Doctors describe mRNA technology as unsafe, deadly: samples

graphene clumps

The science-fiction cult movies such as “Coccoon” and “Aliens” spring to mind when one thinks about the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” So does the book genre, such as Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke, or Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells. And believe it or not, life mimics art now, as the elite globalists hatched a plan to thin the population, while implanting the ingredients in the form of spiked-graphene gel designed to take over the human body via mRNA technology. Those who cannot handle the allergic reaction will die, but the death will not be recorded as from the vaccine, but from pre-existing conditions or undiagnosed medical conditions. Those who survive will eventually become trackable and programmable. Those who resist may be herded into internment camps and slaughtered and then liquified. It sounds completely ghoulish, yet a good many citizens are deducing what they see from the illogical, global authoritarianism, totalist mind-set with no flexibility whatsover by all nations, in lock-step with the World Economic Forum and U.N. Agenda 21.

What will prevent many, even medical professionals and scientists, from detecting this stealthy phenomenon is the fact that the coronavirus, too tiny to be isolated, is embedded in a bath of graphene-nanolipids that will attach and replicate spike protein by the messengerRNA-DNA cellular reproduction. The graphene-and-spike protein (some say that the spike protein is the graphene) are both serrated or jagged so they are designed to stick and pierce through endothelial membranes, and membranes protecting our organs. Endothelial cells form a protective barrier within the blood vessels, which transport blood throughout the body. Complications with mRNA spike-graphene vaccines are already being recorded in at least 2% of the population, which is a huge amount considering that this is the same percentage who would have died from Sars-Cov2 flu.

Flu and colds have always been with us. They transform really quickly. Just visit and look under ncov and you will see that each variant (Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, Omicron) of novel coronavirus consists of hundreds of evolutionary and genetic relationship. For thousands of years, humankind has adapted to germs and cold illnesses. Some doctors even in past working relationships recommend not using masks or gloves or germ-wipes so much because exposure to germs helps build resistance over time. Kindergarten teachers’ greatest first-year challenge is not the excitability of the youngsters, but the variety of germs they are exposed to; the growing children survive easily, but the teacher may not. Yet there had never been any fine or penalty for having “sick” humans in the classroom or in restaurants or in public until the medical martial law regime emerged in 2020.

shots do not prevent spread or confer immunity

More COVID deaths after flu vaccines [5]

When genuinely sick people are ignored or misdiagnosed and mistreated, that is called malpractice. When left to die or forced to take ventilation that in effect smothers them to death, that is called euthanasia. When doctors are being coached to kill, debilitate, or maim people rather than save them, then the society has become psychotic—and this is part of the mass-formation processes designed to traumatize the public into lock-step compliance with whatever the globalized establishment next marching orders are. It is part of the globalist end-game to create a societal die-off, allowing a new childhood’s end of entrained young people, inhabited with live graphene cocoons, to fulfill their roles as expressionless cyborgs.

The globalists want to have us continue to take more and more booster shots because the trackable graphene wears out over time. Here are just a few of the brave experienced knowledgeable professionals coming out with their observations and deductions. Of course the establishment is concocting ways to quel their voices, silence them, punish them, or censor the media channel. This is why around the world, the covid-woke are agglomerating, networking, and trying to ensure this message is shared so people do not end up clogging the mortuaries, or wonder why they have so many inexplicable aches and pains, or have their loved ones told they suffer mental illness because their conditions are imaginary.

Since the big pharmaceutical corporations, secret bioweapons-bioresearch laboratories, and government health organizations are unwilling to inform the public on exact specifics about the vaccinations, mainly that they are for the public good and life-saving, why should scientists not speculate on its experimental nature? Why should we be so trusting when the FDA initially wanted to wait 75 years to fully make available documents from Pfizer? Why should we be so trusting when Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pours hundreds of millions of dollars into major news networks and media nonprofits with the deal being to perpetuate ruthlessness: “Take the PCR test! Take the shot! Take the booster! Keep wearing masks!

