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Insects look like a swarm

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., is running for President in 2024, as an independent Third Party called Truth, Freedom, Health. It’s actually more of a movement than a Party, having begun during the last election cycle, when he ran for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. The big issue in 2020 was the COVID-19, and in Massachusetts he helped to expose the fallacy of mask-protection, as well as the inadequacy of vaccines.

Coming from India, from a Tamil family, and having grandparents who owned a farm and grandmother who was a holistical healer, his background is a testimony to the American success story. He came to America at a young age thanks to his parents, and began a steep miraculous climb into the ranks of an elite education that culminated in several degrees earned at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Not only did he ‘invent email’, but his inventor-engineer genius encouraged him to apply his systems-approach in engineering to all kinds of inventions. However in mid-life, he became intrigued by a health-systems approach to life-sciences, and this prompted him to invent a new software system to analyze molecular cures using holistic medicinal ingredients.

During COVID-19, many non-conformist doctors, nurses, and health practitioners were persecuted and even de-licensed for speaking out on the dangers of the inadequately tested m-RNA gene therapy shots. If they recommended alternative medicines, such as prescribing Ivermectin, or other naturopathic tinctures, they were even subject to detention and arrest. Signs of the Times has published articles time and again over the years regarding hundreds of mysterious deaths or murders of chiropractitioners and researchers who support treatment of cancers without the aid of chemotherapy or the pain-killing medicines of the giant pharmaceuticals.

Today this trend is evident in how many popular online holistic talk-show hosts are posting on Whether The Last American Vagabond, Dr. John Campbell, Natural Health Ranger, Dr. Jane Ruby, or Karen Kingston, they have suffered deplatforming issues over questioning gene-editing graphene-oxide nano-technology remote biological-tampering capability. This kind of persecution has been most extreme in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Britain, leading many to question the prerogatives of the World Health Organization global administration which has been heavily funded by the Bill Gates Foundation, according to the Corbett Report’s revelatory investigative series following the 2020 lockdowns.

Against such a backrop, new alternative podcasting platforms, such as Brighteon, and Bitchute, are now host for emerging political candidates and leaders of third party movements, such as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. While early on, AGN wondered if he was simply a one-issue candidate, such as Laurence Lessig, who supports campaign finance and electoral college reform, as well as internet freedoms. It turns out that with Dr. Shiva, there is definitely a lot more than meets the eye, especially his application of systems engineering to globalist architecture.

Dr. Shiva’s Truth Freedom Health campaign flyer is headlined “The Lesser of Two Evils is Killing Your Children.” This, he explains, is the result of the policies of “The Swarm” which he defines as “a global, decentralized, multi-racial, tightly knit group — who know the science of systems and exploit it to maximize Power Profit Control.” What this has resulted in, particularly after the neoliberalist revolution in the 1990s, is a fall in U.S. life expectancy. According to a graph on the “Truth Freedom Health” flyer, our life expectancy has dropped by six-years, from 82 years old to 76 years old, and the trend is even worse for our massively-vaccinated, consumption-processed, technocracy-controlled, children’s lifestyles.

Shiva Ayyadurai’s Science of Systems is complex and profound, but he has created marketable, simplistic explanations for the masses, and in particularly for the electorate to listen to. For AGN, coming from an engineering background, it is quite interesting to listen to his genius explain the theory applied to contemporary politics. In the Civil Engineeering program at the University of Washington, we only had to take one-course in Economic Systems (called Engineering Economics), however, it was not taught explicitly. Students were expected to design “Black Box” projects taking it from theory to application at a time when we were still struggling to learn the science—as a result, most of us did not create original schematics.

Thanks to Dr. Shiva, today we can discern systems theory being applied to The Population as if We are the Black Box. The Swarm is about the People in Control (called the Controllers) who are constantly feeding us a set of inputs, and monitoring the output using sensors (such as the Internet). Everything is done for maximizing Power Profit Control. Of course it’s much more intricate than that, and this is why the “Shatter the Swarm” video is worth watching, which is available at

Shatter the Swarm Mini-Application

It is in learning to apply that we can gradually understand the world better. The engineering systems Swarm Theory model applies to much of the chaos we see happening all around us today. It explains why the U.S. Elections 2024 feels rigged. For young Aaron Bushnell, a cyber-security expert who recently committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., there was no hope left in his perspective. This was, according to, after he discovered that the U.S. is sending troops into Gaza.

Through Bushnell’s self-immolation, he has made global international news about just how desperate some Americans are feeling about their government. They simply cannot believe the extent of the prevarification and cover-ups, or even why the State Department is completely tone-deaf, even as the Israeli leaders are full-on psychopathic mind-control killers. It is the third time at least that the U.S. has rejected an all-out humanitarian ceasefire, most recently voting “No” to the proposal (S2024-173) put together by Algeria. It simply does not matter how many other countries have expressed support for a ceasefire, such as over 80% in December 2023, the U.S. simply continues to vote “No.”

