Saving the Cannibalistic Void

Bear as in the animal

“You can have your illusion of freedom and independence, just know that Big Brother is watching it all, every dollar you spend, every place you travel, every move you make, every second of the day…We aim to hear your thoughts too.”—-Technocratic Society for Mass Dysfunctionalism

Moral dysfunctionalism

The end of the totalitarianism only began with the fight for freedom but today, everyone thinks they have to lead the fight in their own way. This is why Black Agenda Report would not even attend the peace rally led by the libertarians. Alt-media is abuzz with the politicization of the justice system as well, such as how many years the Jan 6th insurgents must sit in jail, or why Senator Bernie Sanders is throwing his weight behind the President in Biden’s announcement this week for running as an incumbent.

The bottom line is that the administration and US media are clamping down on everyone and everything in a totalist attempt by the megabillionaires to own every last person on the planet. This is what happens when people don’t have any faith. They want to enslave us in everyway possible, just like the Egyptian pharaohs. Today it is all the fake messengers of God and the endless number of silos. We have to basically play minefield mindfulness and avoid all the entrapments. Most of the YT channel and podcast silos are adaptations of the nonprofit industrial complex and spinoffs of big media. They need us to stay hooked to their limited hangout. They have to douse their message with their brand of jingoism which in the end still relies on capitalist support from either the audience or boardroom donors.

That’s why we always have the emphasis on sexualization, objectification, polar psychology, fear-mongering, reverse-bias, cliques, and basically hedonism. Most of the alt-media news and political talkshows (Rumble, Brighteon) are populated by older-white-males. Meanwhile the mainstream media is trying to include people of color as spokespersons, anchors or reporters but only provided they do not deviate from the kosher-type approved news narratives.

American media polarization (red vs blue, alt vs mainstream) exists at an extreme intensity that permeates many layers of society. It stirs up anger, confusion, and ultimately chaos. People try to communicate via social media but are even further imprisoned within the competitiveness of their tribal echo-chambers. No wonder kids believe that if they scream on the streets they will finally be heard. Of course by then they are quite brainwashed: everyone is the enemy therefore they must create and promote their own sense of exceptionalism.

That is what the Beast likes is total chaos so that society is thrown into disarray and no one will know any accountability for anything anywhere anymore. It matters not to the Beast who feeds it so long as it is fed sacrificial offerings of civilian murders, bloodshed from gang shootings, lives lost by malevolent psychopaths, torture and torment of those imprisoned in institutions, innocence lost to the Orwellian system of institutionalized brainwashing, and so on. It’s like the paintings of earthly temptation by Pieter Brueghel the Elder or depiction of humans descent into hell by Hieronymous Bosch from the 16th century.

Mass psyche-ops

We cannot forget the many ways in which our society condones violence and focuses public attention on crimes, but no longer so much on riots or mass gatherings or vandalism. According to the alt-media, these waves are being brought into Europe (which is only 1/3 the African landmass) because Africa is too resource-poor to support its own. When more of Africa and the Near East pour into Europe, the solution for these former proud nations will be to surrender its art, scientific genius, higher standards in living, for the sake of balance. Such genius emerged from societies filled with racism anyway, therefore such ancient books, paintings, and sculptures must be replaced with more primitive symbolic talisman and fetishes.

But to have a more comprehensive global effect the mass-psyche-ops must also include Russia, China, and India. It is kind of difficult to squeeze more migrants into India and China with such high populations. However, if the intention is like in Europe to denude its art, scientific genius, higher scientific standards so that the mobs can be accommodated, something must be done. Enter the Association of Zoos and Aquariums League, perhaps distant cousin of the American Library Association, in that per Orwellian philosophy, despite a so-called rigorous accreditation process, the ends do not match the means.

Why is it that despite having highly educated workers and interns and hardworking laborers in the field today so many workplaces support dysfunctionalism? It’s a very complicated problem going back to the workplace now filled with niche markets that have been created due to globalization and corporatism. The ambitious student gains their first paid work experience in a niche internship and they are in effect only capable of following orders and worshipping the workplace as their culture.

In spite of the most advanced technological methods, the access to the best global supply chains, and connections to scientific organizations, conservation nonprofits, and academia, as well as countless government agencies, if the workplace culture is self-absorbed with powerball, so will the staff become because otherwise you lose your job. Of course everyone knows a dysfunctional workplace or two by now from which they were all too glad to be free.

Nothing can amend the damage that a rotting hull has on the shipload of passengers hoping to travel to from point A to point B. If we are to change American society, we must address our fundamental absence of belief in God, in morality, in ethics, in character and integrity. Biden believes that by being “soft on crime” we are doing the offenders a favor; after all, they come from broken homes, live in broken neighborhoods, and the churches have long abandoned any connection with the day-to-day affairs of the people. The erosion of standards everywhere is happening because Secretaries of Departments are filled with candidates who lack extensive experience and professional maturity.

