Peace is War: WEF 2023

Harmony, peace, and, reconcile

The fashion right now is that anything spiritual and humane is only skin deep. So it appears with the beautiful people of Davos attending the 2023 World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum met this January 16-20, in Davos, Switzerland, high in alpine country. It is an international supragovernmental organization that promotes discussion and ideas catering to the globalized interests of thought leaders and people from among the top of their industries. They purport to shape the agenda towards positive sociopolitical and cultural change. However, the fact that attendance alone costs in the range of $45,000 per person indicates that their interests may not align with those truly representing the many.

This is why increasingly they have drawn the attention and criticism from those left out of the discussion, particularly from grassroots citizens groups, and independent observers.

For instance, the overriding concern of the world logically speaking is the war in Ukraine, instigated by Russia in February 2022, but long provoked by the desire of globalist-capitalist NATO to surround Russia with military bases. According to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a recent speech, in the 1990s NATO had only 16 members. The collapse of the Soviet Union should have meant the dissolution of NATO since there was no longer any reason for a Cold War. Nevertheless by 2022, NATO had 30 members and through affiliate networks is almagamizing throughout the Indo-Pacific and Inner-Mongolia nations.

The message from the World Economic Forum, in which the worry of division and decoupling appeared to occupy the minds of the politicians, is that the grandiose rhetoric concerning the cyclone of war between Ukraine and Russia does not resolve itself in peace. On the contrary, the pompous Zelenskys were cheered as iconic fashionable hero and heroine, as if they alone are the casus belli for more war-making. Russia was not invited to the World Economic Forum this year; the cancel culture and hubris of the elite officially has strict policies.

Aside from the topic of Ukraine in their opening remarks, leaders such as U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, E.U. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and others in their special addresses peculiarly, but as if logically, funneled the concerns towards climate change. Everyone is to share the overriding concern that all problems will ultimately be resolved by refocusing on Net Zero, carbon-reduction, and reforming the global finance system. In fact by 7 minutes into her 16 minute speech, von der Leyen asserts that all the climate change costs means that there is no time to lose to move to a clean energy economy and net zero, and she launches into a description of the four pillars upon which the new green deal industrial plan for the EU must be based: improving the regulatory environment, providing financial incentives, improving needed skills, and facilitating open and fair trade.

Yet even facilitator Chairman Klaus Schwab had to ask at the end how geopolitical instability in the Ukraine may affect the clean energy economy transition.

In fact, Redacted Inc and Hal Turner Radio notes there were a couple of carefully orchestrated alternative media bumps with the billionaires. Rebel News of Canada encountered Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla walking back to his hotel and peppered him with conscience-provoking questions about vaccine deaths, about which he has nothing to say. This is in stark contrast to a recent video clip showing Bourla persuasively assuring Pfizer shareholders that the booster shots will be as popular (meaning profitable) as the initial Covid-19 vaccines. Meanwhile a Japanese investigative team tracked Klaus Schwab emerging from a restaurant in the evening, and tried to ask him a few questions about what the WEF purports to do, which the Chairman politely dodged and retreated into his car. Bear in mind that for many journalists, traveling to Davos and standing around outside for hours in freezing snow is far from cheap.

(To give one an idea how protected the elite are at this conference, Rebel News passed by Palintir, home of the world’s most secretive undercover armies. And visible if cut from the footage was a security van which followed alongside the CEO on his walk back to the hotel which was located only a block away from the security company office.)

However within the luxurious ballrooms, conference theaters, hallways, and villas, the guests and mainstream media hosts are coddled and can maintain the illusion that they are taking the world by storm. The WEF, traditionally quite secretive, has made more of its meetings available to the public through video livestreaming this year. It is as if to signal that they still intend to meet their public-private funding criteria, if only the better to justify their agenda which may be stealthily enacted whether bypassing national review or public vote.

