Terrifying accelerating warnings by Putin (Moscow) ignored by Washington

US/NATO furnished missile launchers extend into Russian territory

As early as 2015, Russia had plans to fend off an attack by NATO. In the aftermath of the Maidan color revolution in Ukraine, and determining that the West’s goal is to surround the Russian heartland, any attack against Russia is viewed as an existential threat.

Here are elements of their war plan against America and its NATO allies published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Such a ‘first strike’ plan envisions a total defeat of all United States military forces in about 3 weeks. It begins:

“A total defeat of all US military forces would begin with the immediate destruction/disablement of all 19 US Navy aircraft carriers and capable aircraft carriers, the destruction/disablement of all US-NATO military satellites, a strategic takeover of US-NATO heavy arms depots in Norway and Germany by airborne Spetsnaz (Special Forces) troops, the ‘obliteration’ of all US bases in the United Kingdom, the saturation of European Union airspace utilizing special weapons technology and the ‘preparation for use’ of 500 tactical nuclear weapons.”

Clearly, citizen-journalists are able to discern that steps are already being taken to implement the plan. Russia has recently (via President Putin speaking at the SPIEF2024) stated that it will encourage and arm U.S. enemies with the weapons to attack the U.S. forces. This might mean arming Yemen with more advanced weaponry and missiles to attack the aircraft carriers, such as recently with the USS Eisenhower. It could mean the deployment of more counter-satellite weapons into space which would take out the military satellites, at the very least. The Victory Day speech by the President hinted at the vast numbers of troops that can be brought forward if necessary, not including additional foreign legions from neighboring China. Their special troops and operatives are likely on the ground within the European Union and the United States already, since the Western hegemony is lax about civilian infrastructure and maintenance.

The outline of this plan is reported at WhatDoesItMean.com (by Sister Maria Theresa), a citizen resistance information site for the peace of the world. The plan itself is remarkable because in fact, what we (aware citizens) have noticed over the past month is a terrible intensifying of World War III fomentation coming from both NATO and the Russian Federation.

(Of course most of America is tranquilized by the media reports about the Trump or Biden courtcases; the other half is reveling in “The Summer of Love” consumption festivals.)

Both sides (EU and Russia) are as if casually preparing their public for global war by urging them to stock up on survival items, prepare for shortages, even publishing maps in major newspapers of how NATO will invade Russia. In Russia, there are even emergency shelter drills. Of course here in the United States, no such preparations are ever planned or underway: fallout shelters have ceased to exist except for the super-rich. All other Americans are supposed to carry on with their roles of “dutifully minding their own business.”

In May, the ratcheting of anti-Russian rhetoric has only been matched by anti-Hamas rhetoric. A scan of the headlines at HalTurnerRadioShow.com tells one all one needs to be convinced that the conflagration between East and West is enlarging. The website was updated recently, however one can search the “World News” titles:

“Russia launches counter-satellite weapons into space” (May 21)
“Bulletin 10:46pm EDT Blinken officially authorizes Ukraine to attack inside Russia” (May 23)
“After British Storm Shadow and French SCALP-EG Missiles Strike Russia, Response Against London and Paris Coming” (May 18) (identified through forensic analysis)
“British Foreign Secretary: Ukraine can use British missiles against Russian territory” (May 3)
“France sends combat troops into Ukraine” (May 5)
“Russia to conduct tactical nuke drill to deter Western Theater” (May 21)
“Russia commences tactial nuclear weapons exercise” (May 13)
“Unlocked: S-500 deployed earlier than expected; posture now consistent with nuclear first-strike” (June 13, advanced surface-to-air missile system)

Of course there are some serious survivalist nutcases out there who say, “Bring it on because I am prepared!” No one will be prepared enough for World War. Experience has shown that those within the safe bunkers will begin to go mad, with predictably tragic results. Even a completely blown up Washington, D.C. will ensure total mayhem throughout the nation.

But Russia has nothing to lose when the existential threat to its very existence is being hastened daily. The mendacious disciple of Mephistopheles, a man who will be cursed for generations to come, the U.S. Secretary of State, does not negotiate peace successfully anywhere. The charade is merely for speculative dialogue to keep pace with appearances in the media.

