No Peace Plan for Ukraine, Just More Escalation

Ukrainian National Cemetery in Kiev

Random attacks traceable to amoral standards

In the U-R War campaign, half of the war is here at home within the United States. It becomes who we are and what we fail to do to help our country past this impasse—a moral impasse. It explains why the government is unable and unwilling to address the deterioration of once thriving cities, even while welding open the gates for greater and greater numbers of migrants to squeeze past the borders and enter the Promise Land. New York City is said to be defaulting due to the pressure of having to support so many migrants. This nonsensical approach to currying more democratic party votes is why people feel angry and frustrated, and random attacks upon vulnerable AAPI elderly people have increased.

This is why even though there are throngs of alternative news podcasters repeating the same message, AGN is very careful about whom to source. We don’t source the gratuitous ones, and those are often hard to spot at first. For instance, Scott Ritter poked fun at Gonzalo Lira, the vlogger corresponding from Ukraine. However recently it is all but confirmed that not only was Lira jailed and tortured, he was recaptured after his release, and is probably dead by now. Lira, despite being an amateur, brought his American quirkiness and humor into our conscience. It was too bad that the Administration did nothing whatsoever to help him—if anything, it probably even approved of his capture by Ukraine’s authorities.

There are other vloggers who are not well-meaning at all by AGN‘s standards because they do everything based on their numbers even to the point of bastardizing the reporting. If or when you listen to them, you realize they also mean for you to become addicted to them, to become their “groupie.” For this reason we eliminated all references to Emil Cosman and do not intend to ever visit his YouTube channel again. It’s one thing to lighten up the daily news on bombing campaigns around the Black Sea. It’s another to make light of these tragic topics by peppering the commentary with sexually charged innuendos, obscene hand gestures, and even grunting type noises.

The excuse Emil gives is that it can help “bypass the restrictive algorithms” so he doesn’t have to say “covid,” “bomb,” “Zelensky,” “war,” or any other words that might be tagged by Google. However it is a really sorry excuse. Also like so many other vloggers, we know nothing about this character, other than the fact that he believes he is a good-looking guy who likes to go swimming in the lake, and also that he has a higher I.Q., which in his perspective, is a determining factor in life, if not a bragging point.

So many people have used their I.Q., their pedigreed institutional affiliation, their family background, and whatnot in life as a rationale for entitlement privileges, the same sort of ilk who led the FTX scandal, who embezzle billions from the U.S. treasury, who are using Ukraine as an armaments ponzi scheme, who intend to flush their countries honor and reputation down the toilet for the sake of conquering Russia. And right now, with over 150,000 thousand soldiers confirmed dead, and at least 80,000 more killed in action since June, it is morbid for this war to continue. Watching the Secretary dine at McDonald’s in Kiev gives one the shivers, as if one can see a myriad of dead Ukrainian ghouls crowding around them everywhere.

But all the Administration people are highly pedigreed or if not, then at least they are there to represent the right color. The Secretary grew up in the same elite circles as all the rest, and so we always have a sense of his virtue signaling that nothing under his watch can go wrong. And that is of course the worse kind of logical fallacy if one dares to explore the facts. And whether or not the establishment denies those facts, tries to cover-up, continues to use distractions, or censors the alternative media, history will still judge the U.S. accordingly.

The world watches and understands that we have turned the borderlands of Ukraine, once a land with the world’s richest loam, into a record-breaking Cambodian MyLai massacre, the equivalent of the world’s greatest “Killing Fields.” Then who is General PolPot here? Who is to blame for the “battering ram” being used to turn this once idyllic region into a huge “meat-grinder” with, according to various sources, actually up to 400,000 fighting personnel dead when one includes the rear areas of the battlefields?

“We will fight down to the last Ukrainian standing” is the horrible deception because everyone is told that it means we are being “honorable and self-sacrificing” when the ones being sacrificed are innocent young men and women, old grandparents and children, all to deal Russia a fatal blow. In fact, Ukraine is lying about their successful strategy, the reality of a superior army. The fact is that the men are not being properly trained nor armed, that morale is low due to shortages in food and clothing, that graft is occurring from the very top.

