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New global security architecture will emphasize peace and honor national sovereignty

Crimea developments

The latest news from both the Ukraine-Russia warfront and the “War on Gaza” is not good, however, the West keeps reporting that Russia is losing, and America must support Israel in the war against Hamas. As for the new theater opening in China, the mainstream and even alt-media independent reporters spread false claims and even smears. For instance, one author, Dmitry Orlov, recently claimed that China is stealing the German automotive industry, without much explanation or context—certainly it didn’t sound like he was joking. Other hip-vloggers even at Brighteon are “blaming China” for anything from fetanyl drug use to inflation to an immigration invasion, and of course, the usual accusations of corporate espionage.

Of course some of it is true, but the larger picture of triple loyalty operatives deliberately planting stories in order to manufacture popular agitation against China is, as various commentators noted, indicative of the “insane” direction that America is taking. As a “dying empire” nation, are we opting for gunboat diplomacy over national security and infrastructure investment? While the Russians glower and threaten the use of hyersonic missiles or tactical nuclear weapons—-judging by recent threats or actions shared by their spokespersons and even former Russian President—-the West/NATO appears to be taking a “do or dare” approach to the matter. Even if top national security officials do exchange daily calls to ensure limited global security from nuclear strikes, the boundaries of tolerance are stretched to the limits.

This is why in June, although it could merely be strategic posturing, Russia sent a fleet to the Pacific near California supposedly to help monitor the safe landing of a satellite. A couple weeks later, a submarine fleet with Russia’s latest in technology, the nuclear-powered Kazan, whose signal can escape detection by the US Navy, was welcomed into Havana, Cuba. While Russia assured that this was not going to be a Cuban Missile Crisis, analysts speculate that most likely they are hoping to establish better relations with the Cubans. However the offloading of long-range missiles will ensure new generation warfare can strike oceanic targets in the Carribean or on land. During the past two months, Russians have also moved nuclear-missiles into Belarus and held practice-launching. Belarus and Russia recently signed a mutual defense pact, meaning now Belarus may launch retaliatory strikes.

Russia’s post-Cold War mentality as indicated in recent speeches from the Foreign Ministry is that since disarmament agreements are by now scrap material, it can assume a superior defense posture. This is also proven from the wins in Ukraine with an estimated 2000 military personnel and hundreds of machinery and weapons being obliterated daily. The revised Russian nuclear posture has all but solidified since March when an additional 60 billion dollar weapons package was approved by Congress. Since as the statistics from indicate such a devastating daily toll in lives, tanks, weaponry, missiles, and vehicles, for U.S. taxpayers Ukraine is like whirlpool with an unquenchable thirst. According to Voice of America, yet another tranche worth $150 million in new military aid was provided during the last week.

These sorts of cash infusions (maybe with State officials bringing suitcases of full of cash-value equivalent) are pretty regular; a similar cash infusion was provided in early May, according to a press release by the State Department. In fact it is impossible to tell exactly how much money is flowing into Ukraine since their leaders are so corrupt.

However it is clear that the Russians are exasperated and frustrated with the ongoing intensifying developments which have included mass murder of civilians during the Crocus City Hall attack of March 25th; the recent rogue Islamic terrorist spree in Dagestan (June 23rd) which included a bomb in a synagogue, live shooting of cars and killing of at least 15 police officers, and the murder of a Russian Orthodox priest; on the same date in Sevastopol, Crimea, the launching of (5) ATACMS (army tactical missile system) containing cluster munitions. The nature of the weekend attack on a religious holiday and in this historic Russian naval manufacturing seaport is also a symbolic for a mass psyche-op. While 4 ATACMS were shot down, the remainder spread all kinds of bomblets, releasing deadly petal mines over the city beach and injuring at least 150 people. War correspondent Eva Bartlett has shared video about how the petal mines detonate causing loss of life and limbs. According to, “The Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on charges of terrorism.”