The push to Build Back Better and hold contractors accountable has been totally upended today with the wars taking place in Ukraine, Russia, and China. The agenda at home is to keep the public entertained and absorbed with the social infrastructure revolution, such as Critical Race Theory; Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity; LBGTQ+; sundry matters other than completing national high-speed rail, replacing antiquated rail lines, holding Norfolk-Southern accountable for toxic railcar detonations, and addressing mysterious food factory fires. We must not even talk about the border, vaccine deaths, Ukraine, fracking, pollution, or any other controversy that will raise the hackles of the White House Press Secretary.

Core assumptions wrong

This is what a guest, graduate student in the School of Theology, expresses in healing the divisions between America, China, or any other enemy nation of the U.S., that we need to focus on and tackle the underlying issues (“Kishore Mahbubani: The Chinese Mindset“):

“I find there is a problem in the Western academic circle that does the research about China; most prerequisite assumptions are based on the Western framework. I find that many Western scholars like to analyze China from the Western perspective. I find the Chinese society is totally different from any Western systems. As I study theology, I find that many issues, many points and analysis should be drawn on the very fundamental cultural and social analysis…The question is that do you think that there should be a revolution in the Chinese studies…a new paradigm, a new framework needs to be created to do the research on China?”

“A very very big question. You’re absolutely right about your core point: the West doesn’t understand China. That’s very very clear. And I see my role…But I’ve been watching China for 50 years…so I have a sense of how the Chinese mind works. And it’s very clear to me that the Chinese mind works in a very different way from the Western mind. Now of course when the Chinese, like the Japanese, when they come to America they pretend they agree with everything. And that’s part of the diffidence that I spoke about. At the heart they don’t agree. And so for example and very important is one of the amazing realities about East Asia that people don’t realize actually is that Japan is an ally of the West. China is seen now as a threat to the West, as an adversary of the West, but culturally China is closer to the West than Japan is. You know the Japanese mindset is even more closed and…even more different…It’s sort puzzling to me that even though the United States has produced a lot of good scholars on China over the years, it hasn’t been able to convey the most fundamental reality that Americans should accept as the most important reality that in dealing with China, that the future of China will not be determined by how much it becomes like America. You know how Kurt Campbell and Ely Ratner wrote an article in Foreign Affairs they’re so disappointed we engage China, China didn’t become like us. That’s actually quite in some ways a rather arrogant statement because China’s future will be determined by 4,000 years of Chinese history. I mean 4,000 years of history—there are all kinds of cultural impulses, cultural norms, cultural roots. And so the way I play within Chinese society—and I want to add another point: if the Chinese Communist Party was not in conformity broadly speaking with the deeper cultural roots of China, it couldn’t survive—you have to in one way or another be part of that cultural framework. And so for me it is actually fascinating: I watched China as an outsider. It is fascinating to see the return of China, because China is clearly struggling. It’s struggling to find the balance between adopting a lot of Western norms, like free market economics, and at the same time keeping its own norms, and then blending them. And sometimes they blend them so ingeniously, I wonder how the hell they do it, but at the end of the day, you have to judge China by the results. And the fact that they have gone from having 1/8th the size of the Chinese GNP to only a few percents smaller is an achievement. How do they do it? It wasn’t just by copying from the West. It’s also by using some of their strengths. And that’s something we have to understand. We have to understand China on Chinese terms and how they view it, and it’s not easy.” — Amb. Kishore Mahbubani, 2023 Anthony C. Janetos Memorial Distinguished Lecture, April 11, 2023

The core tenets in the West are that nations are judged according to their market output and benefit for the West, but if they are not part of that paradigm, they must remain subservient. Our approach to China is still steeped in the days of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, when China was recovering from colonialist imposition, and weakened from war with Japan. The media and the elite, in their pivot, have encouraged a lockdown against local cultural ties with China, and this might be a factor why Americans are quietly boycotting Asian businesses and discouraging Chinese language learning, and condoning all kinds of harassment. Panda bears might not look very much like Chinese, but it is a symbolic psyche-op to signify and test the screed of aggression against China which the military and the political classes are promoting in preparation for the new war.

Although there are many trolls among the commentators, Francisco Fernandez Rua also offers a plausible explanation on the difference in perspectives today. To sum up, he believes that while Westerners look externally to find the solution, generally externalizing the problem in the process; Easterners accept they are part of the problem, and the solution must be addressed locally first beginning within oneself. A middle ground would find the cause to be from many and various sources but that a spectrum of responses should be possible.

Soft on Crime Exceptionalism

Here is how soft-on-crime plays out in Chinatown, Washington, D.C. Every day there are extra Metro police required at the entrance of Gallery-Place Chinatown Metro station. You would think that at least 6 cops standing around nearby would deter loitering but it doesn’t. In fact, plenty of times the same juveniles are there (they do switch off as if they are paid to be there from maybe some developers) monkeying around the escalators. Of course if it is not these escalators, then maybe at Georgia-Petworth, or recently even at Rockville station, where recently juveniles are scampering on the side rails jumping down between the ground to basement level as if playing on monkeybars. Again, the Metro staff or police do nothing.

