NGOs growing outrage over Palestine genocide

Questioning the undivided loyalty to Israel in fight against Palestinians

United Nations stymied by US-Israel partnership

December 20, 2023 — The United Nations convened a Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly on “East Jerusalem & Palestinian Territories.” It seems that the Arab nations will not give up trying to enact ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ resolutions, hoping that the United States will sign on. So far it has not. On December 8, 2023, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss the draft resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, but it was again vetoed by the United States.

Here is what the UN Secretary-General Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres wrote in a special appeal to the UNGA to invoke Article 99 on December 6, 2023. Bear in mind that Secretary Guterres naturally is called to the humanitarian perspective of the Israel-Palestine conflict given his past distinguished service as High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) where he headed the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. In his letter to the President of the UNSC, Secretary-General details the numbers in official lists of the dead and injured; he emphasizes the current and growing unsafe conditions on the streets and in shelters, the ongoing and growing ravages of disease, and supply chain cutoff imposed by Israel:

We are facing a severe risk of collapse of the humanitarian system. The situation is fast deteriorating into a catastrophe with potentially irreversible implications for Palestinians as a whole and for peace and security in the region. Such an outcome must be avoided at all costs.” — UNSG Guterres

The risk, as political analysts note, is that the Israeli policy of collective punishment, disrespect of civilian needs, and amorality and barbarianism becomes the norm.

This is mirrored by the no-holds-barred continued assurances United States offers Israel despite being the lone-voice at the UNSC protesting ceasefire. Even after the UN General Assembly invoked Article 99 and adopted a non-binding Resolution (A/ES-10/L.27) “Protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations’ demanding immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza by a record of 153 in favor to 10 against, the United States remains adamant. It continues to blame Hamas for the devastating conditions that the Palestinians now face, while Israel continues to voice its concern for a new reign of terror by Hamas should there be any ‘humanitarian ceasefire.’

Even this past weekend, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (who has made a fortune serving on defense technology boards such as at Raytheon Technologies, United Technologies Corporation, and Booz Allen Hamilton) clapped hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu and personally assured the Ministry of Defense that their partnership is ‘unshakeable.’ While the Biden administration is paying lip service to humanitarian concerns and better strategic bombing (as if unaware of “The Gospel” artificial intelligence targeting software), there is no action. The U.S. is not backing down from vetoes at the UNSC; it is ramping up Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea because of Houthis’ piracy on marine vessels.

Interestingly, the type of ramp up by the U.S. taking place in the Near East oceans might not have to take place at such cost to the taxpayers, if only the U.S. believed in the art of diplomacy. This perspective was shared in “If US can clear way for ‘cease-fire in Gaza’, Red Sea problem would be solved” editorial at the Global Times. This is in reference to recent attacks by Houthis guerillas upon commercial vessels which are causing container shipping companies such as Maersk, CMA-CGM, COSCO, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, Evergreen, Euronav, BP, and more to shift their routes away from the Red Sea and head down around the Cape of Good Hope, which will add weeks of delay and additional fuel mileage to the shipping costs.

Chinese analysts pointed out that the root cause of the trade route problem is the ongoing conflict in Gaza, and only a sustainable cease-fire and allowing humanitarian aid to enter Gaza via land and sea routes can solve the problem in the Red Sea,” furthermore the Global Times recommends that “If Washington and its allies want to solve the Red Sea problem, they should play a responsible role in the UN Security Council to pass a ceasefire resolution and to put forth concrete efforts into improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza, which would be more effective than sending warships to conduct joint patrols.

But when, over the past twenty years, has the United States decided to ramp down its defense spending largesse?

Concentration camp objectives without yellow star

Meanwhile, the ongoing collapse of the healthcare system in Gaza is planned. There is a simple answer as to why, which is that the Israelis, because of their legislative system backing apartheid-genocide, now see that the extermination of the ‘human-animals’ in Gaza must be completed to eliminate ‘all of Hamas.’ They have no problem with genocide which is defined as “the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group…accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation…a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of the national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves” (, “Genocide”).

The Israelis have no problem or are blind to the ongoing systematic destruction of institutions inside of Gaza representing foundations for Palestinian political, social, religious, economic, educational, and cultural life. One can see the brazen impish arrogance written on IDF soldiers faces as they point their guns at helpless women and children. The IDF is famous for flipping the narrative and counter-accusing their victims of the very acts which they are so eager to commit. They accuse unarmed civilians and medical personnel of harboring terrorists, while terrorizing the population in ways which destroy their “personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and…lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.