The NATO campaign against Russia is the awakening civilian alarm in the West also, since the Western citizens have come under extreme measures and penalties in media. Even former President Trump is not immune from all kinds of (false) accusations, framing for crimes, detention without fair trial, news blackouts, economic stress, and inversion of  democratic processes. Independent analysts assert that the United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and NATO commander Jens Stoltenberg are complicit in mass murder of civilians. Press statements imply that Ukraine is free to do what it likes with whatever is furnished. However various sources, including Scott Ritter and expert retired defense or foreign military experts, allege that the U.S. and Britain are most likely involved in helping operate and maintain the Patriot and ATACMS missile systems through their NATO contractors inside of Ukraine. They are providing assistance with data collection and geolocation for the drones flying frequently in the vicinity of the Black Sea.

To make matters worse, the U.S. and U.K. do not officially acknowledge their presence inside of Ukraine, although the Russians have been bombing suspected control centers within Ukraine for the past two years. Andrei Martynov, a graduate of Sevastopol, comments on his show recently that “terrorism is the weapon of the weak.” In fact, not only are cluster-munitions illegal under the UN-OCHA disarmament agreement, but if United Nations ignores these kind of NATO attacks, are they not also upholding “state-sponsored terrorism”?

According to Global News, Russia’s U.N. ambassador Vasily Nebenzya delivered a statement on Monday June 24th in which he directly accused the U.S. of being involved in the fatal terrorist attack in Crimea’s Sevastopol. “All responsible for this and other terrorist attacks will be held accountable,” Nebenzya said in his statement, adding that “there will be measures in response.” The ambassador also accused the UN of double standards and that “the Russian Federation will continue to protect its people and national security until no threat is posed by the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev that was breeded, raised, and financed by the West.

In a more elaborate speech from the United Nations, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations stated to the effect:

“Ukraine supported by U.S. carried out a heinous attack on Sevastopol in Crimea…American Globehawk UAV was patrolling the airspace over the Crimea Peninsula. There were peaceful citizens on holiday at the beach…151 people injured among them 27 children, 4 people died including 2 children. All responsible for this and other terrorist attacks will be held accountable. The fact that the U.S. is directly involved in this crime is beyond any doubt. The lack of any meaningful response from the UN Secretariat that is supposed to stand against such obvious crimes and violations of international law is even more regrettable. It is a clear example of double standards of the UN Secretariat who is very eloquent on other occasions. The strike targeting civilians in Sevastopol will not go unanswered. There will be measures in response. The Russian Federation will continue to protect its people and national security until no threat is posed by the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev that was breeded, raised, and financed by the West…This is due to recent actions of the West when they permitted Kiev to attack targets inside Russian Territory. Their missions, their personnel, including military personnel that is helping and directing Ukrainians in operating their weapons systems that they supply. These are steps that definitely lead to the escalation. We do not deliberately target any civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Only that infrastructure that relates to the military industrial complex of Ukraine. We do not bomb cities. We do not bomb civilians. So that’s it. We are not doing what Israel is doing in Gaza.”

In fact despite the ratcheting up of sharp rhetoric, two weeks ago on June 14th, President Putin also offered Ukraine a peace-proposal based on Five Principles after Ukraine held its peace-summit in Switzerland to which Russia was not invited. Time and again the Russia president and his foreign ministers have offered talks with the West, however, such opportunities for diplomacy are ignored. In fact, the heaping on of yet more economic sanctions recently as well as the issuing of arrest warrants by the ICC last week for decorated officer and defense minister Sergei Shoigu, as well as army chief Valery Gerasimov, is yet another attempt to delegitimize the Russian Federation’s authority.

In the face of what Russia has promised, which is that civilian strikes will not go unanswered, and that there are now daily incursions into Russia from Ukraine, the West ought to be alarmed and eager to head to the negotiating table for dialogue. The fact is that Ukraine is resorting to terrorist drone use because it cannot hold its own in the battlefield. Instead, NATO is doubling down on its antagonism militarily, economically, and diplomatically even while appearing vascillating and amenable. The death spiral for the U.S. economically is accelerating because the BRICS nations and most of Asia are eager to partner with Russia. Putin has also warned that the United States is committing economic suicide (during the SPIEF 2024) because the BRICS is soon to release its own currency.

