Deadly censorship on the rise at YT

Technocrats studied Harry Potter in Grade School

Censorship has increased by leaps and bounds since 2010, but it’s difficult for everyday people to notice. For one thing, Facebook users so restrict their news network to their acccount feeds that they don’t even realize what they are missing or self-censoring. That is if they are interested in the news anymore at all. Other social network users are similarly designed to capture users into pay-to-play or post-and-replay type of gamifications. Then there are email systems—an antiquated form considering the popular rise of insta-text for news-sharing.

Today newspapers generally speaking are a dying media; most have migrated to online format to compete with popular online magazines. The irony is that for the longest time, even today, many alternative online media were barely recognized by the establishment. As Zerohedge and others have pointed out, most of the print and televised media are owned by six great media conglomerates in the United States. The power of the media conglomerates to control international news, filter the coverage, moderate the tone, and mediate the discussion results in slick, redundant broadcasts, often hidden or disguised under layers of tedium, and enhanced with ergonomic renderings.

A reading public would have at least been able to cut out articles to create individual scrapbooks. Today a visually-dependent public has no such internal filters. And over the past four years, Youtube has increasingly clamped down on individual broadcasters or channel owners, because radio owners frequently invite an active critique of the news, providing a political counterpoise to those who yearn for a deeper understanding of the seamy underbelly of rising class indifferences. Of course YT is still relatively free of the titillating entertainment distractions sandwiched between newsbytes, however, it is obviously working on that end too.

The goal of the YT and Google with its algorithms are geared towards limiting search results and viewing of media that is counter to the desired prevalent perspectives. Media propaganda on Covid demands that no one dare to question the logic and narratives given by officials—even if they waffle or have not completed the requisite research on vaccine safety. YT will mask their disapproval of media by issuing a three-strikes policy, often based on arbitrary decisions or arcane decisions that are made without any consultation with the channel owners. Lost to the world is not just their content but opportunities for new guests and networking with other online YT hosts—more censorship.

Some of the Youtube Channels taken down over the Covid pandemic have a very punitive and draconian air both in the manner and its consequences for channel owners. Owners such as James Corbett (Corbett Report), Dr. Mercola, The Last American Vagabond, Geopolitics and Empire, World Wide Socialist Website, Dana Durnford (The Nuclear Proctologist), Project Camelot, and others report being individually and publicly censored. The ultimate consequence being a loss of their main source of online income because shutting down someone’s channel almost always includes Paypal and Patreon loss of income. Channels owners also report Patreon and Paypal account closures once they are deplatformed from YT.

Sure it is true that YT has helped increase the awareness of media personalities from Alex Jones to David Icke and that the fanfare had an almost vaudevillian quality at times; nevertheless, are the commoners not protected by freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Who has never heard of the vainglorious pontifications of ancients, or the speculations of fools on their soapbox? We are being encouraged, of course, to stop attending church because our ministers will never be able to catch up with the woke-crowd. Indeed, no steeple chaser can catch up with them because they are constantly moving the goal posts, our new steeples, further.

The owners of Oz, that is Technocratic Oz, don’t want us to discover their agenda. If you listen to The Last American Vagabond, in particular to a fine young journalist named Whitney Webb, you discover that the big pharmaceuticals are interested in using biowarfare not to combat viruses perse but to establish control over the human species. Just like in Brave New World, we will be sorted into different grades of humans. Imagine the productivity in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with its Oompa-Loompas. Or the inability of the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz to outrun artificial-intelligent robot-dogs designed to swiftly hunt them down. Superhumans will live forever, while the misfits will die before age thirty.

Outside the calculus of the elitists at the World Economic Forum (Europian Union) chaired by Klaus Schwab, whose book The Fourth Industrial Revolution exposes globalist technocratic ambitions, is the possibility of a wildly uncontrollable world. That is what tends to happen when humans tamper with nature and because internationalism has unified the planet. Arguably that is what caused the Covid pandemic: biowarfare planned for decades according to, in labs around the world, paid for by infusions of  bundled cash (partially funded by foundations such as Microsoft) helped mad-scientists learn how to better weaponize viruses or develop gain-of-function. Let’s not forget that those experiments had begun even before World War II, and were used by the Japanese against the Chinese, including germ warfare-experiments and techniques for germ dispersion, usually hidden behind strict facades such as Water and Sanitation facilities. Less extensive experiments were conducted by Germans in concentration camps where non-Aryans were sent under the Nazi regime.