Algeria Ambassador to the United Nations, Feb 20, 2024

The recent excuse was that the U.S. is investing in the peace-talks through Qatar on a proposal for prisoner-exchange between Hamas and Israel for allowing more aid trucks through. However the claim that such a humanitarian ceasefire interferes with the peace-talks is false. Punishing the collective or starving them to death accomplishes nothing with regard to Hamas, which is the main political party of Gaza Strip. Hamas does not have an army; it is merely a government formed for the benefit of limited autonomy in the occupied territories.

Furthermore, at the International Court of Justice hearings throughout last week (Feb 19-23), various countries advocated in detail their support for the case of genocide brought by South Africa. They voice that the ICJ must not limit itself to merely delivering an opinion, but follow-up with actions, so that all those guilty of committing genocide will be punished. Currently the many forms of genocide, both direct and indirect, are being unleashed including cultural, physical, health, educational, environmental, spiritual warfare. Those testifying include the Arab League, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Written comments are also being filed by many countries, all of which points to the U.S. acting in isolation in its support of Israel.

In fact, if one examines the UNOCHA (United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) report for February 2024, there are many systematic constraints being applied. As various political analysts, and indeed even Israeli security analysts have bragged, Gaza Strip (and also the West Bank) has been heavily studied and broken down into unit blocks and descriptive neighborhoods in computer-aided design GIS-layered maps, all for the purpose of controlling the inputs to provide “the bare minimum necessary” for daily survival. As the MIT News 1996 article about Benjamin Netanyahu (enrolled as Ben Nitay) describes, he wrote a masters thesis focusing on the media of the future, namely, the advantages of the “computerization process.”

Applying systems-theory to the “economic occupation” of Palestine, Israel is so strategic in its “control of inputs” for Gaza, that at least from a Mengelian standpoint, it is scientific. One can imagine that like General Ishii, Israeli graduate students might attend a symposium just to present papers about what kind of input (torture) resulted in what kind of output (results measured) in the blackbox (Gaza Strip). So for instance, limited inputs of water, food, fuel, energy, aid delivery, with the processes being “scientifically applied” including “time-delays” “inspection tickets” “fuel delays” “certifications” “limited operational gate hours” “limited manpower” “limited electricity” “poisoning the well” “shooting gallery” and so on and so forth are applied, akin to torturing rats-in-a-maze, to see how fast they die.

Under the colonialist mentality where power-profit-control is the sole benefit, there is nothing wrong about the Mengelian perspective since it can be viewed as a systems-science, with tangible scholastic rewards for the IDF graduate students publishing papers on the kill-ratio achieved through certain “compounded factored sets of deprivation.” In the twisted mind-heart world of a university run in a fascist-dystopia, one can imagine that one can earn a Ph.D. in perfecting “effective killing factories” based on superior levels of efficiency. Such are the levels of moral decay which result in a few of the young, such as Aaron Bushnell, awakening to the harsh reality and volunteering to “get rid of themselves” first. (In fact, there is a recent Al Jazeera video footage of Palestinian toddlers moaning in their hunger pangs and voicing that they cannot see the point in living.)

But now that the ICJ may impose penalties that will cost Israel economically, the state is beginning to try to cover its tracks. This is why, as Bisan reveals in her AJ+ short documentary last week, the internet is being shut off for four days at a time now. People who look for an internet connection may risk their lives climbing to a hill where the IDF drone will latch onto them for gunning down. The IDF has an unstated agenda to kill any journalists within Gaza, especially those covering for the benefit of Palestinians, such as Al Jazeera. This is just like how the Nazis tried to hide their crimes; but even doctors are recording and revealing the extent to which their facilities are deliberately deprived of fuel to run their power generators.

Systems engineering can apply to socio-political processes but most of us are not trained to recognize how, and in particular, how it is being used for the benefit of “The Swarm.” Ben Nitay does not act alone—as others have noted—he is most likely the water-boy for the shadow-elite who are lusting for redevelopment of Gaza for a new Richmond or San Francisco East Bay. They are too psychopathic to care about the loss in lives or the killing of innocent people. Binay even forgives himself the gap in logic where he states “They are all Hamas!” accusing them all of being terrorists, whilst conducting diplomatic talks to “ship the Palestinians to other countries” so that the Strip can be emptied. Nobody is pointing out to the fearless leader: If they are such terrorists for Israel, why do you want to ship them to another country? But of course not everyone values maximizing Power Profit Control…

Everything goes back to the mind-heart consciousness in the West versus the East, such as AGN had written about a few years ago at for the night of the eclipse. We are ourselves a Black Box of inputs and outputs; something that the Human Resource Departments don’t usually screen for, since all they care mostly about are certificates of knowledge. People with black-hearts and crooked-minds develop priorities and goals different from people situated in religions that foster love, ahimsa (“do no harm”), and humility. One person will be controlled by their vanity and lusts, while another is concerned about building community and faith. Learning about the Truth Freedom Health movement has many hidden benefits, because Dr. Shiva makes available so many educational materials at reasonable cost, including his latest book, The System and Revolution.

For those who are concerned about Palestine, there is an upcoming Global Day of Action to protest the genocidal plans to attack Rafah (where over one-million Palestinians have been push to live from the north to the south). Visit to learn more about scheduled events on March 2, 2024.