Elections 2024 will be no great change

Nevertheless today neither of the U.S. 2024 presidential candidates are taking the threat of World War III seriously. Only the Green Party has proposed drastic reductions in military spending and global ceasefires. Colonel Douglas A Macgregor, Ph.D. and CEO of a new media advocacy organization, “Our Country, Our Choice,” also urges voters to support political candidates for office who have spoken out against military interventions and recognize the danger that the military industrial complex poses to the constitutional order:

“For the better part of 25 years, Washington has been engaged in a global crusade to remake the world in its self-image. The damage done by both Republican and Democratic administrations to our citizen-soldiers, innocent civilians abroad, our economy, and our reputation has been devastating.”

As a frequent guest commentator on geopolitics, Macgregor recently aired at Studio HD speaking about “Putin’s Bold Move: Arming Global Enemies of NATO.” His perspective is that the United States and its Western allies are escalating the Ukraine conflict to the nuclear level, and reaching a point the world has not seen since 1963 (Cuban Missile Crisis). It is natural that Russia, which views this as an existential crisis, is preparing an asymmetric response strategy. Just as the U.S. has over 1000 bases around the world, the Russians are now determined to equip the West’s enemies around the globe with weapons to “strike sensitive targets in NATO countries that have done the same to Ukraine.”

The futility of this war is beyond tragic, with last month alone a loss of 50,000 troops; about the loss of a brigade per day; so many that no wonder Ukraine is having difficulty maintaining troop levels; it only recently added 30,000 troops; and from various reports, these troops are often pressed into service in the most unhappy circumstances; they are grossly ill-prepared and undertrained. A video shows that inducted soldiers have been found “chained together” to prevent them from running away. Meanwhile efforts at diplomacy by the United States in Ukraine and elsewhere appear to be so half-hearted that the State Department yearly report card ought to receive an “F.”

At his own show, Straight Calls, in “We’re Staring Armageddon in the Face,” the Colonel illustrated Ukraine using the metaphor of Frankenstein:

“Dr. Frankenstein is animating what’s left of the Ukrainian corpse. What’s the outcome: tragedy, disgrace, total destruction there. The thing that’s most remarkable about the American government and its allies right now in Europe is the complete absence of any humanity… There is no real concern for the people who’ve been made homeless and are being killed off in great numbers in this war because of our policies, because of what we’ve done…but it’s a crime, it’s a criminal action, it needs to end. And by the way, the absence of humanity in Ukraine is matched only by our absence of humanity in the Middle East…”

This lack of concern for the value of human life is what is most horrifying about the wars in Ukraine, and Gaza. No wonder the Global South wants to abandon the petro-dollar. To add to the reputation that the International Criminal Court is nothing more than a regulatory arm of NATO, it still has not come to a decision on the case of genocide in Gaza filed by South Africa in January. Obviously immense pressure is being placed upon the ICC in the form of threats, bribery, extortion, probably from Israel and the United States. As the Middle East Eye and The Health Ranger Report has exposed, a group of Congressional legislators even convinced Congress to place sanctions against the ICC judges.

There is admittedly an advantage in having retired veterans whether Veterans for Peace or Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity speak out, since they are better experienced in identifying legitimate war pretexts, contexts, and conditions for deploying fighting squadrons, and the economics and supply chains needed for effective victories in battle.

Meanwhile, despite the continued efforts by the establishment trade magazines and newspapers to shadow-ban alternative news websites and video-sharing platforms, there are monthly conferences being offered by Schiller Institute, the libertarian think-tank run by Ms. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, based in Germany and the United States. The Schiller Institute’s goal is to educate and inspire people to support a New Paradigm in which there is “mutual respect and development of perfectly sovereign nation-states.

People often mistake a New Paradigm and Global consciousness with the sinister New World Order as envisioned by the unipolar-order oligarchs of the World Economic Forum. However, its goals are far more noble, and hearken to the high cultures of the Old World and the New World, whether East, West, North, or South. By combining the “intellectual and moral forces worldwide, from the highest academic, cultural and political echelon to the youth on the streets and campuses” the human race can aspire to live according to the “Ten Founding Principles of the Schiller Institute.”

There is not space to share all Ten Principles of a New International Security and Development Architecture in detail, however, it is possible to highlight those which are germane to the cause of ending the endless wars flaring up all around the globe. They are presented here abridged, and they can be found at

Ten Principles
I. The new International Security and Cevelopment Architecture must be a partnership of perfectly sovereign nation states, which is based on the five principles of peaceful coexistence and the UN Charter upholding mutual respect for each others territorial integrity and sovereignty; mutual non-aggression; mutual non-interference; equality and cooperation for mutual benefit; peaceful coexistence. Since its inclusion in the five principles, China has emphasized noninterventionism as a major principle of its foreign policy.

