Today’s news media is changing fast. Independent media and freelance journalists’ numbers have mushroomed, yet just a handful of network giants are raking in millions of dollars a year. What the news elite envision for us is a slightly deeper version of paid-per-view online news streaming.

This is why since 2015, every month Asian Green News (AGN) features articles on exploratory topics including in politics, healthcare, the environment, social justice, and technology. What makes us different is we are willing to embrace the Green Party platform perspective because its ideals exemplify what we ought to feel comfortable talking about anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The Green Party’s ten key values include: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Community-Based Economics, Feminism and Gender Equity, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future Focus and Sustainability.

AGN  strives to do this in ways which are authentic, thought-provoking, and relevant. You will not find syndicated content cleverly rearranged and regurgitated. Instead, our news coverage is consciousness-raising and ground-breaking whether providing investigative pieces or traveling on-assignment to cover people’s grassroots events.

To this mix, we add an Asian-American twist to help grow public awareness of America’s Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) population. This includes voicing more humanitarian concerns and cultural ideals, and utilizing inclusionary resources whenever possible. The result are products designed to help broaden the discursive framework.

If you like gourmet quality food, think of AGN  as its liberating counterpart in news. We invest your time in valuable research, providing links, info graphs, multimedia layout, plus editing and photojournalism. We comb the best available news archives online as well as a variety of print media.

Big Story Time

For every 100 hours spent preparing a big-story, 60 hours are spent in research, including transcriptions. Approximately 20 hours is spent on drafting and editing, while 20 hours is spent reviewing, developing illustrations, and publishing.

Whether it is this year’s freedom marches, march for women’s rights, or protection against brutality rally, our reporting is based upon experienced news coverage. We examine the facts, provide legislative or historic context, and link to global nonprofits and think-tanks.

By providing you with quality content from a perspective that includes politically independent and progressive insight, our goal is to make you feel empowered to become the change that you hope to see. You will feel emboldened to send that letter you dreamed of to your political representative. You will become acquainted with basic tools for holding officials accountable whether for their personal actions or those of their department.

If you believe in quality citizen-journalism, think of the difference you can make for the price of a cup of fair-trade coffee. Your support and ideas will be used to grow and expand our Global-Green values-oriented media directly for your benefit and for your community.

Thank you,
Christine H. Kroll, MA, PE (Civil)
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