Nothing is covered about the daily attacks now occurring inside of Russia—not just in Crimea or Donetsk region (reclaimed territories)—but within Russia proper. From source reports nearly every night recently Russia is having to deal with troublesome UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) which strike residential buildings at night in kamikazi rocket attacks.

Here is a selection from LiveUAMap.com sources from last night:

“The car of the chief of staff of a military unit exploded in the Rostov region…”

“Airstrike reported in Selydove of Donetsk region..”

“Several UAVs were intercepted and destroyed overnight over the Rostov region, two over the Belgorod region, two over the Volgograd region, six over the Voronezh region, six over the Kursk region, one over the occupied Crimea.”

16 of 19 of recorded attempted strikes were deep within Russian territory not at all near the border with Ukraine, and the situation is growing worse daily. Is there any wonder that the Russians are now advanced in their plans to preemptively defend itself from annihilation by the West by putting in place its “first strike” plan?

All the goodwill towards Russia from World War II, when 27 million Russians fought and died against the Nazis in Germany is so expended that during the 80th D-Day celebration on June 6th, instead of Russia at the commemoration, Ukraine stood in its stead. Such an insult cannot be forgotten, as the West deliberately and intentionally goads Russia.

Here is what the Russian Foreign Minister spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum recently:

“This is not about journalism, this is the propaganda of terrorism…how Kiev regime destroys Russian population, destroys their own population, mobilization down to the last Ukrainian. Registration so few that second-national citizens, Hungarians…will be recruited into the Ukrainian Army…other citizens are packed and sent…Asked Ukrainian citizens not to use the Russian language…What language are they using both sides? They are speaking Russian, judging from the videos; they should be using Ukrainian, but the lexicon is Russian, often using Russian words…irrespective of how dreadful the law is, it is paid for by the West.”

Western reporters cannot even gain adequate access to the Russian perspective on the lead up to the global war. Over the last few years, the search algorithms not only limit top search results to the big six news media, but Youtube routinely takes down websites that “publish Russian misinformation.” The rubric is established by the NSA and includes anything the gatekeepers view as “not credible” “not credentialed” “pro-Russian” and “biased.” The goal is to herd the audience toward accepted alternative news channels, such as Crux (CNN outlet), with limited exposure to unacceptable media, or else a “balanced programming” approach that allows the dominant hegemonic perspective to flourish.

The most recent example of this was the take-down of Russian News (English voiced) which featured video clips from a variety of Russian politicians, spokespersons, and professionals including Russian President Putin, Security Advisor Medvedev, Belarus President Lukashenko, Hungarian President Orban, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, MFA spokesperson Maria Zakharova, even Vladimir Solovyov (TV presenter).

However the perspective of the belief that Russia is now at war with NATO/United States is evinced by the top politicians, even if there is sufficient ambiguity to continue to leave the door open for genuine negotiations to take place that can result in an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire, if only for the sake of the beleaguered Ukraine, which has clearly been losing.

Every day, according to even ambivalent YT channel owners such as Andrei Martyanov (SmoothieX12) the equivalent of a whole village is demolished, along with impressive amounts of expensive Western tanks and weapons. This is confirmed by other western analysts such as TruNews minister and political candidate Rick Wiles, and Sorcha Faal. Some typical summaries furnished through the Russia Ministry of Defense:

“Operational/tactical aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile troops and artillery of the Russian groups of forces destroyed armament and military hardware depots of the Ukrainian army’s Khortitsa operational/strategic group [Khortytsia operational-strategic group] and foreign legion militants and struck a naval drone storage site, enemy manpower and military equipment in 118 areas killing over 1,590 enemy forces during the past 24 hours.” (June 6, 2024)

In the campaign of “aggressive attrition” at least 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers are killed daily, along with tens of millions worth of Western equipment and weapons launchers in costs. Tass publishes longer reports that can be quite detailed, and even a light day resulted in 1,000 casualties on June 10th. On June 11th, in “Russian troops liberate two communities in Ukraine operation” discloses several battles in NE/E Ukraine that amount to a high daily count, so no wonder the West faces insurmountable choices in plugging the colossal drain.