Ironically the IDF has adopted the very definition of “Genocide” as defined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer whose book, “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe,” describes the Nazi occupation policy in Europe, which strangely hearkens to what takes place inside Gaza today with its +20 feet above-ground concrete walls, razor barb-wire facia, subterranean wall extensions, watch towers, fortified steel gates, earth berms, and border fencing. describes it as “dystopian security technology” for “one of a kind” imprisonment.

The Palestinians are living inside the 21st century version of concentration camp by Zionist-nationalists who dare to describe themselves as “civilized.” Even in China, where the PRC does run re-education camps in Xinjiang (AGN grew up with a friend who relocated from Xinjiang), those camps are modern hostels compared with Gaza. They have sturdy plumbing and utilities, clean campuses that offer apprenticeship training, and housing that includes bedding and showers. The inmates can communicate with the outside, and they receive regular meals and medical care. AGN‘s friend grew up in Xinjiang and this friend was in such good health with mental prowess she graduated with her degree in nursing at UW quickly.

There are no such options being offered to the Palestinians inside Gaza. Israel is even desperately trying to recruit workers from Ethiopia and Kenya (third tier Black-Jews) who can serve as agricultural field workers. Their hotel and tourism industry has taken a hit, and the Red Sea shutdown by the Houthis guerillas (65% of the maritime trade are rerouting around the Cape of Good Hope) is choking off the Gulf of Eilat and Gulf of Suez. Perhaps commerce is presently not as important as emptying the land, as the PM hints.

For the elites there appears to be limited concern for conducting actual peace-diplomacy or holding peace-talks with the Palestinian Authority and/or Hamas, even through third-parties. In fact, attacks on the West Bank have increased in recent weeks with tactical arrests and detentions of East Jerusalem Palestinians by the IDF. According to a report, “From online to offline” by, Israel passed a new “anti-terror” law on November 13th that “consumption of terrorist materials” is a criminal offense. Palestinians who ‘like’ a social media post which Unit 8200 finds objectionable, who shares Solidarity, or happens to be conducting news research on Palestine are subject to arrests and assault.

Is this the kind of model totalitarian society and blue-washing that America wants to eliminate democracy? Is not academia already heavily controlled by the zio-bourgeousie?

Bear in mind that under most “administrative arrests” the charges need not be disclosed, and that Palestinians in East Jerusalem can have their Israeli citizenship revoked. IDF even went into schools recently to search students’ phones. This is not about re-education; it is about confiscation of Palestinian homes and businesses using arrests for evictions and looting. The Palestinians are not even worth re-education—this is the case in Gaza Strip right now with the murder of non-Jews—targeted bombings of civilians inside mosques and churches.

Recently there are rampant news stories about Al Jazeera journalists being targeted, healthcare workers being arrested, and even exclusive footage and testimony by witnesses at the Shadia Abu Ghazala School in Gaza, where “civilians, including women, children, and babies seeking refuge, were executed by Israeli forces,” according to Tasnim News Agency. Not only do the IDF disrespect UN hospitals and clinics, but also UN refugee camps and schools. At Kamal Adwan Hospital in North Gaza, 70 medical staff were arrested and taken to an unknown area, after the hospital had suffered heavy bomb attacks by Israeli forces on December 12th, according to CNN (“Gaza healthcare workers taken by Israeli forces”). Followup has included a recent story of Israeli bull-dozers then coming in and “burying people alive” at the hospital; they buried patients under the rubble as they bull-dozed the grounds. Even while the doctors were delivering a press statement shared at Al Jazeera, the snipers suddenly opened fire at them, downing one of the doctors. Footage shows human limbs sticking out from the graded rubble.

