Six logistical challenges faced by #ConvoytoDC 2022

U.S. Capitol Building 2021 Pre-Inauguration

In early March, the American counterpart of #FreedomConvoy is heading to Washington, DC from the West Coast. However, unlike the awesome showing of support across Canada for the truckers heading to Ottowa, Canada, in the United States, it’s more likely #ConvoytoDC will be hard put to stave off rising hostility. As an investigative technical journalist based in District of Columbia, AGN has insight to share on why this may be so.

First and foremost are the technical transportation challenges. While the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act 2021 was signed into passage last November, marking President Joe Biden’s first signature domestic accomplishment, it is already decades overdue. Delay of repairs for transportation infrastructure have taken a toll on the performance of roads and bridges under unexpected loads. If bridges were laden with trucks back-to-back with all lanes fully packed, some bridges might even collapse.

Footage from Canada shows intentional lane packing with trucks back-to-back even under blizzard conditions near border crossings. Yet, even a decent snowstorm in the D.C. Beltway had transportation officials scrambling to deal with miles of traffic jams, slippery roads, and safely diverting traffic to alternate routes. These challenges are accentuated due to tens of millions more additional people traveling on highways throughout the United States. In fact, the daily commuter traffic is a focal point—-and especially the bottlenecks—by corporate media at least several times an hour in metro regions such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, North Virginia, New York City, New Jersey, etc. Those discussions are warranted in the nation where road-rage was born, and even celebrated by gangster rappers or motorcyclists.

Throughout the United States, truckers must only travel on approved routes and bridges. Long convoys will either be banned or need to be broken up into smaller segments, with alternate times and routes required to overcome various inevitable holdups and delays. These delays are expected because of the huge population dependent upon the daily automobile or bus commute. At any time of year, various highways and structures, especially near metro regions are undergoing repairs or improvements, around which there will be restrictions to single lane. Even under normal conditions, high occupancy vehicle lanes are limited. Due to decades of neglect, there are also some treacherous road conditions on secondary highways.

Second, in Canada the culture has not been fractured by the bipolar tendencies of the duopoly in politics, race, class, employment status, and aggravated by the media corporations. In Canada the ethnic, social, class, employment, and parliamentary mosaic is so well accepted and cultivated throughout society that there is less of the effects of media poison. Thus, while there will doubtless be support for truck drivers shown by throngs of people and in alternative media, it will be relatively more patchy and restricted. For instance, in the United States, in many states, it is against the law for vehicles to park along the highway shoulder unless the vehicle is broken down, and other regulations against onlookers, such as loitering.

Third, the contrast in community fellowship, family unity, indigenous, and spontaneous offerings of support for truckers in Canada cannot be expected in a much more militaristic and technocratic society. Americans labor under the doctrine of war-making, repression, and fearmongering ever since September 11, 2001. Technology is used to openly monitor, collect data, surveill, track, and orchestrate documentable incidents. It is no longer the free, open society of the 1970s, when rock bands such as America sung celebratory joyous pop such as “Ventura Highway.” Few American children today ever sing the words of patriotic “My Country Tis of Thee” or “America, the Beautiful” (the former national anthem). The elite’s minions labor incessantly to transform the populace into a culture entranced by sinister and depraved pop stars. The young are censored against Christianity while innoculated to accept the situationally confusing ethical definitions of the amoral politicized panopticon. For instance “The Third Man” conditions by which Harry Lime corporate-racketeers profits are praised instead of punished allow Wall Street and billionaires to pocket the difference in hundreds of billions of tax-dollars diverted away from small businesses.

The knee-capping of America is designed to cripple open fellowship of any kind. We cannot trust free provisions prepared by unvaxed, unmasked people irregardless of how clean their kitchens—and souls—are. Churches are enacting seating restrictions including segregation of the unvaxed—-regardless that modern-day Jesus would not approve. Public health strictures have long been used punitively and unfairly against businesses; now there is a special slate of provisions connected with Covid which can and have been used to criminalize anything from feeding the homeless to shutting down adult day-care. Minority think-tanks are caving under financial pressure to either merge, seek corporate grants, relocate away from Washington, DC, or restructure. These would include those helping Asian-Americans, who are also combatting a wave of hate-crimes. Even satan-worship is growing.

Recently, they revealed a sculpture in front of the UN [United Nations]. The sculpture has the face of a lion, a leopard’s skin and it has wings. That is the UN’s symbol of peace and unity now…The UN’s symbol of peace and unity in the past used to be a dove. But right now, what we see is this ugly-looking demonic beast as a symbol of UN’s peace and unity. This is just crazy.—Dr. Stella Immanuel, author & minister at Fire Power Ministry

From this quote and in reference to the beastly statue unveiled at the UN headquarters called “The Guardian for International Peace and Security,” the Nigerian-American medical doctor asserts that the world is undergoing a reset that deeply involves transhumanism, creating centaurs, and manipulating human genes, merging the biological to become bionic. This is being done without informed consent, without state vote, but with the consent of the United Nations, a node in the dark net connecting other sites similarly identified with evil symbolism or rituals taking place, including at CERN, the Pentagon, and even inside Vatican City. Washington, DC, the world’s defense industry capital, is by design becoming heavily populated by a smart urban generation of technocracy-worshipping, agnostic-leaning, complacent-riven defense contractors. The nature of their work alone warrants a bevy of heavy security and police presence, such as local police, metro police, capitol police, national park police, secret service, national guard, private security, etc.