“The Ukrainian army’s losses in Kharkov direction over the past 24 hours totaled over 265 personnel, two motor vehicles, a German made 155mm Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled artillery system, a 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled artillary gun, a 152mm D-20 howitzer [cannon], a 122mm Grad multiple rocket launcher and a Nota electronic warfare station.”

“The Ukrainian army’s losses in the Kupyansk direction over the past 24 hours amounted to more than 560 personnel, five motor vehicles, a Polish-manufactured 155mm Krab self-propelled artillary gun, a US-made 155mm M777 howitzer, two 122mm D-30 howitzers and two electronic warfare stations, it specified.”

“The Ukrainian army’s losses in the Donetsk direction over the past 24 hours amounted to over 740 personnel, two armored personnel carriers, 12 motor vehicles, a US-made 155mm M777 howitzer, a 152mm 2A65 Msta-howitzer, four 152mm D-20 howitzers, a 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika motorized artillary system and two US-made 105mm M119 artillary guns.”

“The Ukrainian army’s losses in Avdeyevka direction over the past 24 hours amounted to 350 personnel, a US-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicle, a US-manufactured 155mm M777 howitzer, three 152mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzers, a 152mm D-20 howitzer and three 122mm D-30 howitzers, it specified.”

[In the south Donetsk] “The Ukrainian army’s losses amounted to 135 personnel, a tank, five motor vehicles, a US-made 155mm M198 howitzer and a 152mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer.”

“The Ukrainian army’s losses in the Kherson direction over the past 24 hours amounted to 105 personnel, eight motor vehicles, a 152mm 2A65 Msta-B howitzer, two 152mm D-20 howitzers and a US-manufactured 105mm M119 artillery gun, it specified.”

(The details are carefully collected, including bodies, the weapons, fragments, and recorded by dedicated Russian soldiers and technicians as depicted in the RT.com documentaries.)

This single day’s report also detailed the destruction of SU-27 and SU-25 [fighter jets] warplanes at airfields and 45 Ukrainian UAVs over the past day. Each day the tally is added to the destruction carefully tabulated at the Ministry of Defense and published at outlets such as Pravda.com.ua. For instance, the top row as of mid-June is 18,854 +60 vehicles and fuel tankers; 28 ships and boats; 11,097 +22 tactical unmanned aircraft; 1102 +2 multiple rocket launchers; 849 +3 air defense systems; 13,818 +48 artillery systems; 15,234 +26 armored combat vehicles; 7,936+8 tanks; 326 helicopters; 359 aircraft; and 524,060 +1250 military personnel. For instance, on June 11, according to the above report from Tass, 2,155 personnel were lost in a single 24 hour period.

There is a reason why the war is being called a meat-grinder; and it is unconscionable that the so-called Ukrainian President (now ruling as a dictator under martial law) is not willing to negotiate a peace in good faith. Instead, as a puppet of the West, he is there to help continue the very costly way to prop up the Wall Street’s military industrial complex, so very necessary for the sustenance of U.S. politicians re-election campaigns along with their insider-trading stock portfolios.

There is no intention to stop this way of ruthless destruction because the profit will also be made through the proposed “reconstruction bank” being set up by Blackstone, Blackrock, Vanguard, and other Wall Street financiers for the benefit of transnational corporations such as Cargill, Dupont, Monsanto (that will rob the chernozem of its fertility).

By enacting a plan for “first strike” the Russian Federation is hoping to awaken the United States to at last begin to find some grounding in reality.

Sorcha writes:

“Once having accomplished the foregoing, this report continues, total US-NATO troop losses would exceed 35,000 (dead, wounded, captured and missing) with an accompanying loss of, at least, $15 trillion in US-NATO equipment (ships, aircraft, armour, etc.).

“Having then achieved an initial tactical advantage over US-NATO forces within the first 24 hours of war, this report notes, a stipulation to end hostilities would then be issued to the West demanding the immediate removal of all American forces, nuclear weapons and equipment from Europe which when accomplished Federation forces would then disengage and cede their territorial gains.

“If rejected though, this report grimly warns, Federation forces would then begin tactically nuking US-NATO military bases in Europe while simultaneously initiating EMP/Electronic Warfare against the United States and Canada and ‘preparing for use’ the Federation’s intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).”