Thus, there are several global security and cooperation meetings livestreamed and recorded including featuring NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, National Intelligence Czar Avril Haines, and the FBI Director from the United States Christopher Wray. These panels were more focused on security and cooperation around the Ukraine-Russia war with representatives of Ukraine present but not from Russia.There were themes of latching onto the power of satellite and digital technology for merging with advances in transhumanism to create harvestable energy and data, although interestingly, this year multi-billionaire Elon Musk, owner of StarLink (and now also Twitter), was disinvited. The Special Presidential Envoy for Climate from the United States, John Kerry, repeatedly emphasized the importance of spending billions upon billions of dollars to ensure that the green global economy is achieved. Amid this were subthemes woven in the platform for a new centralized banking digital currency system whose way is increasingly paved by the coming global depression. Of course, any global digital currency would need massive protection from cybersecurity hacks or criminalist exploitations (interestingly no one mentioned FTX).

The fad and buzz of the day continues to be the Zelensky presidential couple from Ukraine. The brave President bragged about this being his third conference while delivering a Special Address. What will be memorable is that he commanded everyone to observe a minute of silence in commemoration of the top Interior Defense Ministry officials killed that day in a downed helicoptor over Ukraine. The optics appear as if it must have been the Russians again, although observers note that at least one of them had recently been placed on the Myrotvorets Center list. The targeting of these officials is most likely because of suspected disloyalty. In fact, all that was done was to tell the press that the 45 killed in the apartment building bombing was not wholely Russia’s fault but because the HMRS systems are located on urban residential rooftops. The HMRS interceptor strike caused the Russian missile to explode directly over building harming the inhabitants inside. This revelation was counter to the Ukrainian news spin (widely repeated throughout the West) so it was viewed as exposure and endangerment. According to, once anyone is placed on the Myrotvorets (meaning “Peacemaker”) Center, those people are fair game for assassination by any means. The implications of the establishment of the “Peacemaker” list are indeed far-reaching: it includes numerous foreign journalists, private citizens, and other officials.

This is the true nature behind the charm and guile of the Zelensky couple is that they are running a modern dictatorship. Yet the crowd at the WEF repeatedly pander to his whims without raising any serious questions. Most likely some of this year’s panelists know that the Myrotvorets Center list is connected and even partially funded with dark money. The attendees appear blind to the fact that what Zelensky proposes as peace is so unreasonable it is hyperbole. True peace requires no conditions other than an immediate ceasefire on both sides, yet the demands include ten points as prerequisites for peacetalks.

This is why in his address, the President can claim to offer the world a peaceplan in one breath, while in the next asserting that it must build up a sustainable war otherwise it cannot keep up with the crises. Zelensky used the podium at Davos 2023 to ask for more air-supply defense systems, western tanks, and an increase in supplies of security and peace, with peace again used as a euphemism for more arms and weaponry.

“The world will overcome again…The time has come to make it happen for Ukraine”

Special Address by President Voloymyr Zelensky, WEF, January 2023

The Ukrainian First Lady also delivered a special address about the needs in Ukraine, stating that the Russians were targeting hospitals, schools, and various infrastructure. While undoubtedly true, again, she also left unsaid that the Ukrainian army has been filmed using civilians as human shields, taking over said facilities for embedment and defense lines.

If delivering nuanced messages was a theme throughout the conference, certainly elder statesman Henry Kissinger’s Special Address was not to be missed. Introduced by renowned scholar Graham Allison, author of Destined for War: Can America and China Escape the Thucydides’s Trap, Allison never predicted the trap between the dominant hegemony of the West versus the rising Russia-China bloc. Certainly the failed state of Ukraine could not represent anything other than a battering ram. This is why everyone waited breathlessly for the former U.S. Secretary of State and special advisor to Presidents on National Security Affairs to explain whether or not the world is indeed slow-walking into World War III.

Is Kissinger warning that war must stop immediately? If so, what are his recommendations on peace?

Kissinger’s speech, while designed to satisfy the many, in fact placates no one. While he begins his speech advocating for an immediate ceasefire and brokering peacetalks and withdrawal to the 2014 borders, like many at the World Economic Forum, the bulk of his speech involves backtracking, laying down convolutions, and even prolonging the conflict. Ultimately, much like his diplomatic history with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is a pattern using diplomatic talks to play footsie while the allowing for incursions, daily battles, and flagrancies to take place. Kissinger’s perspective appears to support slow, steady, territorial expansionism while one peace plan after another is mothballed.

