Greatest Nakba Ever, Apartheid-Genocide

Cartoon is freedom of expression especially if massacres take place

75 years of Nakba

According to many witnesses, this is the greatest Nakba happening right now in Palestine. What is happening is being documented in real-time, even if the authorities try to censor or shutdown internet providers.

Nakba, per various sources, refers to the tragedy and catastrophe that has unfolded time and again in Palestine ever since its take-over by the Zionist Israel in 1948.

According to Dr. Yasir Qadhi, the first Nakba occurred at the very birth of modern nation of Israel in 1948. As soon as the nation was born, armed Zionists and future settlers ransacked and massacred countless towns and villages. They were not happy with receiving only 55% of Palestine, and overnight, they raided the West Bank region. Millions of Palestinians have fled Palestine ever since. They live in exile as displaced people; their right to return to Israel is hardly welcome; if they do they can live third-class, behind borders and walls.

The Second Nakba happened in 1967, when during the Six-Day War, Israel conquested and occupied the West Bank and Gaza. Despite the eventual Treaty of Oslo, the military occupation and Zionist settlement of the West Bank and siege against Gaza has been relentless. Heavily armed Israeli soldiers arrest any Palestinian they want and face few if any repercussions because Palestinians mostly are convicted as guilty in the court system. The situation is far worse than even the British colonial system.

It doesn’t matter what instruments of oppression are used, whether military, institutional, political, legal, or justice system. It is still apartheid-genocide, a much more extreme form of apartheid than was practiced in the United States with its Jim-Crow laws. Even if Palestinian-Christians are accepted, it comes with self-censorship and social pressure to renounce all support for a separate Palestine. Not only do they ignore their fellow Palestinians inside Gaza, but they even support the Temple Mount developments and the Zionist movement.

Now, ever since the misfortunate attack by the Hamas militants on the music festival and in towns bordering Gaza strip, a war has been declared by the Israeli government on Gaza.

That extremism has been denounced by former President Jimmy Carter, by Nelson Mandela, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and countless others, even if it is bolstered by the political and media machines of the West. Even recently at Breakthrough News, Dr. Vijay Prashad has asserted that basically every single day is like permanent Nakba in occupied Palestine, especially in Gaza.

In the West, it is called the “Israel-Hamas War” as if all of Gaza is Hamas. This unfortunate mis-use of the term Hamas (which is actually an acronym “Harakat Al-Muqawamah Al-Islamiyyah“) confutes all of Gaza with Hamas.

In a sense it can be true: Hamas Palestinian Party was voted into power in 2006-2007. The Carter Center sent observers to past elections in Palestine, and the results were reported to President George W. Bush. There was even a covert understanding that this political rise to power was secretly given the green light by Israel because it meant that there can be a permanent division between the Palestinian Authority (ruling the West Bank), and Gaza. Moreover, once Hamas militarized (it did not even have a militia when it was founded), it could be labeled as a terrorist organization. However in “Did Israel Really Create Hamas?TLAV reporter Robert Inlakesh asserts that in the 1970s, the movement primarily focused on charity work. Because of their social service throughout the 80s onwards, the Israeli government has helped and at least indirectly funded Mujamma (Hamas) growth.

Nevertheless, the Israelis rule their occupied territories, especially Gaza, with an iron fist. They control all the resources heading into Gaza. They gave Gaza a semblance of self-rule with Hamas, but at the same time, smear all the Gazans as being affiliated with a terrorist organization, even when as a political party, Hamas government has provided administrative leadership, order, and services for its 2.3 million occupants.

There is no mandatory military service—-the militia formed as a response to competing rebel parties and groups within occupied Palestine. That kind of thing is only natural, given that the colonizers had long had a history of arbitrary arrest, shootings, bombings, annexations, appropriations, adverse court rulings, discrimination, gate-keeping, and generally making life quite difficult for Palestinians.

In fact, due to the enshrinement of apartheid-genocidal policy in the laws of the Israeli government, even nonviolent protests are illegal and can lead to arrests and mass-shelling. This had been the case time-and-again in 2018, five year ago, when the BDS (boycott-divest-sanction) movement was arising and Gazans gathered near a protest wall every week. Israel has sought to criminalize BDS throughout the globe, understanding that it was such a successful nonviolent economic tool used in dismantling the South African apartheid government.

However what is criminal in Israel still does not immediately translate into illegality in the West. The West cannot close down protests and demonstrations without cause. The Israeli lobbies are seeking to influence the Global Engagement Center inside the U.S. State Department, the Foreign Malign Influence Center inside the Director of National Intelligence Office, the Countering Foreign Influence Task Force inside of the Department of Homeland Security, the Influence and Perception Management Office inside of the Pentagon, intelligence teams working inside of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (as revealed by Sibel Edmonds), and police forces throughout the United States. It can also do this via indirect pressure, such as via the newly proposed October 8th Disinformation Organization, a committee that will review and determination what it can weaponize or censor in media circulars.