“Boosters for Life” is a short video by a committee of Canadian doctors who support autonomy, the right to practice unencumbered by the pressures of Big Pharma. Any doctor should be free to practice in ways that care for the entire person, use holistic medicines, and therapies that are authentic and protective. Instead just as in education, the trend in medicine is that globalist standardized practices are enforced to overwhelm humans in what Naomi Klein has called, “The Shock Doctrine.” Students learn that critical thinking is merely a situational exercise, teachers must teach to the books, doctors must use novel biotechnology, lawyers must de-legitimize individual rights, musicians must compose atonal amoral ditties, politicians must promote political anomie, and so on. For people to fight back, they either learn how to organize, or develop parallel societies.

In this video, an anonymous female medical doctor describes how the Sars-Cov2 messengerRNA vaccines are designed to be lethal in ways which are insidious. The vaccine protein-and-matter attack different organs in each person depending upon where the matter replicates, travels, and aggregates. To keep the matter potent we must keep taking boosters. The first vaccine has saline and ingredients which significantly lower your white blood cell count. The second vaccine increases the amount of harmful ingredients further lowering the white blood cell count. With each booster more experimental foreign bacteria are introduced. When the autoimmune system is weak, chronic inflamation develops, leading to organ disturbance. Depending on a person’s physiological vulnerabilities, a disease or failure develops. For instance, the second booster contain strands with HIV, and with that your system begins to shut off. The prediction is that a great many people will become dependent upon booster shots and other medications to manage their adverse reactions. [1]

We can let nature take it’s course, and that is exactly what the natural immune system is designed to help us do; instead the vaccines are basically described as kill shots that require more injections with lethal germs immersed in graphene hydroxide which will disable people over time. The fact is that the pharmaceutical corporations have not disclosed what are in the bottles; not even the government has all the information. According to a lawsuit filed for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the FDA could take up till 2096 to release all the information. Only through a court order has the FDA been forced to compress the timeline to 8 months, however, judging from what was shown at Senator Ron Johnson’s panel, much of the FOIA released documents from Pfizer will be heavily redacted, that is, showing huge dark blank pages.

Once again, it was noted back in November that the FDA needed only 100 days to approve the vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization. Now, the agency claims, it will take almost a century before researchers and scientists outside the FDA can get full access to the data that the authorization is based on..Furthermore, this timeline only covers the vaccine from Pfizer since it was the first approved for the public. Getting data on the Moderna and Johnson vaccines would probably add another century on top.” [2]

For those whose friends and relatives are stricken with recurrences of once-cured illnesses, concerned with drug interactions, or who are curious what might cause so many vaccine adverse reactions, there appears to be no recourse. The working environment for physicians is increasingly authoritarian and restrictive. Doctors in the United Kingdom (under the National Health Service) report they are under pressure to prescribe and use only standard approved COVID-19 protocols. To do otherwise, they face ostracization or losing their livelihood. Such is the case with Dr. Sam White, who has courageously challenged the penalties imposed by the medical tribunal in court. From the outset, Dr. White, a 17-year veteran and general practitioner, was skeptical of the methods being used to contain the virus, especially when so few people were actually ill with the virus. He posted a video sharing his concerns with the efficacy of the PCR-test, and the medical board clamped down on him after it gained over one million views. The board suspended his license and told him that he would need to undergo psychiatric treatment. Dr. White objected to what was an imposition on his freedom of speech and freedom of expression. He joined an international committee that is investigating unethical practices; and eventually his restrictions were overturned. Today he continues to fight for protecting the rights of the general public to information, to have their concerns addressed, and to ethical recording and address of vaccine adverse reactions. He remains very skeptical about the vaccines, and is hopeful that alternative therapies will become accepted and legal. He remains concerned about the harm of wearing masks for long periods of time causes in children, such as oxygen deprivation, lung disease, and unhealthy neurological growth. He is hopeful that more medical personnel will join him in the quest to end all the harmful mandatory interventions and infractions against liberty.[3]