Healthcare system to collapse due to IDF raids

Even as of this date, there is no record of where the detainees taken from hospitals and institutions from the Gaza Strip are being held. There are reports that various hospitals such as Al Awda, Al Shifa, Indonesian Hospital, Al Rantisi, Kamal Adwan hospital, and various other clinics, not to mention at refugee camps, have endured repeated tank shelling, sniper attacks, and army raids. The report by CNN, “Gaza healthcare workers taken by Israeli forces,” details the horrendous conditions at the remaining functional hospitals:

“In just 66 days the health system has gone from 36 functional hospitals to 11 partially functional hospitals, so, one in the north and 10 in the south” — World Health Organization

Partially functional does not begin to describe the travails endured by doctors, staff, patients, families, and those hoping to reach the hospital. Due to the extent of infrastructure damage, collapsed concrete structures, and rutted road systems, ambulances, which are also short of fuel, cannot reach anyone who calls if they have internet cell phone service. Those who arrive may be lucky to have a bed. In some hospitals, due to power outages and extreme overcrowding alongside intermittant shelling, injured patients may only rest on the floor. There are horror stories of children resting alongside dead children, because the morgue is also overcrowded and lacks staff. Patients are shown in photos resting in wards absent of any kind of IV-fluids system to assist in rehydration.

The sanitation and supply systems are also decimated inside these hospitals. There are likely very limited water, and no flush toilet systems working. There is no food hardly. The overworked staff are working and surrounded by traumatized patients and families. The hospital, a symbol of a safe place, is also a refuge for Palestinians who can no longer cope on their own, and undoubtedly some of them have developed severe mental illness. These reports are being smuggled out, since anyone found reporting these conditions may be shot.

One such report is detailed in “Israel-Palestine war: Northern Gaza hospital faces starvation amid Israeli siege” published on December 9th by the Middle East Eye.

According to Muhammed, a staff member at al-Awda hospital, the hospital has been under siege for the past four days and no one can enter or leave the hospital. In a tape smuggled to The Hill, he describes the horrific conditions imposed by the IDF. Israeli snipers have surrounded the hospital, trapping at least 250 doctors, patients, and family members. They are already starting to run out of food, water, fuel, since they only have a two-day supply of water. The IDF attacked the hospital’s water tanks, Muhammed said. Everyone gets only one meal a day. If you stand too close to a window, you are shot at, and Muhammed states that a colleague was killed by sniper fire when he stood at a window. Civilians trying to enter the hospital are shot and killed also. This same hospital was also where Doctors Without Borders (MSF) had reported that at least three doctors were killed in a strike in late November.

Thus, while the United Nations is stalling, while the United States and Israel assure the world that the situation will clear up in a few weeks, they are denying that they are accomplices in the ongoing genocide. In normal criminal law, if one supplies guns and armaments and aids and abets mass murder, then one is charged as an accessory to murder. However in the most advanced technological so-called “civilized” nations, under international law, is genocide and mass-murder of “inconvenient populations” already the new norm? Is the technocracy claiming bragging rights to train generations of zombie-human combatants to learn “The Gospel”? (Note: That title is a desecration and blasphemy against Jesus Christ’s disciples and their spreading of the gospel of love in the New Testament; here AI mechanically targets innocent masses of people in satanic-like blood-baths.)

Reverend Chris Hedges recently delivered a lecture, “The Genocide in Gaza,” where he shares his Open Letter to the Children of Gaza written during his salvific journey to Rafah (he could not get past the gates on the Egyptian side). What struck listeners to the heart and bone, if they are human, is that many of us have never been trapped inside such a concrete settlement, where indeed, a child’s whole life is spent living in captivity, never having seen a waterfall, nor traveled to Jerusalem or the West Bank. Their whole world, what they know of it, is being shorn from them. Their window to the outside, through their cellphones, is being taken away from them, while their family members are being slaughtered, even if they had nothing to do with Hamas militants.

NGOs Open Letters to Biden Administration

On December 20th, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) published an “Open letter to Secretary Austin: Act now to protect civilians in Gaza.” Although under the Hippocractic Oath, doctors promise impartiality and to do the least amount of harm possible, their work is seriously hindered when critical functions to the hospital are systematically targeted (water tanks, buildings, raids, disruptions, taking hostages, preventing of people entering or leaving, etc). Acting in partnership with Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), the Open Letter states that humanitarian intervention and a ceasefire is the best way to protect the “more than two million civilians suffering under relentless bombardment and starvation in Gaza.” They are also joined by 14 humanitarian, human rights, and civil society organizations.