Fighting Back by Sharing

The only way to fight back is to expose the truth of what is going on inside of Gaza at present. There is every reason to believe that the over 18,000 people dead (Dec 12, 2023), and hundreds of thousands more suffering injuries and ailments is still a low-count. This is because tens of thousands are in the midst of migration and become lost or missing; they become caught in “power targets” of the artificially-intelligent drones, aerial bombing, shelling, and strafing that hits buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, utility systems, roads, and more. One commentator recently said the dust from the destruction is so bad that those who survive may likely fall victim to lung cancer. Many will die from diseases developing from these months of severe deprivation.

Some of the bravest voices come from video-journalists working inside of Gaza right now. Brave, because at least 85 journalists are recorded dead since the War on Gaza has started. When a reporter or photographer or the news building (such as AP/Al Jazeera in 2021) is struck, particularly inside their home and without any opportunity to escape, killing everyone inside, is that not a targeted attack? When renowned Palestinian writer, poet and activist, Refaat Alareer, was killed, he not only brought his poem to life, but became a martyr.

Bisan, a twenty-something Palestinian journalist inside Gaza, shares her AJ+ video-documentary journey from North Gaza to South Gaza, interviewing the internally displaced refugees dazed and injured survivors, frustrated mothers, malnourished children. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) told the Gazans that they must move from North to South and gave them just a week notice. In any case, they had already begun cutting off the water, electricity, food, fuel, internet, and other essentials. Bisan shares stories from the internally displaced telling her that they had moved from North to Central Gaza, such as from Jabalia Camp to find a camp in Khan Younis, only to arrive there and be exposed to more bomb attacks.

Here is the testimony of two experts of their opinion on what is happening from “Genocide in Gaza” by

From Craig Mokhiber, the former Director of the U.N. Human Rights Office in New York, who recently resigned over the organization’s failure to stop what is taking place in Gaza:

“I feel quite confident as a human rights lawyer in saying that what I see unfolding in Gaza—and beyond—is genocide.”

From John Quigley, Ohio State University:

“A genocide is already happening when the Israeli government ordered the evacuation of Northern Gaza. It was committing genocide as of that moment.”

The statements are juxtaposed against the statements by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant:

“No electricity. No water. No food. No fuel. Everything will be closed. We are fighting against human animals and we are acting accordingly.”

Also the Defense Minister was reported stating:

“We have abolished all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held responsible for anything. There will be no military courts.”

Are not these kinds of statements genocidal? But of course what is unfolding right now is the fulfillment of that vision. Gazans are also fleeing from Rafah back to Central Gaza, since they are also bombing there, and also told they must flee elsewhere. Children, covered in dust, are mumbling about ascending to heaven or being able someday to return to Jerusalem. Their parents are telling their remaining siblings to be brave, because if they die, they become martyrs. Men are wandering around with blood streaming from their ears, shouting and calling out the names of their loved ones, who are undoubtedly buried under rubble.

Camp Al Mawasi (“River to Sea”)

Finally, as of December 8, 2023, the IDF announces there is a safe place along the coast between Central and South Gaza that the refugees can shelter at, called Al Mawasi. By international law, the Geneva Conventions, internally displaced people deserve to shelter in a place where they can access basic needs: water, food, safe shelter, proper sanitation, access to first aid and medical care, and means of rebuilding their lives. Al-Mawasi, as depicted by television news channels, is nothing of the sort. It is a barren strip along the southwestern tip of Gaza, a strip about 1km wide and 14 km in length (0.6mile wide by 8.4 miles long), that is to fit up to 1 million internally displaced people.

Israel does not feel obliged to provide these Gazans a reasonable civilized area to live; in fact, it is continuing to randomly bomb and shell places that the AI-smart aerial raids know are filled with civilians and medical personnel and professionals who are trying to sleep, however overcrowded: hospitals, mosques, schools, institutions, churches.

“It is not safe. It is not humane. We are about to die here. They have sent us here to die a slow death. People are trying to find missing loved ones. They still have airstrikes everyday. Ants and flies fill our tents.”—-Mother of three children, Internally Displaced at Camp Al-Mawasi

A video clip shows a family sharing evening meal, a meal that the father says, “We have one tomato to share among us.”

Former U.K. engineer, Yaser Abu Asi, now a displaced Palestinian inside Al-Mawasi asserts that this is not a matter of nationality whether Egypt or Jordan:

“It’s a matter of our small children. We are not animals. We are people. We are human beings. Even if there is a mistake that has been done, you can’t punish all the people because of five to ten percent. We need a solution. If we are waiting to die; for sure, people are going to die… No food, no medicine, no administration, no nothing. If the matter is you are waiting for us to die. Okay, we’re not going to suffer anymore. I’ll just sit down and wait for death!”

