RFK Jr Independent Platform Needed for Youth Vote

Robert F Kennedy Jr 2024 Presidential candidate declares Independence

Dark Times Ahead

Yesterday while watching Jonathan’s ChoeShow footage of skirmishes between the Israeli defenders vs Palestinian activists in Kirkland, WA, there was a watershed moment at the end of one of the videos. This reporter could almost swear she saw one of her nephews at the event, standing on the third “observer” corner designated by police. It brought tears thinking that the precious young one might be dragged into the new cesspool of mass suffering.

Choe himself even was caught in some unfriendly crossfire between the two groups of protesters in downtown Kirkland, normally such a placid place, the symbol of software giant suburbia and upper-middle income achievers. There were people from both sides suspicious of the independent reporter, waving their hands and flags almost hostilely in his face. One commentator stated that if he wore a CNN reporter cap, for sure both groups as well as the police would have been more accommodating.

Unless there is immediate diplomacy for resolving the new conflagration between Gaza and the Israelis, just as there needs to be between Russia and Ukraine, or Armenia and Azerbaijan, or within the West African states, the U.S. military may soon need to institute a draft to call up more young men and women to serve.

Everyone know where the Biden Administration stands with regard to Israel, and that is pretty much the same position as from the Trump Administration. Both parties are staunch supporters of the Zionist agenda even when it really cannot or should not be the surrogate for the Old Testament religion. Yet that obfuscation is made all the time.

“Jehovah is compassionate and merciful,
Slow to anger and great in loyal love.

“Jehovah is good to all,
And his mercy is evident in all his works.

“All your works will glorify you, O Jehovah,
And your loyal ones will praise you.”

Holy Bible, Old Testament, Psalms 145:8-10

A Vision Promised

What’s going on right now in Israel is revenge by both sides, but as The Nuclear Proctologist reports, typically the Israelis have responded with disproportionate force upon civilians in Gaza to vindicate themselves upon Hamas, which is a limited covert terrorist organization. In order to avenge themselves, the Israelis now have an excuse for genocide: deny the Gazans access to food, water, electricity, as well as medical supplies and fuel. This collective punishment was publicly announced yesterday, even if these are fresh crimes against humanity.

The only political candidate that is willing to wage peace (at least to date) is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who formally announced his independent candidacy for the 2024 Presidential elections on October 9, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the “City of Brotherly Love” and birthplace of the American Constitution.

During yesterday’s speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall Square in front of Constitution Center, Kennedy waxed eloquently on the reasons how an independent candidacy will help reinvigorate interest in the American electorate, particularly among the young:

“How do we begin to get young people again to engage in politics?…The problem, I found, is not the young people. The problem is what my generation, the old people, have done to politics. The millennials and Gen Z are repelled by the toxicity, pettiness, and more than anything else, the dishonesty. They want authenticity. The problem is the politics. I am committed to inaugurating a politics that is worthy of their engagement.”

RFK Jr., October 9, 2023 “Historic Announcement”

Kennedy then lists the specifics of forward coalition type of cross platform issues for voters who are willing to advance the good of our country by understanding that they do not have to win on every single issue, but that they can respectfully work for the good of our country. We need to make this nation ours again, RFK Jr. suggests, by quitting the addiction to taking sides:

“Our nation’s renewal will begin when we start to treat each other with respect. Only then will we be able to step outside our tired, stuck debates. We can ask the questions that nobody thought to ask. We can discover solutions that were right in front of our face.”

RFK Jr., October 9, 2023 “Historic Announcement”

Being willing to listen impartially, being free from dogmatic attitudes, running as an Independent free from both parties and third parties involves risks, for certain, RFK Jr. admits, but it is nothing like the risks that the Founding Fathers undertook: they risked everything they had for freedom and independence from England, knowing that if they were caught, they would be hanged.