Main points in the Open Letter to U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin include:

  • Empathy for the two plus million Gazans suffering under relentless bombardment and starvation
  • Oppose the targeting of civilians and indiscriminate attacks that cause disproportionate civilian harm
  • Cooperation by humanitarian organizations with authorities as needed
  • Oppose attacks on civilian infrastructure, such as residential buildings and universities
  • Oppose the fear-campaign to traumatize the Gazans through use of “power targets” to bomb them into denouncing Hamas
  • Loosen the restrictions on humanitarian assistance and life-saving resources
  • Withhold U.S. provision of armaments used in violation of human-rights laws
  • Monitor and hold Israel accountable for human rights laws violations
  • Reject the use of forcible displacement of civilians from their homes to so-called safe-zones
  • Reject the establishment of unsafe “safe-zones” which are “dangerously overcrowded, overwhelmed, and under-resourced”

This is the minimum statement of what should be emphasized in an open letter or appeal to Congressional Legislators. They are not even mentioning the wanton destruction of people’s homes, entire neighborhoods, schools, universities, shops, and community centers. They are not mentioning the ongoing looting and kidnapping and detainment and torture of captured residents. They have not even touched on reparations over closed banks, private safety deposits, and obliterated landholdings. However the signatories did include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam America, PAX, Save the Children, CIVIC, and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

While the above letter was also addressed to U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, an earlier Open Letter was also sent to President Biden by MSF-USA executive director Avril Benoit. In this letter dated December 4, 2023, he calls upon the Biden administration to support an immediate and sustained ceasefire in Gaza. Benoit states that in their history, MSF has rarely encountered such a scale of catastrophic and escalating humanitarian and medical needs, combined with man-made obstructionism. They are being blocked by Israel in access to basic necessities such as water, food, fuel, electricity, and medical supplies. (That is putting it mildly since the IDF is deliberately shelling and bombing “power targets” which include water tanks, infrastructure facilities, and holding up UN aid trucks at the checkpoints). The perspective posits that collective punishment to the population is, in just so many words, behavior worse than lower-order species, especially if they do not care to follow the rules of war whatsoever.

“The US government has a responsibility, as a partner and ally of the Israeli government, to ensure that its support is not used to kill civilians, attack hospitals and medical staff, destroy cities, and forcibly displace civilians.” — Avril Benoit, Executive Director, Doctors Without Borders USA

If only the administration grew some ears to hear the cries and weeping taking place in Palestine, but typical of totalitarian regimes, their motto is, “Get rid of Hamas,” just as if it were the hymn to the Battle Republic, not a relentless assault on innocent captive populations, mostly killing women and children. Today, only a few days before Christmas 2023, the death toll is officially over 20,000, while the officially injured over 50,000; however, as even a report from, “Why counting the dead has become a daily struggle,” reveals, the official tally is too low. Why? Because so many hospitals and morgues are now closed. People cannot even travel to bring their dead to the hospitals. The Israelis ensure that the Gazans must take flight from their homes leaving behind the weak, disabled, and elderly who are then hunted down like lambs and slaughtered. Of course nobody knows this for sure, but for certain, the IDF is doing a good job in using their bulldozers and shooting down Al Jazeera photographers and threatening podcasters if they are dare to show the live exterminations.

As mere citizens in a nation-state captured by the interests of a foreign power, it is our duty and responsibility to write our legislators and alert the lethargic public on the growing regional world war. Share the reports from, such as “No safe place for Gaza’s displaced” about the live-morgue hospitals with doctors trying to avoid stepping on dead bodies littering the hospital rooms, and the dangerous deadly conditions at such workplaces. Find out how fully functioning hospitals such as Al-Shifa, Al-Aqsa, Nasser, have devolved into third-world nightmares, with the most faithful doctors staying on inside the hospitals even when there is practically so little hope left that the lights will be turned back on for them. They, as one doctor put it, literally are willing to be martyred alongside their dying patients. (Naturally the IDF brutes are more than willing to accommodate).

These reports and more, such as “We dread nightfall in Gaza”; “Hospitals at breaking point in southern Gaza as bombing intensifies”; illustrate in detail the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza, which is accelerating due to winter-storm conditions and hunger and famine brought on by the blockades. All of this is man-made, since we could be airlifting the support needed if the IDF did not have no-fly zones over Gaza (except for their own aircraft). All of this points to how insincere the United States actually is in wanting to combat homelessness, whether at home here in the United States with chronic homelessness in so many cities, or overseas; and that, if anything, the United States does not mind impoverishing pariah populations.