Fourth, while the United States in general is composed of multitudinous masses of diverse peoples, the melting pot is willingly tinctured by the narcissism of consumerism. The authorities being aware of the value of the sinking dollar or inflationary pressures fully embrace the Great Reset as ordered by the World Economic Forum, supported by the Bilderberg Group, World Bank, United Nations, World Health Organization, and European Union. Big Pharma and their counterparts in the federal agencies, deeply understand the implications for the continued flotation of New York’s Wall Street. Nothing more than a faustian bargain is needed to continue in the nihilism of artificial intelligence, and transform the world into Dark Lord Sauron’s empire, so he will defend the center of the source, where his spokesperson daily shares the same podium with the President, and with the authority of a modern-day celebrity. In other words, all of the media will deploy their best strategies to portray the #ConvoytoDC as just a reactionary lawless insurrection. (And as Stew Peters has covered “Live from DC Gulags” Jan 6th political prisoners, such as Jake Lang, are going on hunger strike to protest torture, abuse, and denial of basic human rights that he and other protesters have experienced from DC guards.)

Fifth, other tactics being considered will include roadside distractions (such as Ukraine as a decoy for Uncle Sam in the role of knight-errant), false-flag events, embedding within the movement by agent-operatives playing various roles, outside divisive elements by mentally unstable unhoused others, attempts to counter-riot by astroturfers including antifa, and more. Even in the arenas of social media there is already active censorships by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GoFundMe, and Paypal. These social and fundraising platforms are abetted by the law, but also because they are private corporations, they claim the right to restrict anyone. Moreover the technocrats are infused with foreign talents such as from Israel, UK, Germany, Japan, China, or India, therefore they manipulate algorithms, plant trolls or shills, hack servers, infect with spyware, disrupt programs, and listen remotely using drones or unmarked vans.

The trouble with technology is not that it is not useful, but to what ends might it be used for. What is your teaching philosophy applies here to the Western perspective. Do we want a world of Frankensteins that we did not vote to create? Or do we want a world where everyone has a chance to lead a happy, fulfilled family life in a relocated community such as being created for small villages in China? All humans would choose the “One World, One Family” snowflake meme over a world filled with fear, suffering, contempt, confusion, and chaos.

What Dr. Stella Immanuel closes with, no human with soul denies: Those who are not rooting for “One World, One Family” we really need to think about, and pray hard for.

And this is what #FreedomConvoy has come to represent in Canada. Canadian mothers repeat: “No one has done more to unify Canada right now than Justin Trudeau” because of his steadfast condemnation of truckers from Day 1, and his misrepresentation coming from an overly-pampered life. Despite truckers parked outside of Parliament day in, day out for almost three weeks, Prime Minister Trudeau has not invited himself (nor any other politician) out to mingle with them in the freezing cold. Even worse, he seems totally unwilling to invite any of them in, vaxed or unvaxed. Worse yet, is his signal to Ottawa that it is okay to send in police to steal from truckers’ supplies and fundraisers. Truly this tells one all one really needs to know, even before knowing about his WEF Young Global Leaders School background, Agenda 21 prerogatives, and welcoming of Gates’ style euthanasia by repeated forced nano-chipping.

Under President Biden, who operates in the shadow of President Obama, the verdict is eerily similar if not more stringent. All politicians will be urged or threatened to stay away from the #ConvoytoDC. According to #ConvoytoDC or #ConvoytoDC2022 on Twitter, there are already various fearmongering prognostications taking place, anything from food shortages at the stores, to preparations against disruptions. Coordinations for #TruckersforFreedom include ideas from global mandate protests in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Sixth, District of Columbia, with its tight coordinations with Homeland Security, dwells increasingly beneath the shadow of the neoconservative behemoth, with its only progressivism trotting out a few black, gender, and sectarian-type political celebrations. Under the current vaccine mandates, no warm welcome of any kind is expected, except by uniformed and heavily armed police. Worse, unlike Ottowa, the nation’s capital has suffered the ravages from repeated BLM marches, alternating with Stop the Steal Trump 2020 demonstrations. Estimates in downtown are heavy losses due to closures of small businesses, tour operators, and so forth, and continuing due to recent covid-passport mandates. Thus many conference attendees are opting to stay in nearby Alexandria or in Maryland in order to escape the draconian, cheerless atmosphere, or avoid harassment by unhappy roving vagrants.

Under the present leadership, it is highly unlikely a convoy to DC can linger for more than a few days, for they will just find a general lack of support. Moreover, the month of March also coincides with a critical time usually for cancer-survivor advocacy, neurological disease advocacy, civil-engineering advocacy, and early spring celebrations for the Cherry Blossom Festival. How can the nation’s capitol deal with the presence of truckers who might ruin the “clean-cut All-American” neoconservative tourism-supporting prerogatives? This is not to mention any unexpected spring snowstorms, marathon events, defense industry conferences, and the announcement of a fall rerun for city-mayor by Mayor Bowser herself.

All the same, by importing many of the supporters needed to support #ConvoytoDC, plus demonstrators to fight-the-mandates, it can be hoped that pressure will be brought to bear on more states to lift all restrictions. A congressional panel must investigate the Big-Pharma politburo. It must encourage voters to switch to anti-mandate supporting politicians. Awareness must increase on the harms of gene-therapy and repeated “booster shots.” Pressure can be put on power-hungry politicians to quit their criminalist regimes of quarantining or sending the unvaxed to internment camps. More citizens will be willing to blow the whistle on death-protocol maltreatment by doctors and nurses. Others will start to protect their children from power-tripping abusive teachers caught taping masks onto children’s faces, or otherwise attempting to traumatize them. Maybe our society will even re-awaken and dismantle the “Fractured World, Dysfunctional Family” meme being perpetuated by the evil forces in Hollywood with its forever porno-and-freemasonry-worshipping fetishes.

Photo by AGN