When doctors refer to the Yellow Card in the UK, it’s their version of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in the United States. In any case, around the world the numbers are increasing. In the U.S., the number of reports in 2021 alone have dwarfed the tallies from all other vaccines. (A rough estimate how much the increase in 2021 versus 2019 from VAERS zip file size: 172MB in 2021 vs 11.3MB in 2019, meaning zip file size is bigger by fifteen times.) Officials are eager to downplay the statistics, so many investigators are taking time-lapse snapshots for archival records. In the U.S.A. alone, as of January 2022, there are 1.9 million VAERS reports, and 22,193 COVID Vaccine reported deaths.[4] In the European Database, the estimates are at least 4 million vaccine-adverse reaction reports, and 40,000 COVID vaccine reported deaths. Due to habitual underreporting the figures are estimated to be ten times to a hundred times more, as shown in the table, and this does not even include all the rest of the countries receiving the mRNA vaccines.[5]

Tabulations on various adverse reactions in UK, US, EU

Covid-19 Summary Table from November 2021 for UK, US, EU (

According to Dr. Vernon Coleman, a former columnist, established author, general practitioner, and professor, the situation is dire. He has been blogging about Covid since the start of the pandemic, because he believes there is a lot more going on. His YouTube his channel had more than 216,000 subscribers before it was censored. Recently he wrote what must have been excruciating to prepare, “Updated: How many people are the vaccines killing?” In this article he drew primarily from figures at OpenVaers and Yellowcard reports. For instance, as of January 13, 2022, in the U.K. there are reported 1.4 million adverse drug reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, with 1,954 fatalities.[6] Most commentators believe that the numbers are low, as many people choose not to self-report, and vaccine deaths are falsely recorded as Covid-19 or other “previously undiagnosed” conditions. Dr. Coleman writes:

“We note that when patients die 60 days after a positive covid test, they are added to the covid death figures, but if someone were to die 60 minutes after a covid vaccine, then it is just a coincidence.”[7]

Indeed with all of mainstream media dedicated to forcing everyone to take the vaccines, there are practically no reports on adverse reactions.

“I haven’t seen the mainstream media mention most of these deaths, people who have died or been injured after being given the vaccine…Some of the injuries include: strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, sepsis, paralysis, psychiatric disorders, blindness, deafness, shingles, alopecia, and covid-19.”

Dr. Coleman goes on to provides a huge list with literally hundreds of personal testimonies from people desperate to share their painful stories. Some have tried to raise funds at GoFundMe, but recently that technocratic entity has frozen or shutdown accounts by anyone claiming a vaccine-injury, probably under the premise of fraud. With heavy YouTube censorship, others are trying to fundraise using Still others are finding a platform for support such as or Reading the testimony of parents of a 25-year-old Vietnamese doctor who died after she received her second covid shot, or that of a young Vietnamese girl who suffered and died from pulmonary adverse reactions means more than just data. One pretty elementary schoolgirl in Brazil developed Bell’s Palsy as a reaction and it intensified to the point that she, too, passed away.

Other injuries, often leading to life-time debilitation, are hardly trivial. Sudden deaths following vaccination are not just coincidental. In fact, a minority of virologists, scientific researchers, and medical professionals believe that for various reasons, the experimental vaccines rushed to market are intentionally unsafe. Revisiting Prince Philip’s wish (“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation”) on being reincarnated as a virus, maybe it was not jest. The bankers entertain a simpler world full of smart devices and a servile population to perform all hard labor for free. It doesn’t matter whether the serfs are human, cyborg, therianthropic, or machine. As an energy and resource crisis loom, along with the need of capitalism for boom, the solution is to depopulate the planet, and relegate our former society to doom.

