Let’s Fight #Covid19 with Music

We are Unity Song Project

Healing music is action that is positive, supports mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Mental health experts note that there is a rise in PTSD occurring because of all the additional stress. There are people who dislike positivism and enjoy creating fear—according to Hinduwebsite.com, these might be termed Asuras. These may devolve into beings that label, parse, and generalize away in the manner of Rashasas. Here we hope music and action will inspire your Deva, so you can become empowered and take the path of healing for your community.


WE ARE UNITY – #ASEAN Song to Fight #Covid19 – Beautiful song shared by Art Thomya from Thailand, along with singers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Written by Sam Intharaphithak, Project by Desmond Boey, https://youtu.be/zWbR13w3gLA


Remember this is a historic moment. Create your own scrapbook of ongoing events, collect photographs, poems, artwork, cancelled tickets, journal entries, or news clippings. Why? Because history is often written from the perspective of the dominant hegemony, basically meaning the mainstream establishment. Not that they are not covering the news every day; but it will not be retained the way you might hope it was—and because the news syndicates are largely invested in deluge—for an information war that is subjugating.


“Dorothy’s Song”, Parody and Performance by Shirley Serban, https://youtu.be/C-7gZYT7MKg


How do you Solve a Problem like Corona? Performance Artist DovelyBell, https://youtu.be/M4jR_9-YPK8


The Social Distancing Song (Don’t Stand So Close) Parody by Alvin Oon, https://www.youtube.com/user/studioalvin


Goodbye Corona!!! Parody by Prairie Joe family (My Sharona), https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mn0Wr2KN8z3KkjR4m25wA


Love will prevail–A song to inspire all epidemic fighters by Chinese artists (Youku Channel, Composed by Liang Mang, Lyrics by Su Nan, https://youtu.be/Mt2-5NrWQbU


Coronavirus: Asian actors hit back at anti-asian racism, #WashTheHate campaign, https://youtu.be/dqU9VxiMIZU


There are so many clever Corona19 music parodies. Thanks to all these innate talents wonderful lyricists and musicians finally have something more to do. Note, you are empowered to construct your own counter-narrative for your sanity, your family and friends, your progeny. These are the ones who will be interested in recollecting that events did not run exactly according to how they said it did. You cannot be accused of being a disgruntled head of household; even if the AI revolution aims to ultimately replace you for the good of the stock market. This is how civilization has survived in times of war for eons, through tribal creation, preservation, and retention of one’s own authentic historical artifacts.