and save the articles you hope to publish. For small publishers and bloggers, it is a headache and time-consuming as this software seems to be bent on distracting (blocking?) the writer from typing but being caught up in the prerogatives of layouts, options, pull-in media, size of boxes, and whatnot of trivia. Already there are numerous complaints and traditionalists are calling for a boycott or at the very least, enabling disabling-blocks apps.

Of course it’s always nice to learn something new, something that may be meant to universalize the blogosphere and keep many programmers happily employed. This is what happens in a country where there is no real manufacturing base anymore. People graduate and must become overspecialized in some kind of niche, and it cannot be the type that is actually integral to societal functioning anymore (such as real, physical infrastructure building). Instead it must deal with entrapping humanity into deeper and deeper layers of artificial intelligence using all manners of artifice. Meta is hopeful that we will just give up blogging and don those VR goggles and lay waste to ourselves all day until we are ready to be scraped up by the euthanasia robots.

This is not too dark a reality according to WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab. A corollary to “you will own nothing and be happy” might be “you will believe in nothing and yearn to die.” It makes no difference because they cannot even distinguish between the lives of people in one national bracket from another. In fact, typical of totalitarian leaders, the people they want to rid of most generally are those capable of challenging their ideas. So it almost makes sense they are ready to lay waste to European heritage, since these people actually had a noble culture and many vaunted ideals that they had the ambition and intelligence to bring to fruition for perpetuity.

No more of that for the proles! No, the higher truths in spiritual living and human life must be made banal. They are even happily planning now how to design new humans that will not desire to eat meat, who will be shorter in height, possibly thinner so that they will not have to consume as much of anything. Humans will become the new alien race of those Hollywood movies, if the planet lasts long enough from all the planned or incidential destruction from all those wars…

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