What really bothers the non-white Westerners is that all our lives, particularly here in the United States, we were brainwashed to believe that all our inferiority stems from the fact that it is Europe that is the Motherland for all true Americans, and that it is Europe that is the source of civilized Christian culture. Europe is the model for the world, and all of Europe, from lily-white Ireland to slavic Russia, and however far beyond and north, is one cohesive Caucasian mass of grace, love, poetry, and mutual respect, especially compared to the barbarians.

Now all that is changing for sure. It will be less than one generation before we will come to see Europe as nothing more than an outgrowth of India, but of course, by then, all the history books will be rewritten, or else banned, so that men can don the fashionable Kurta and that will be fine, since the weather by then in Europe will be so much more balmy…

Cultural preservation is no longer a prerogative at this point because traditions don’t really matter in the Brave New World—it is too closely associated with values. And values are not very good for business or the World Economic Forum collectivism. We shouldn’t remind people they have individual rights, that they have higher noble goals, that it is good to aspire to become all that you can be both in this life and the next. A comfortable lifestyle can be found by going into Security Studies, joining the Global Security Apparatus, and for women, becoming minders of the people as Social Workers.

In the Brave New World, there are no women above the level of Sex-Kittens because they are too important for the entertainment of men, especially to keep the men tranquilized. That’s why a deep dirty secret in the U-R War is all the human-sex-labor-organ trafficking and smuggling going on between Ukraine and notoriously corrupt countries such as Romania. Here’s what is shared from “Ukraine: A Propaganda Tool of Underground Mines & Weapons” by Helena Glass:

“The global embarassment that is Ukraine is the fact that the US has deployed Special ops, CIA ops, troops on the ground, vast inventories of weapons and supplies, and directed thousands of mercenaries to obliterate Russia—and has failed. The UK, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others have all contributed efforts, personnel, mercenaries, weapons, etc. as well—-and still—-Russia is winning.”

September 11th in Ukraine May Spur Destruction

But there is hope because the Ukrainian people don’t really have a voice except through their NATO-stooged oligarchy. That means that of course, NATO must continue to hold its annual Operation Sea Breeze in the Black Sea beginning on September 11, 2023 and lasting for at least a week. Operations will be more limited this year, but it is said to be held near Reni at the mouth of the Danube River. That is the host country will be Romania, but of course Ukraine will also send a few ships. According to Hal Turner, this might be a good setup for a false-flag event. A drone flown in by a third-nation, an accidental mishap, can force the enactment of Article 5, a declaration of war, based on an attack on a NATO country.

September 11th date also coincides with the date of the tragedy from 2001, still unresolved, according to many who question the official narrative. According to Dr. Neils Harrit, speaking at AE911Truth, there is evidence from the instantanous crumbling of the structures that nanothermite may have been used as incendiary material. Another questioner with an idea is Jim Stone, who posits that a mini-nuke may have been planted in the basement. One reason this is intriguing was the basement fire which lasted well over a year, sort of like how a nuclear reactor meltdown might act. Still another theory brought up at is that the building was rigged with explosives, and this would be the first-hand account of the janitor inside the building during 9/11, William Rodriguez, who held a master key for opening all the stairwell doors for each of the floors in the 110 story building.

These truth-tellers are a far cry from the type of people that the oligarchs hope to attract to party off-base as they usually do once their military exercises are completed.

“Ukraine’s underground tunnel system connects to Romania. According to multiple agencies, Romania represent 77% of the child & sex trafficking into Europe. The rate has increased each year despite the government claiming it makes tremendous efforts.” — Helena

The limestone caverns of Odessa are said to host nearly 1500 miles of tunnels, and these networks expand throughout the region, the type of subterranean understructures where criminals and pirates like to stowaway treasures, weapons, captives, and travel great distances in secret. In fact the saltmines of Bakhmut also included huge deep cavernous networks where people could even gather and hold a concert.

The military, thanks to the robustness of the petro-dollar and generosity of the tax-payer, is always ready to rock-and-roll after work, so of course partying in Romania will be a welcoming boost for local tourism. They won’t be picky about which Ukrainian under-aged girl or boy refugee they have sex with. They won’t worry about the conditions of their dead family members or brothers left dying in the fields somewhere, since even the leaders of Ukraine will want to join in on the fun.

