2016 Independents undercovered by mainstream media

SHE Living TV & GP Presidential Nominee Ms Moyowasifza-Curry

As of early June, AGN noted that most of the mainstream news stations, especially Fox News, devote disproportional 2016 Presidential race campaign coverage based on size of candidate financing. Those with the deepest pockets get the most time. The breakdown is about 60% time spent talking about Donald Trump, the Republican nominee; 30% talking about Hillary Clinton as the “presumptive […]

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NPP Voters may need to re-register for California Primary


The California Presidential Primary isn’t until Tuesday June 7, 2016 but the rules for voting are convoluted because of it’s semi-open rules on presidential voting. The fact that California is not an open primary makes things particularly complex for voters who registered with “no party preference.” “No-party preference (NPP)” suggests that one ought to be able to vote for any […]

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Independent Voting Wants Bernie to Run as Independent

Clinton vs Sanders democratic state primary presidential nominees

  The President of Independent Voting, Jacqueline Salit, published an Open Letter to Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Huffington Post in late February. In “Bernie, We’re in a Bind,” Salit mentions many salient facts about today’s voters, facts which match up with public opinion polls on fed-up voters. For instance according to Rasmussen Reports:   The surprising level of support […]

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Feminists: America Needs Bernie Sanders

DSG cartoon

According to Linda Martin Alcoff writing on “What’s A Feminist to Do?” America needs Bernie Sanders for President of the United States. For one thing, without Senator Bernie Sanders the race may very well falter: many democratic voters will stay home. Liberals won’t, as Thom Hartmann suggests, “just pinch their noses and vote for Hillary.” Older voters may stay home […]

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Bernie Sanders Promises to Protect Social Security

http://www.strengthensocialsecurity.org video by agit-pop communications

Visit Bernie Sanders’ website (BernieSanders.com) and you will quickly realize he has seriously progressive plans to help protect older Americans and the disabled who survive thanks to pensions. Sanders’ plans will strengthen and expand Social Security—and also safeguard it from Wall Street. In contrast, while Hillary Clinton promises to preserve Social Security, her position is compromised by her acceptance of […]

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Highlights from 3rd Democratic Debate

ABC News Moderators: David Muir (anchor), Martha Raddatz (chief global affairs correspondent) Location: Saint Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire Highlights included: All the candidates shared inspiring anecdotes. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont talked about his humble beginnings in Brooklyn, NY growing up in a rent-controlled unit. Later he mentioned his wife’s work in foster-care. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley talked about […]

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