Entertainment Picks December 2016




Winter Arts & Music Picks


Favorite Museum Exhibit: “Suspended Animation” http://s.si.edu/2hdNCNe

How: Digitized animation on identity, human consciousness, and imperfect realities

Location: Hirshhorn Museum, Independence Avenue at 7th Street SW, Washington, D.C.

On view February 10, 2016 – March 12, 2017

Featured Works: Ian Cheng “Emissary in the Squat of the Gods”; Josh Kline “Hope and Change”; Antoine Catala “Sadness”; Ed Atkins “Hair”; Helen Marten “Orchids, or a Hemispherical Bottom”; Agnieszka Polska “I am the mouth”

Review Byte: As the push to expand and develop artificial intelligence deepens, where are we going? Are we changing human history, interrelationships, our minds?



Fashion Designer and Creative Artist

Who: Angry Little Asian Girls (since 1994, Lela Lee)

What: Fashion designer, Comics-illustrator, Author, Speaker

How: Arts Collectibles, ALAG Doll, comic books, gallery, T-shirts, Blog

When: Sale lasts until last sweatshirt is sold!

Website for merchandise: http://www.angrylittleasiangirl.com/

Review Byte: Lela does what nobody else can which is transform issues which we seek to hide or negatively label into expressive, healthy, humorous parts in Americana.



Indy Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Actor

Who: Peter Chung  (Peterchungmusic.com)

New Album:  i Write WE Sing




Album Notes: Compositions/Lyrics by Peter Chung; Acoustic Guitar: Peter Chung, Drums: Josh D. Doyle (3 Theory Music); Bassist: Tyler Carroll (Clara C, Allen Stone, David Choi); Producer / Mixed / Mastered: Travis Atreo

Where to find: Pandora Music, Amazon.com, YouTube, Apple itunes, special / events

Style/How:  Acoustical guitar, favorite inspiration James Taylor, easy-listening, versatile, road rhythm; river-like, touchstone; panoramic, eastern, indy rock essential; lyrical yet nonchalant to abstraction; precision-beat;

Album favorites: “Intro”, “We Can Go Wherever We Want”, “Coming Home”, “Forever Means Forever”, “Hesitation”, “Waiting”

Quote from Peter Chung:

“Music and lyrics come and go sporadically, and when I force myself to write or play guitar, I can make something new come out. Whether or not that new thing is good enough to show anyone, that is up to me, but sooner or later, either something is good enough or I convince myself it is good enough to show my friends / post on Soundcloud…”



Producer, Performer, Singer-Songwriter

Who: David Choi  (Davidchoimusic.com)

Latest Albums Stories of You’s and Me (2015);

The David Choi Christmas Album (2016);



Style/How:  Remix-mashup producer, songwriter, arranger, versatile cross-over artist, tours worldwide, sense of humor, ballad-voice, pop-rock/soul/country

What: Stories is full of country strains, sort of almost John Denver-ish back-to-nature lyrics. “Dempsey Hill” feels like a country walk; “; “Orion” a night ramble; complex ballads or reflective “You-Me”, “Where Did it Go Wrong”, “God”; and more indy-pop “Glacier”, “This One’s for Me”

Where: Collectors editions only at Davidchoimusic.com; David Choi on Apple Music; Amazon.com: David Choi: MP3s; Video performances at Official David Choi YouTube.com; downloadable david choi christmas album at http://bit.ly/2hwUjtR


“David’s songwriting has progressively become more complex and deep! So far, I’ve only listened to “All I Need”, and it was all I needed to give David a well-deserved 5 star rating! Can’t wait to hear the rest!” (Stories of You’s and Me, itunes customer review by Greenlink009)