This is exactly how dehumanized capitalism works. Emptying out Gaza of its inhabitants via displacement is a proposal long-planned most likely by Israel and the globalists, especially if they have discovered oil-rich resources underneath and offshore of Gaza. A forced exodus will add to the estimated 7 million exiled Palestinians. It will give the Israelis an excuse to further diminish Area A of the West Bank, the increasingly shrinking portions of land alloted to the Palestinians. Legally, once a Palestinian leaves their homeland, once their home is no longer being physically inhabited, the government routinely confiscates their business and home. Many homes are turned over using such ruses as arresting the children, and extorting the parents to force them to accommodate to the authorities, such as turning over their properties.

In fact, West Bank lawyer Tala Nasir, interviewed recently at Breakthrough News, describes how thousands in the West Bank have been incarcerated under a process called “Administrative Arrest.” They are detained in prison for years and coerced to sign admission statements. These statements, signed under duress, and written in Judaic language, are themselves compromised. Palestinian detainees, unlike Israeli settlers, are tried in military court. They do not have the option of being tried in civil court. Children are arrested and when they are released, they are lacking in decent clothing, even in shoes. Men are shown forced to sit with their hands bound behind their backs, blind-folded, and sitting with their knees against their chest. Undoubtedly they are not allowed to pray openly, and an Israeli prison guard is even shown dancing in mockery around a blind-folded prisoner.

What the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association is trying to do and has documented is not only wearying work, but has earned them harassment from the Israeli authorities. Their office was raided and ransacked, and the lawyers threatened and/or debarred from court. Of course, the same also occurs for Israeli citizens (Jews) who dare to stand for peace, to side against apartheid, or who document and write books about the past massacres conducted by the IDF.

Exposing the National Law of Apartheid-Genocide

The ethno-Zionism didn’t become very popular until the mid-20th century, according to Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi. However it was a complex British project involving several treaties, and typical of the Brits, involving spies and artful lies. First they deceived the Jordanians into claiming Palestine. Then they arranged for the European powers to divide up the Middle and Near East. Finally they presented the Balfour Declaration and proposal to the United Nations, which in collusion with the United States, came up with the 55%/45% land allocations.

Amid this dangled the Rothschild banking empire, which undoubtedly envisioned a new land of opportunity for European-Jews and American-Christian Zionists, if only the land were “cleared.” The scars from living in ghettos and suffering the yoke of the Europeans may have given impetus to replicating their own vicarious learning experiences as the Jews quickly developed legal work-arounds for the agreement hammered out at the United Nations, Resolution 181, for the founding of Israel as a homeland.

This is encapsulated in Zionist thought, even if it is often denied, the blatant racism:

Founder of the Zionist Movement, Theodor Herzl wrote in 1895: “The country that has been given to us must be taken gradually from the hands of its owners. We will try to move the poor population without noise beyond the borders while securing work for them. But in our country we have to prevent them from doing any work.”

According to Muhannad Hamid in “Stop the war of genocide…stop the displacement” published recently at under the “Gaza Genocide” category, what Herzl meant is that this is country that God has granted, according to the Bible, and after the colonial countries granted them through a promise of Balfour and the Mandate. This homeland is so special that the Zionists movement raised a slogan, “A land without a people for a people without a land,” a slogan that pretty reminds one of the Manifest Destiny in America with regard to the settlement of the West.

The Native Americans were moved to reservations where they either assimilated or were relegated to contributing materially to tribal tourism. However at no time has the U.S. Federal government punished aborigines by laying decades-long siege to them and surrounding them with razor wire and depriving them by rationing many basic necessities and preventing freedom of passage between reservations using militarized border guards and passes.

Nevertheless it is enshrined in the laws of the Israel government in ways that specify that “the exercise of the right to self-determination in the State of Israel is exclusive to the Jewish people.” More importantly, much like the Chinese Exclusion Laws in the 19th century here in the United States, it denies Palestinians their right to self-determination in their historic homeland, especially if one considers the other basic laws and the types of debates taking place inside the Knesset about the Palestinians, as if they were just so much cattle.

Here are some pertinent points from the article, “Israeli Nationality Law, 2018: Legitimizing Discrimination.” The rise of the right-wing parties in the 1990s has built on increasingly fascist expections imposed upon the Palestinians. For instance, “Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state” is taken to mean that all Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. In practice this also can be interpreted as waving a Palestinian flag as a crime. It allows the Israeli educational authorities to scrutinize textbooks inside Palestinian schools to ensure that their historical version of events conforms to Israeli and/or Western versions of history. This in turn also can create repercussions for officials and teachers who do not conform. For certain, they do not encourage the children to reflect on Nakbas.