II. The absolute priority must be to alleviate poverty in every nation on the planet, which is easily possible if the existing technologies are being used for the benefit of the common good.

III. The life expectancy of all people living must be prolonged to the fullest potential by creating modern health systems in every country on the planet. This is also the only way how the present and future potential pandemics can be overcome or be prevented.

IV. One of the main aims of the new International Security and Development Architecture must be providing access to universal education for every child and adult person living. The true nature of man is to become a beautiful soul, as Friedrich Schiller discusses this, and the only person who can fulfill that condition is the genius.

“Friedrich Schiller believed that life consists of negotiating balances between conflicting ideas, especially in terms of reconciling the relationship between the need for individual freedom and the pull of the conventions of society. He also believed in the importance of both intellectual thought and aesthetic thought.” —Encyclopedia Britannica

V. Reorganize international financial system so it can accomplish these aims as productive credits…The primary aim of such a new credit system must be to increase dramatically the living standard of especially the nations of the Global South and of the poor in the Global North.

VI. The new economic order must be focused on creating the conditions for modern industry and agriculture starting with infrastructural development of all continents to eventually be connected by tunnels and bridges to become a World Land Bridge.

VII. The new global security architecture must eliminate the concepts of geopolitics by ending the division of the world into blocs…Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction must be immediately banned.

VIII. Now for the first time, because of nuclear weapons, pandemics, the internet, and other global effects, mankind is sitting in one boat. Therefore, a solution to the existential threat to humanity cannot be found with the help of secondary or partial arrangements, but the solution must be found on the level of that higher one, which is more powerful than the many. It requires the thinking on the level of coincidentia oppositorum, the coincidence of opposites, of Nicholas of Cusa.

“A model of the ‘Renaissance man’ because of his disciplined and varied learning, Cusa was skilled in theology, mathematics, philosophy, science, and the arts. In De docta ignorantia (1440; “On Learned Ignorance”) he described the learned man as one who is aware of his own ignorance. In this and other works he typically borrowed symbols from geometry to demonstrate his points, as in his comparison of man’s search for truth to the task of converting a square into a circle.” —Encyclopedia Britannica

IX. The economic, social, and political order has to be brought into cohesion with the lawfulness of the physical universe…being in character with natural law…

X. The basic assumption for the new paradigm is, that man is fundamentally good and capable to infinitely perfect the creativity of his and the beauty of his soul, and being the most advanced geological force in the universe, which proves that the lawfulness of the mind and that of the physical universe are in correspondence and cohesion, and that all evil is the result of a lack of development, and therefore can be overcome.

“A new world economic order is emerging, involving the vast majority of the countries of the Global South. The Europeans nations and the U.S. must not fight this effort, but by joining hands with developing countries, cooperate to shape the next epoch of the development of the human species to become a renaissance of the highest and most noble expressions of creativity!”

The Schiller Institute Peace Conferences are a demonstration that the leaders go beyond tidy stereotypes (conservative or liberal, communist or capitalist). Instead they are economic pragmatists, hoping to expand development to accommodate the betterment for all of humanity. Indeed since the 1980s Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. was the brainchild of a World Land Bridge theory which would connect all the continents, foreseeing perhaps that the age of oil will eventually come to an end. LaRouche’s philosophy is captured in his rebuttal to the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth warning of overpopulation leading to justifying euthanasia; instead LaRouche put forth his own hypothesis: There are No Limits to Growth.

Because Lyndon H. LaRouche (and his wife) were world hosts and travelers, also serving as economic emissaries for the United States, the World Land Bridge concept has been widely disseminated and embraced by various nations around the world. Today, one exemplar of the eagerness to establish such a global economic and development world bridge is China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative, which has been the impetus for constructing high speed railway networks within China, and expanding also to various ports of call in South Asia, which has enriched trade and economic opportunities in the ASEAN region.

Note: Due to controversial opinions, YouTube recently took down DM’s Straight Calls & Studio HD channel, part of increasing censorship