However his point about diplomacy is well taken because “Russia does not have the capacity to overcome it by conventional means.” In other words, Kissinger disparages nuclear war, but he is relying on more Cold War style diplomacy, when the war is right now already nearing hot gear. Furthermore it appears that the EU is adamant against Russia to levels that are grossly disproportionate. Both Germany’s foreign defense minister and Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen are investigating loopholes that will force Russia to be tried at the International Criminal Court of Justice, yet neither will admit that Ukraine has also committed many atrocities going back to even before 2014.

Pulling the comparison from Allison’s Destined for War of the Thucydides Trap case regarding the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) can this not be the case where while no one doubts that Russia is the immediate aggressor, there is none that the immediate provocation to her aggression was contrived by NATO (USA)?

“The destruction of Russia as a state that can pursue its own policies will open up the vast area of its 11 times zones to internal conflict and do outside intervention at the time when there are 15,000 and more nuclear weapons on its territory. So this is why I believe in dialogue with Russia while the war continues, an end of fighting, when the pre-war line is reached, and a continuing process of discussion by Europe, America, and at that point Russia about the later evolution, while the conditions of sanctions and other pressures will be maintained until the final settlement is reached. I believe this is the way to prevent the war from escalating.”

Special Address by Henry Kissinger, WEF, January 2023

Kissinger notes that following an immediate ceasefire, fighting may still continue because Russia may not agree to withdraw to its 2014 borders. Nevertheless, Kissinger supports the need “to continue to support and intensify its military support until a ceasefire line is reached or accepted.”

How that will help matters is somewhat baffling unless one views this as war of attrition, something that all globalists will support since that is in line with the globalist desire for a global depression forcing abandonment of the petro-dollar and enactment of the CBDC system.

Those sentiments were echoed and confirmed by Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany who is worried about the Damocles Sword of deglobalization and decoupling, and other threats against Germany’s ability to maintain its climate SDG 2030 goals for keeping global warming down to 1.5 degrees centigrade.

“Russia has already failed completely in reaching its imperialist goals. Ukraine is defending itself with great success and impressive courage. A broad international alliance led by the G7 is providing the country with financial, economic, humanitarian, and military support. Germany alone made available over 12 billion euros last year and we will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary…”

Special Address by Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, WEF, January 2023

“In Berlin at the end of October we worked with International experts to draw up a Marshall plan for the long-term reconstruction of Ukraine. A platform of major donors is coordinating the process and in consultation with Ukraine ensuring that it is well-implemented.”

Special Address by Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, WEF, January 2023

Wisely, the WEF turned off the comments part of the webcasting because Chancellor Scholz’s points might be disputed about the war finishing up very soon, about Ukraine (under the current regime) being able to implement any kind of Marshall Plan, about the wisdom of continuously supplying Ukraine with large quantities of arms. The Chancellor brags about becoming completely independent of Russian gas, oil, and coal, whilst forming new partnerships in Asia (never mind that the same ships are mixing the petroleum from Russia while hiking up the prices). Scholz also insisted that “our employment rate is at record levels and has recently increased even further.” However, 8 minutes into his speech, the Chancellor switches to focus on Germany’s advancements in SDG2030 including more renewables, decarbonization, and many more wind farms, all while remaining a strong manufacturer.

The leaders at Davos appear urbane, polished, civilized, and well-heeled, yet the content of their meetings are counter to the sovereignty of nations and particularly to the concerns of the ordinary working class public. Individual and public agency are undermined while steepening the path and price of admission into the middle-class in various new obstacle courses. Billions and billions of corporate welfare are wasted in private-public partnerships that reduce the number of truly affordable housing units, while hastening the destruction of public housing dedicated for the lowest income citizens. The same scripts are used in medical care that emphasizes vaccines and medications rather than more holistic health approaches. In so far as job creation, it is frequently often based only on a college-based paper-chase rather than concrete, style, localized community objectives and immediate goals.

The path pursued by the globalists will continue to lead to an evisceration of the public sectors, in privatization and gutting of public infrastructure, in fanning the flames of war and fads that have made the clothing and verbage of hate, sowing of division, and frivolous missives all too vogue.