Today we have the technology to develop Frankenstein-sized fish to help compensate for the loss of King salmon, but the consequences of unleashing these hybrids into nature are poorly understood. Of course big corporations no longer have to wait to conduct their ongoing commercial experimentations: the USDA Secretary will hasten their product to market if it proves to be a marketable one, especially for investors. Americans never learn about consequences because we are used to others absorbing the losses for us, whether it is experimenting with biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons. This is a theme in Australian John Pilger’s “The Coming War with China documentary film—also banned from classrooms.

Even if the United Nations voted a ban on nuclear weapons in 2017, the nuclear armed first-nations of the United States, France, Britain has set the tone for second-nations to follow suit and ignore the ban. All around the world, nuclear fall-out has vastly increased since 1950. It makes me sad and ashamed to recall that all the time that nuclear testing was undertaken at Bikini Atoll, the Western suburbs were infatuated with bikini swim attire, and bikini-parties were very popular pool-side. The double-entendre would be lost in children, but there was something strange and fishy about it—it couldn’t be just about showing off beautiful healthy white bodies, could it? The result of course was a deadened mind and an Epsteinian-like imagination so that we would readily accept the genius of Hal over the endless waste created in developing, testing, delivering, and disposing of uranium and actinides. Even today we are saddled with antiquated nuclear power plants whose very low costs of returns comes with very high costs in maintenance after creating awesomely poisonous pulsating ions.

The media is very reluctant to report negatively on nuclear power plants because it is the engine for producing the valuable plutonium and other fissile ions used in bomb-making. This is why The Nuclear Proctologist, with its following of 24,000, was summarily censored by YT several months ago. Channel owner and Canadian citizen Dana Durnford has bravely stood up to arrests, threats, censorship, and pillory: all for daring to conduct independent research and exposing the facts on mass ocean extinction events being related to the Fukushima nuclear plant explosions in March 2011. If you listen to his channel, he routinely states that there is a clear connection between climate change and the worst nuclear accident in the history of humankind. If you view the movie “China Syndrome,” you realize that once a meltdown occurs, the reactor core cannot be recovered. It sinks below reach, and is far too hot to be contained. Imagine that multiplied by a factor of four possibly up to six malfunctioning nuclear reactors. And that is just the tip of the iceberg where there are a ring of nuclear power plants all around Japan, and hundreds of aging power plants in the United States, and including in France, and all around the world in the form of nuclear powered ships and submarines.

Nuclear power is the furthest technology from green we can ever imagine. While the power that comes out is benignly non-carbon emitting, all the gases and coolant water coming out daily from the plants, millions of gallons, are full of hot-radioactive particles. The power in the plant produced is of a very low efficiency—as low as 30% efficiency. True, scientists are developing ways to recirculate and reprocess the deadly fuel, however, they have made such promises for decades. We have only ten years to enact the sort of changes needed, according to most climate experts, to keep the planet below 2 degrees of warming. Yet, if we decide to buy into the nuclear power plant green deal, we will continue to waste time and money on research, while ignoring the most obvious and glaring problem of all: there is no solution to permanently store the spent fuel. Spent fuel continues to languish in outdoor storage containers around the world even while those cannisters or storage tanks are developing leaks and cracks, and a very weird super-deadly goo starts oozing out. When we cannot contain the deadly permanently pulsating ions for even its first fifty years, how can we even begin to guarantee its containment over the next several thousand?