Sadly the current prognosis based on the rank hubris of the presidential administrations and Congress is rather bleak. The man-in-the-shadows behind Biden is most likely a past President whose signature accomplishment toward peace might have been the New-START Treaty, but its success has been all but short-lived, since he also started the Ukraine Revolution. There are also clearly irreligious, even one might term, satanic elements at work via the numerous high-and-mighty networking with Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking vampire dinners. Even in jest, it is entirely sick in taste and intentionalism, celebrating death rather than the sanctity of human life.

Presuming one might live past the collapse of the United States, here is what former Soviet Union resident Dmitry Orlov shares about life during the collapse of his home country from his book, Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects:

“Beyond the mere indignity of having to rush around with bundles of worthless paper, national bankruptcy brings more serious effects. One is that a large segment of the population—pensioners and others on fixed incomes—are left penniless. Another is that imports grow scarce. In the case of the United States, which imports two-thirds of its oil and a large proportion of its consumer goods, this will mean gasoline shortages, blackouts and empty shelves in stores. These are accompanied by credit card crunch, which makes it impossible to finance new projects. The combined effect of these disruptions causes business activity to slow to a crawl and personal incomes to plummet, driving down government revenues, in turn causing government services to be curtailed.”

Russians could deal with bankruptcy better than the United States will because they had long lived under collectivism and had thrifty habits and pragmatism with regard to understanding how to design equipment for replaceable parts and repair, how to upcycle goods, how to grow kitchen gardens, how to barter and trade with neighbors, etc.

“The dismal state of Soviet agriculture turned out to be paradoxically beneficial in fostering a kitchen garden economy, which helped Russians to survive the collapse. Russians always grew some of their own food, and scarcity of high-quality produce in the government stores kept the kitchen garden tradition going during even the more prosperous times of the ’60s and the ’70s. After the collapse, these kitchen gardens turned out to be lifesavers. What many Russians practiced, either through tradition or trial and error, or sheer laziness, was in some ways akin to the new organic farming and permaculture techiques. Many productive plots in Russia look like a riot of herbs, vegetables and flowers growing in wild profusion. In the waning years of the Soviet era, kitchen gardens continued to gain in importance. Beyond underscoring the gross inadequacies of Soviet-style command and control industrial agriculture, their success is indicative of a general fact: agriculture is far more efficient when it is carried out on a small scale, using manual labor.”

Various native American pundits, besides the suspiciously popular commentator Orlov, agree that the internal chaos and confusion within the United States, predisposed as it is to worship violence, can result in complete societal collapse due to riots and rampages.

“The United States remains a powder keg of ethnic tension where urban blacks feel oppressed by suburban whites, who in turn fear to venture into major sections of the cities. In a time of permanent crisis, urban blacks might well riot and loot the cities, because they don’t own them, and the suburban whites are likely to get foreclosed out of their ‘little cabins in the woods,’ as James Kunstler charmingly calls them, and decamp to a nearby trailer park. Add to this already volatile mixture the facts that firearms are widely available and violence permeates American society, particularly in the South, the West and the dead industrial cities like Detroit.”

However Sister Maria Theresa sees a silver lining in the end, that perhaps, by way of a “fifth column” there can be a return to America of its Christian roots, a nation that will support its liberation from the satanic forces presently leading it, the world, and nature to perdition. Even Russia’s “first-strike” plan envisions something so hopeful:

“Should these ‘fifth column’ Christian-Americans support the Federation, an all-out nuclear catastrophe would be averted, and the United States, under new Christian leadership, would then be able to return to its peaceful ways and quit terrorizing the world.”

No one wants a war without limits but unfortunately, as TruNews and others soberly observe, you really cannot keep attacking a human man without expecting strikeback.

Here we must also turn to the heavens to pray for help for a strong spiritual defense as well. All good religions believe in a form of universal brotherhood and the “Ten Commandments” needs no preternatural excuses or corollaries for “The Chosen.”

Only by freeing ourselves from the burden of the disease of exploitation, enslavement, violence, militarism, and materialism can humanity overcome its present challenges and address problems such as its feral carnal beastly instincts, environmental degradation, and a growing list of diminishing resources.

Op-ed prepared by AGN, Map reposted from HalTurnerRadioShow.com