#SchoolNotPrisons Show Livestream

School Not Prisons free concerts

There will be a live show in Los Angeles 6pm September 30, 2016 by grassroots artist foundation #Schools Not Prisons. In partnership with the California Endowment of the Arts, activists, and community leaders from around the state, these shows are to help draw attention to the fact that we need to

  • Spend less money on prisons and more on schools
  • Support restorative justice practices for disadvantaged youth in schools
  • Break the schools to prison pipeline
  • Support more arts and music program funds in schools
  • Provide all students with opportunities for alternative learning experiences

The arts and music tour began early last month and will include 10-stops around the state. For example the kickoff event was in Sacramento on August 6th.

#Schools Not Prisons - Aug-Oct

California Tour #Schools Not Prisons – Aug-Oct 2016

According to The California Endowment:

The tour is supporting the purposeful and peaceful mobilization of young people and hearing their calls for a society that prizes investments in education, wellness, prevention, jobs and housing more than the construction of prisons.

Indeed, each prisoner costs $62,300 per year as opposed to $9,100 per year per student on average. These numbers are according to the Californians for Safety and Justice.

A number of pop rappers, dancers, and musicians such as Los Rakas, Mariachi Arcoiris, Low Leaf, Audio Push, Kimya Dawson, Rocky Rivera, Orijanus, Mystic, and local performers are featured.

Learn what you can do to prevent school push-out and criminalization of youth. Visit the website: SchoolsNotPrisons.Vote for more information.

Tonight the entire event will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/schoolsnotprisonstour/

To view past tour event (San Bernardino): http://bit.ly/2dM42LI

RSVP for the Live Tour at Oxnard, California on October 8, 2016. http://bit.ly/2deo178