The “Nakba Law” passed in 2011 is another attempt to overwrite the cultural heritage and history of the Palestinians. Like the Native Americans who see Columbus Day or Thanksgiving Day as days of pain and sadness due to subsequent massacres and appropriations of their lands, the Palestinians observe Nakba during the Israel Independence Day. However all expressions of mourning are banned after the passing of this law, and there are repercussions for any organization even mentioning “Nakba.”

More attempts to rewire the hearts and minds of Palestinians are included in the “Citizenship law” which links maintenance of citizenship with demonstrated loyalty to the State of Israel. If you are disloyal, you may be arrested; and if you have been arrested, it must be because you are disloyal. But in a state of apartheid, Palestinians are already extremely vulnerable to arbitrary arrest and detention. They face undue amounts of frustration, but any rage or venting can be coded as “disloyalty to the state.”

There is imminent danger of these prejudices being passed into the United States particularly because of such overt influence and favoritism for Israel. In recent lectures by Sami Hamdi, a renowned Muslim speaker, he mentions that when Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Israel soon after the October 7th terrorist event, he greeted Prime Minister with the remark that “I am here as a Jew, not as Secretary of State” and that because the vindication Netanyahu sought was too explicit, Blinken begged Netanyahu to “let me help me help you.”

However it was stated (this may not be the exact words), the meaning was clear. United States would offer Israel all the help it wanted in waging war against Hamas, and it would also even offer diplomatic cover including offering media spin, while appearing to appease the concerns of humanitarians.

Yet the average Americans knows nothing (especially if they watch cable TV which is dominated by football coverage during the fall months), about the extent of apartheid in Palestine. For instance, “Acceptance Law” legitimizes redlining and restriction of who can live in a Jewish neighborhood, allowing Jews to reject people who do not “fit the social or cultural lifestyle of the town.” So even if a Palestinian family had the means and the savings to support themselves and live inside a Jewish settler community (with its superior access to utilities and transportation and border gate into Israel-proper), the likelihood is high that they will be rejected unless they are very conservative Palestinian-Christians.

Over the decade of the 2010s, the intransigencies visiting upon Palestinian heritage and identity have increased, particularly during the Trump administration, including the annexation of the Golan Heights, move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem (which contravenes UNGA Resolution 181), support to limit access to Al Aqsa Mosque while transforming the grounds and surrounding neighborhoods for Temple Mount. Finally this Nationality Law of 2018 emerges which enforces the previous Knesset documents asserting that the “Land of Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people” but explicitly ignoring the U.N. Resolution 181 which legitimizes the partition of Israel with lands set aside for the Palestinians (Arabs).

In practice, it means that any settlement of lands within Palestinian territories, however annexed or appropriated, become legitimately part of the Land of Israel as long as it is settled by Jewish people. This kind of interpretation in fact is documented in the types of settlers settling in the West Bank and their atrocious behaviours towards the historic owners. As any victim of apartheid probably realizes, being cutoff from one’s home, business, livelihood, bank account, loved ones, unfair incarceration, unjust court system, deprived of fair education and work opportunities, endless punishments, long daily queus just to acquire basic necessities; not to mention outright intimidation, kidnapping, torture, and other deprivations can also all add to the sense of genocide-in-slow-motion.

One-State Solution Needed

The best solution, as proposed by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), is the establishment of an apartheid-genocide-free state which is secular, inclusive, with fair elections and democratic civil rights for everyone. This is what leading progressive intellectuals and peace advocates (such as Jewish Voices for Peace) might support. By becoming involved in the debate, a way forward for a suitable transition could be managed that is different from what the globalists are discussing. Their current debates about “how best to manage the displacement of the Palestinians from Gaza” is truly an exterminating type of final solution for ridding Israel of Moslems. The Knesset and the United States has even been discussing financial packages for Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, and Yemen in exchange for accepting hundreds of thousands of new homeless Palestinians. It completely excludes the Palestinians from their option of return nor allows them a voice in their chosen homeland, as if they were just so many poker chips at the gambling table.

Meanwhile, unless humanitarian aid trucks are allowed through the blockades set up by the IDF on all sides of the borders, people inside Gaza will continue to die from lack of water, starvations, infectious diseases, and maybe simply from shear exhaustion. People must learn about how the IDF are not only killing and shooting throughout Gaza with impunity from the air and from the roads, but also from the sea. According to Al Jazeera and also TRT World reports, the military is aerial bombing, conducting drone strikes and their tanks are blocking or attacking people along the main highway. But on the coast where people are also fleeing, there are Israeli ships firing at internally displaced people traveling along the coastal highway (Al Rasheed Road). Bombing is also taking place in Rafah in South Gaza which the Israelis had urged people to flee to and where safety was promised.

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