This is the theme in Dr. Shankara Chetty‘s talk in which he questions why vaccines are mandatory. If the Sars-Cov2 flu has a 99.9987% survival rate for children and 97.1% survival rate for the elderly, then wouldn’t the vaccines be doing more harm than good? And why especially are authorities dismissing the validity of natural immunity, which has been shown to be an especially hardy type, because body retains the antibodies for fighting back? Worse, all forms of alternative treatments are officially banned in Western countries.

There is an excellent excecutive summary of this lecture by Dr. Chetty of South Africa, however, due to the video lack of captioning, and the threat of censorship, AGN is providing a rough transcript for those who cannot listen to the tape for educational purposes. The moderator is Dr. Maria Zeee for “South African Physician warns of the bigger plan.” Please appreciate that Dr. Chetty (despite his Vincent-Price voice) is just the spokesperson for what is becoming a huge coalition of doctors many around the world.[8]

MZ: “With every single doctor that I speak to, who is managing covid patients, we altogether put repurposed drugs together. So Dr. Shankara, is there anything brand new that you are suddenly using for Covid, or have you taken a combination of already existing drugs to manage your patients?
SC: “Maria, I do need a combination of drugs with pharmaceuticals to manage these patients. There’s a lot going on…existing drugs. Look, I think the perspective around what’s happening is vitally important. We need to understand what the aim is. Everyone knows that there’s inconsistancies, that there’s fearmongering, that there’s coercion, but we need to understand why. Now the most important thing I think for us to understand is that the pathogen that was causing all the death in covid illness. I use the word covid-illness because we haven’t really isolated the coronavirus that causes it. But in covid illness, the pathogen is spike protein, and spike protein is what the vaccine is meant to make in your body. So if I had to give you my opinion as to what is happening on a global scale, and alot of the work that I am doing behind the scenes is in this direction..Spike protein is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made. And the aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing it. So it’s a poison with an agenda. Now we’ve got an engineered virus; and we’ve got a mandated vaccine; that follow-on on each other. So basically what looks like has transpired here: They’ve engineered a virus and put on this weapons-grade package onto it called the spike-protein; now spike-protein…So now we’ve got this most elaborately engineered toxin; now it’s been put into a virus, a vector, and we’ve exposed the planet to a small dose of it. Now initially spike-protein triggers an allergic reaction; and the allergic reaction, if untreated causes death. It’s what we’ve seen with covid illness. But that is not the end game; that is to test the water; so you’re going to get a small percentage of people react; we see all the deaths; the eighth day is when this reaction occurs; so the best, we isolate the planet for 14 days, so nobody notices when this occurs. People get to hospital too late; we’ve mandated protocols in hospitals to engineer death and damage; to steer all the fear and the rest that we need, we create all the confusion; we make sure we steer humanity towards mass-formation; we take away all the faith that we have; all the hope; we keep people isolated; so we’ve been conned into thinking giving away our freedoms would be the best thing for us. So the safest place for us was in jail; and that’s where we all are at this point in time; but the game that they played with this engineered virus was to justify the vaccination of the planet. Now the vaccination of the planet will expose us to spike-protein for a longer period. So spike-protein, if we understand what it’s meant to do, yes, initially it will trigger an immune response and an allergic kind of reaction, and we have immediate deaths from that. But you don’t poison someone and they die immediately. You notice the poisoning. So straightaway, when you give a vaccine, the first 14 days after the vaccine, any side-effects cannot be attributable to the vaccine, because that is where all the allergic reactions would lie. Following that, we wait to see the endothelial injuries that this vaccine causes, or the spike protein, with its influence on each to receptors. Those are the deaths that are meant to follow. And then they will never be pinned onto spike-protein, a very well engineered toxin. Now spike-protein is also a membrane protein. So the mRNA will distribute this throughout our body, it will be made in various tissues around our body. It will be incorporated into those membranes around our body and those specific tissues. Those tissues will be recognized as foreign; and we trigger a host of autoimmune responses. So, the deaths that are meant to follow the vaccinations will never be able to be pinned on the poison. They will be too diverse; they will too many; and they will be