Here is what the cop told this reporter when asked about the loitering problem in Chinatown, whether it is taking place next to a restaurant, shop, or vacated property. “There is no law against loitering, only against obstruction,” he stated. Under-aged minors can loiter all day, and even when they are truant from school, the cops will not become involved. In fact the neighborhood has upwards of 10 police cars parked or circling the neighborhood due to frequent events at the Verizon Center, but never will they notice crime until it happens, which of course can be far too late for the victim(s). Loiterers who are young adult prostitutes or who might be dealing are in full view of officers, yet no one is making any arrests…

Yet in contrast, the next neighborhood over, in upscaled CityCenter, private security guards stand alert against loitering and vagrancy and are even authorized to take action to help protect businesses and their clients. The police respond to calls immediately, unlike in Chinatown, where the impression is that the police take a much more passive approach.

What is really ridiculous is that the local precinct police office located within the Chinese Cultural Center was eliminated a few years ago in order to save money. A local beat cop who was Asian in descent and had the opportunity to get to know everyone in the neighborhood was gotten rid of in favor of a rotating battery of police with their fancy gear and SUVs.

What we are observing from soft on crime is that it fosters the notion criminals can and should test the limits. This is why despite tens of cops in the vicinity, no child feels safe walking alone in broad daylight in Chinatown, D.C. The irony is that if the youths were of Asian descent, chances are there would soon be an outcry requiring action; the same most likely if the youths were Latinos. In fact there are various laws written from the D.C. Code based on issues such as loitering, lewd behavior, trafficking of minors, drug dealing, obstruction of public and private entrances, even littering, but they are loosely enforced at best it appears in Chinatown, D.C.

No owner or employee of a business establishment shall permit a minor under the age of 16, having reasonable grounds to believe that such a minor is truant or unlawfully absent from school, to loiter on the premises of such business establishment during those hours when school is in session.” — Section 32-221, Code of the District of Columbia

“It is unlawful for a person, alone or in concert with others: (1) To crowd, obstruct, or incommode: (A) The use of any street, avenue, alley, road, highway, or sidewalk; (B) The entrance of any public or private building or enclosure; (C) The use of or passage through any public building or public conveyance; or (D) The passage through or within any park or reservation; and (2) To continue or resume the crowding, obstructing, or incommoding after being instructed by a law enforcement officer to cease the crowding, obstructing, or incommoding.” — Section 22-1307, Code of the District of Columbia

The expansion in ONSE public safety does create a seven-pronged bureaucracy creating pathways, outreach, academy, crime and violence reduction, and family support programs. No doubt hundreds of youth are served, just like the thousands of youth serve through the Summer Youth Employment Program. However this is money and taxes paid for the District of Columbia exclusive use and administration. How much better if the money were to go to afternoon programs for district-wide churches and church-based outreach programs? This would revitalize the churches within the DC community and help strengthen families at the core, long-term and from deep within their base, embracing multigenerational values.

Healing starts from ownership

In the Bible story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, the parable demonstrates how a child’s basket of five barley loaves and two small fish is somehow able to feed a throng of people listening to Jesus preaching. Somehow with such modest means, the miracle of self-multiplication helps serve thousands of families hungry for the Word:

“Jesus took the bread, and after giving thanks, he distributed it to those who were sitting there; he did likewise with the small fish, and they had as much as they wanted. But when they had eaten their fill, he said to his disciples: ‘Gather together the fragments left over, so that nothing is wasted.'” — John (6:11-12)

Why cannot the government try this? It’s clear that certain forces are determined to work to undermine the authority of the churches as the community anchor. Family and faith-based culture not only heals the community from within but also grows community-based inclusiveness. Could the reason fundamentally be that in the late-stages of capitalism, the elite supports atomization of the family? When individuals feel lost, they are more susceptible to market-forces and drug experimentation. The cultural ascendancy of hedonistic society can take hold. The vision is of friable humanity dependent upon outside interlopers such as the foreign technocracy and globalization which undermines local leadership.

Globalist leaders do not honor local sovereignty but enact mandates as it sees fit, such as the forced engulfment of Europe with African subcontinent or resettling in Japan of Arabic climate refugees. Forcing new problems on populations which dealt with their own sovereignty for eons but now must absorb people unwilling to adapt. Authenticity will have to restart from holding many more effective restorative justice circles, because worldwide, judging from the United States, international diplomacy only means more ultimatums.

Article and photos by AGN, views and concerns expressed are the opinion of the author
Panda photos from, “Conditions of Memphis Zoo’s Pandas Raises Big Questions”