None of the hardworking warriors should worry about anything except following orders, just as in the days of Vietnam. This is why many will be eagerly supporting the additional $24 billion dollars for Ukraine, not counting the emergency $200 million or so provided by the Secretary to the Ukrainian president last week. There is hardly any accounting of where the money goes, however, purportedly the Zelensky is purchasing more drones and missiles from Israel, and manufacturing drones as well in secret locations around Odessa.

Unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned speedboats, and kamikazi drones are being used in last-ditch style attacks against civilian buildings and infrastructure in Crimea. For instance, Ukraine has more or less claimed responsibility for the October 2022 truck bomb explosion on Kerch Bridge over the Kerch Strait linking East Crimea to Russia. That explosion severely damaged a couple of spans of the bridge, affecting railway transport but not road transport.

Kamikaze sea drones are being continually used to bomb Crimea structures. In July 2023, an attack, again at Kerch Bridge, caused loss of life for two people. In June 2023, there was an attack upon Chonhar bridge over Chonhar Strait in Crimea using British Storm Shadow missiles. The missiles burned a large hole through the bridge deck, requiring it to close for at least a month. In early September 2023, unmanned drone boats were used in three separate attempts to once again attack Kerch Bridge.

According to Al Jazeera, Ukraine is doubling down on attacking Crimea especially after the failed counterattack this summer against Russia. In recent weeks it has shot down or used electronic warfare against 42 aerial drones. Targets inside Crimea include the port city of Sevastopol, considered fair game since it is the home of the Russia Black Sea fleet. There is no doubt, according to some observers, that these repeated strikes may eventually have a desired effect. For instance, in other regions, repeated shelling of key infrastructure, such as at Kakhovka Dam, also contributed to its eventual failure. However the final salvo came on June 06, 2023 when a huge explosion ripped the dam apart. The Soviet era dam provides cooling water for the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, another popular target of the Ukrainian forces. Yet as in the case with Nordstream Pipeline, the dam destruction was imputed to be from Russia.

Here is what geopolitical analyst Alex Mercouris of The Duran reasoned about why it probably is not the case. His reasoning is simple yet logical: who stands to gain the most. Based on his knowledge and research, there is no benefit to Russia, which has to maintain guard over the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Already the plant is suffering from drawdown of the critical cooling water. Such sabotage would benefit the Ukrainians because it can damage or limit the water supplies for Crimea, downstream of the Dnieper River. Where there is a lack of success in recovering Russian territory, damage to Russian oblasts and infrastructure can be pointed out as progress for impressing the NATO bloc. Nevermind that according to the 1977 International War Crimes Statute that attacks on civilian infrastructure, critical to civilian functions, is a war crime even if it does effect a ‘military purpose.’

All of this points to the critical need for genuine paths towards peace and diplomacy between Russia and Ukraine. But judging from who funds NATO it will not happen under the Biden Administration. That is why many people, not just “reactionaries” as the corporate media likes to portray it, are saying it’s time we have a Peace President. Here is what former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul stated in his Liberty Report on June 19, 2023 regarding the continuing escalation of weapons and equipment for Ukraine:

“As we move into the U.S. Presidential election cycle one thing is clear. We desperately need a peace president to do for us what JFK did for the U.S. during the Cuba crisis. Hopefully it won’t be too late.”

What too late is remains to be seen. According to Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos, the continuing escalation is tragic and indeed fatal for the nation that was once Ukraine and for all her citizens. Whether it is F-16s or cluster bombs, “the decision to supply cluster bombs to the Ukrainian government is a sign of abject desperation and abject frustration on behalf of the American government concerning the direction of the war in Ukraine.” Others have described this atrocity as one characteristic of the kind of racist impotence and rage such as seen and recorded about white overseers when they whip their negro slaves yet cannot exact the tears and pleading that they hope for and expect. For as anyone knows, releasing bundles of bomblets will have the same effect as planting landmines or petal mines throughout the virgin landscape. For years to come, farmers and landowners will now risk having their legs blown off, just like in Cambodia, due to unexploded ordnance. It will slow down and vastly increase the expense of a full recovery for Ukraine. But the United States was not one of the 123 nations to have ratified the Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted in Dublin, Ireland, in May 2008.

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