And it is the children whose rights Robert F. Kennedy has long advocated for via the Children’s Health Defense Fund and their right to safe healthcare. His book, Climate in Crisis, co-authored with Dick Russell, is also dedicated to the “children who will inherit the earth.” As a dedicated father with a blended family, obviously he is aware of the increasing challenges of successful child-raising. In fact, never has all of humanity faced such a looming crossroads of crises as it will within the next five years with regard to energy, water shortages, pollution, and climate change.

To make matters worse, a growing number of countries realize that America is caught in the hamster wheel of generating global wars for the sake of propping up its military industrial machines operating on overdrive, often for the sole benefit of transnational corporations. The number of countries which are now members of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization and applying for membership in BRICS has more than doubled. Yet America can apply for membership too, thereby cementing an old partnership that has existed with China since the 1970s, since the days of former President Nixon.

In his declarative speech on Indigenous Peoples Day, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. promised to make peace and diplomacy a priority for the future:

“Now let me tell you what an Independent Presidency will look like. Because I am independent of the military contractors, I’ll be able to pursue a foreign policy that puts peace and diplomacy first!”

RFK Jr., October 9, 2023 “Historic Announcement”

Kennedy asserts that as an Independent, he will be able to rescue the debtors instead of just the banks during the next financial crisis. In fact, Kennedy compares the Independent Presidency as exactly what the first President of the United States, George Washington, was as a nonpartisan. Founding Father GW even warned that political parties would become the death knell of the nation through their unprincipled usurpations. Besides healing the divide and instigating a reunion of the nation, RFK Jr. promises to take care of veterans, seek peace abroad instead of war, provide better affordable housing, and clean up the environment to restore the pristine beauty of America:

“A rising tide of discontent is now swamping our country. There is danger in this discontent but there is also opportunity and promise. The danger is that the demogogues will hijack it toward fascism; or that our rulers will defer to us to use it as a pretense for an attack on an existential enemy, another in the long pipelines of continuous wars. The biggest danger that we have all seen on a day-to-day basis is that they will direct that discontent against each other.”

RFK Jr., October 9, 2023 “Historic Announcement”

Independent 2024 Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. closed off his speech with a call to action of the electorate, not just those who made it to Philadelphia, but all those Americans he has met on the campaign trail from residents in Watts, California; to Las Vegas housecleaners living in cars; to immigrants in towns along the border; to struggling farmers; to veterans; to small business owners being cashed out by Amazon; to seniors having to economize on medications; to children afflicted by chronic disease.

This is not just going to be about sticking your vote in the ballot box; instead it is a wider call to act to take back power for Americans. We can be free from tribal-thinking and partisan reflexes, RFK Jr. asserts. We can only begin to heal if we start talking and empathizing more with each other over our shared commonalities in life. We all want to believe in our country.

A new movement forward will involve more open and engaging dialogue that transcends just Left or Right. There is no Left or Right in issues such as localized family farms, waging peace, fair elections, even sustainable immigration. Rather than being entrapped on a runaway bus driven by the lobbyists on a road designated by corporate insiders, Kennedy stated we have the choice to choose a candidate who will “reboot the GPS” and allow us more authentic self-determination:

“And you know who’s going to set the destination? You are!” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exclaimed to a cheering crowd.

RFK Jr., October 9, 2023 “Historic Announcement”

This is a candidate who is willing to recognize the people’s idealism and help them lead their own way to the promise land. There is much to volunteer for in helping true environmentalism regain a foothold in the community with decent civilian corps style jobs. Kennedy’s forty-year record in fighting corporate corruption can help pave the way forward for genuine and practical jobs programs that will advance authentic economic resiliency and balanced environmental sustainability so that our children will have a future that will be better linked with the new OBO global transportation networks.

In spite of contracting resources, all of humanity can realize that there really is enough for everyone, if only we learn how to cooperate, understand better self-control, and reset our navigational destinations.

Listen to the full speech “Join Me For A Historic Announcement” at Robert F. Kennedy Jr. channel on Rumble.com/c/RFKjr