Not only are the routine releases of radioactive ions into the atmosphere, ocean, and environment destroying ecosystems, but the potential for mutations has given birth to a whole new genre of diseases, flesh-eating bacteria and molds, novel virus that wipe out entire species, and causing even more biopollution when homo-sapiens discards ever increasing amounts of experimental waste into landfills or open dumping grounds or disperses its dusts far and wide through incinerator plants. Birds, insects, and bees are disappearing also. The scourge of wildfires especially in California and around Los Angeles over the past decade might be sourced to secondary effects of deadly flamable radioactive waste emissions collected in the soil and forests or emanating from Santa Susana Field Laboratory where open pits of nuclear waste are buried. Unfortunately these sorts of studies—any continuous studies on the effects of nuclear radiation on the environment and on public health—remain extremely underfunded—meaning, more censorship.

Worse, if you listen to officially banned or discredited former defense physicist Dr. Doug Rokke, or legal expert Karen Parker, JD, or Dennis Kyne, Gulf War Veteran at TalkingStickTV channel, you discover that there is an entire collection of marginalized voices speaking truth to power about the deployment of depleted uranium in a proliferation of battlefield armaments. That playlist at TalkingStickTV channel has routinely been hidden from view on my playlists library even though it’s saved. That’s another trick YT has for helping you forget that you saved that. Another trick is when a video is marked unavailable—even when the video itself may not be removed—the video is at the channel when you check. Google YT has algorithms to not only scramble search results, but to coordinate together in website censorship. This explains why TLAV‘s website is being marked as an unsafe domain to visit. The owner has paid for an https-secure domain, but the presence of removed YT videos, or YT videos shown on pirate channels makes it suspect. There is nothing illegal about offering to show someone else’s video on your channel if an agreement is set up—which is what TLAV openly requests his fans to volunteer in, for helping overcome censorship.

Freedom to learn about nuclear power, depleted uranium, bioweapons research, population control, transhumanism, the technocracy, corporate personhood—-all these ideas are being systematically placed under lock and key. It’s just like the open library system and how it is being gradually used to hide books under the metric of the computer autocracy. Let’s not forget that these libraries and defense and energy utilities and academic research are still largely paid for by public monies—that is funded by the U.S. taxpayers. Let’s not forget that it is our founding fathers’ wish that they had a democracy led and voted in by a well-informed, active-citizenry, and by that we do not mean the straw-picking tyrannies taking place that are subverting healthy dialogue, classical drama, historic landmarks, venerated authors, and so on. Trading in the best for politically correct adulterations is darned foolish at best in my humble opinion. At worst it can cause many catastrophes.

I would like to close with a personal anecdote from twenty-five ago when I worked as a designer that exposed me to the fishiness of the Technocratic Cult. Once the consulting engineer I worked for received a call from two men and a woman who wanted to meet us. I forget if they called and then visited, or if it was a call and then a field visit. Anyway it appeared, at first, to be all about developing their ten-acre property along the highway, however as the meeting wore on, it was clearly centered on recruitment.

We belong to the Technocratic Movement,” the elderly man said. At the time, it sort of only brought to mind kooks whose homes might have entire rooms dedicated to running model train sets. They pointed out their logo, which reminded me of Pepsi soda, a solid silver line separating the red semi-circle from the blue semi-circle. Except the silver line was a thunderbolt. The consulting engineer soon dismissed them, however somehow I recall meeting them in person. At that time, especially in the rural areas, I often went out alone whether to meet prospective clients or to conduct field work. In fact nothing came to pass, but eventually a tall aluminum sign-post with their Technocratic Movement logo perched atop appeared. Driving up to Blaine, Washington along Interstate 5 the circular red-and-blue logo would peep out over the trees, and always, a perplexing sensation would emerge.

Why would anyone want to be devotee to a Technocracy? Couldn’t they see such a thing could never happen in the United States? The elderly men and the woman reminded me of the Twilight Zone tv-series, that somehow we were still living in the 1950s, and of the voice of the narrator broadcasting over the stillness of the trees and the silent stars at night.

The law wheel of technocracy is based upon pyramids of profit-production-trade; the law wheel of nature is based on the principles of truthfulness-compassion-tolerance.

Image from Wikipedia, “Technocracy Movement”