too in broad a time-frame for us to understand that we have been poisoned. And i think this is the big plan. It is dependent—this toxin is dependent on the host’s response to it. Just like the 8th day and what followed covid infection illness was dependent on the host’s response. So we’ve got mild, moderate, and severe illness post-8th day, and it confused all of us. So we keep talking about covid-pneumonia, but we’re chasing the virus, and the virus was just the victim, to give us a taste of the poison. Now this toxin, in the long term, is going to get people with pre-existing illness to have those illnesses exacerbated. It has bits of prion in it; it has bits of HIV protein in it; it is definitely engineered. So, people with cancers are going to have their cancers flare up; and we’ll say they died of the cancer. People with vessel injuries or predisposition like our diabetics and hypertensions are going to have strokes and heart-attacks; and the rest at varying times; and we attribute those to their pre-existing conditions. People are going to develop over time autoimmune conditions the diversity of which will never be addressed by any pharmaceutical intervention because they are far too targeted. And so we’ve got a rough road coming. But I think if people understand what the intention is, then we’ll understand why what’s happened has happened. The illogic, the coercion, the suppression is all warranted if you understand that there is a bigger plan. This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned. And so I think the justification for everything we see is warranted in understanding the end game. We’ve given up our freedoms, we were told that jail is the best place for us to be secure; so we willingly went down that road; now today, if we want our freedoms back, they’ve got a mandated vaccine. We were herded like cattle into a car, and the only way out is through the door, and that is where we lost our freedoms. And so I think there is a huge picture at play: The vaccines make absolutely no sense. We were sold the vaccines as our saviour from the start. And if we look at the science, the science does not play out. The vaccine is absolutely nonsensical. We keep fighting about how good or bad the vaccine is. I just want to make two points on the vaccinations. Vaccines are meant to stimulate immunity, and in doing so prevent infection and prevent transmission. That is what gives a vaccine a populational group benefit. So if you take the vaccine by not catching the virus or transmitting it, you protect me. Now clearly that has not occurred. The vaccines do not do that. Now they claim that the vaccine has a benefit in preventing severe illness and death. That is a therapeutic benefit. My intervention with treatment does the same, but I do not expose the entire world to the side effects of my treatment. I only expose sick people to that. And that therapeutic benefit does not come from immunity, but it comes from the vaccine exposing you to spike-protein, and building a measure of tolerance to an allergen, not to any immune-mediated response to a virus; so the virus distracts us from the big picture. It’s spike-protein that’s the toxin here. Secondly, the prevention of severe illness and death is an individual benefit, if it actually does that. So if you take the vaccine, it prevents you getting severely ill or dying. It has no group benefit, and doesn’t benefit me at all. So why am I being coerced into forcing you to take the vaccine to benefit me? To just put that into perspective, for a layman. Skydiving is an individual risk and an individual benefit that does not influence anyone around me. And so my right to choose to skydive is vitally important. Now they want me to skydive because they say it benefits humanity. Now they can’t prove the science, and they can’t tell me how does this act of mine is going to benefit humanity. Yet they insist I do it. When I didn’t and I can’t see the signs, they offered me a beer and a donut. But I still don’t want to skydive; you still haven’t proven the science and tell me how it’s going to benefit humanity. Now it looks like they want to push me out the plane. But when I look up, the parachute they provide me is full of holes, and they don’t want to admit to that. And I see a few dead bodies lying on the ground, and they tell me they are fast asleep. I don’t believe that. Now if they can prove a population benefit to the vaccine, maybe I’ll take this plunge for the benefit of humanity. But until that point, we are being coerced.

This is a life or death situation for democracy that eclipses the other huge problems before us, because the experts that we so need in our society will be dying off in random numbers. Think of this as an endgame of russian-roulette, where the most extreme vaccine adverse reactions are taking place in random batches, while the youth are prodded toward a globalist worldview, one in which the human genetic genepool becomes irreversibly contaminated for the sake of criminal technocratic exploitation.

[1] 103517
Photo of Nano-graphene-clumps,
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