Bullying against AAPI: Fightback News

President John F Kennedy, 35th president of the United States, the ideal Peace President

Most AAPI know that the discrimination against nonblacks is getting worse by the day. Brave journalists such as Jonathan Choe of Discovery Institute has brought to the fore the atrocities against Asians committed on the streets of Seattle. Most recently this includes a racist person smashing windows at the Wing Luke Museum, racist robberies and shootings in South Seattle/Beacon Hill homes. The tricky part is while it’s okay to label a white person attack against AAPI as racist, even StopAAPIHate.org hesitates to call out attacks upon AAPI by blacks as racist actions. Maybe these are merely reparations? However after the blatant point blank shooting of the Korean couple in Seattle in June, bloody knife stabbings against an Asian male passenger on Sound Transit in July, countless property destruction, car break-ins, robberies, arson attempts, and random beatings around the country mostly by dark-colored persons, it is truly difficult to not recognize that blacklash is culturally sanctioned.

Even if officially many black establishments denounce such interracial attacks, the fact is that for some reason, blacks and druggies love to hang out in International district, Chinatowns, and public places which they believe provide more immunity from prosecution. In fact, that really is the case in Washington, D.C., for as one D.A. explains recently, the fact is that across the country, police can no longer arrest prostitutes for soliciting sex unless the police can document the process of exchange. Teens and runaways can linger for hours on the steps of businesses and nobody says anything—even when they are obstructing doors and stairways—maybe it requires documenting exactly how people are being obstructed.

This intentional extreme watering down of law enforcement is to help protect the homeless people’s rights, the migrants entering the country, and the felons being released from jails. Since there is not enough re-entry jobs and vocations for them to pursue, a protective cushion has formed to provide them pathways back to recidivism. Mostly this is in the form of Black Lives Matters disparagement of law enforcement officers and police departments, but also of enforcement with regard to theft, and limited enforcement with regard to violence.

The requirement for store owners, employees, and even police officers to stand down while rioting and looting occurs has sent a signal to teens, already relatively immune from prosecution, to conduct rampages in Philadelphia recently, celebrating their busting into name-brand retail stores and practicing organized crime strategies. While it might appear that these sorts of reparations are fun and harmless, it is what is driving CEOs to resort to increasingly desperate tactics. First, they resort to locking everything up, including cosmetics, laundry detergent, pharmaceuticals, even underwear. Next, they limit the store hours, such as closing earlier, opening later. Next, because they are losing money and suffering supply chain disruptions (probably also due to looting of trains carrying merchandise), they lay off employees. Of course, if they only have electronic or cashless machines, such as at Walmart, then they no longer even have to fire anyone. Finally the store announces a sudden closure and all the employees are laid off.

The sad part is that all the while, perhaps due to reparations, nobody ever pinpoints the exact reason why the store has decided to close. As News for Reasonable People hints with regard to grocery store chains, such as Giant or Whole Foods, that is the elephant in the room with regard to “wokeness.” Instead, we are supposed to believe that this is somehow just due to rising costs and logistical supply chain issues, not theft, not looting, and certainly not the organized criminals who are stealing the stores blind. It is why over the past year alone, Target has lost $500 million dollars in inventory. It is why next year, in 2024, CVS plans to shutter 900 stores including their brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

What is worse, is that while everyone is forced to go “online” for the ultimate shopping experience, the looters and drug addicts will still need to find money for their fixes. This is why, as the Health Ranger Report describes, most likely as the retailers flee the cities, the manifold inner city thieves and druggies will be forced to target any remaining small businesses, including donut shops, fast food, and especially convenient outliers such as private homes. In fact, this is already happening in Seattle, particularly as the public transportation offers such a quick getaway and access to so many lucrative opportunities—even the parking garages at SeaTac might be a good place for “bipping” (break into cars by smash-and-grab).

The sad part is that so many police forces are going “woke” that they lack simply lack the will power, training, and authority to enforce the law. The city probably even supports them if they decide to participate or enable crime such as white-collar corruption, embezzlement, bribery, prostitution, drug pushing, human trafficking, organ trafficking, or encouraging general rioting and lawlessness. This abdication of responsibility is why small businesses all across the nation are at arms, supporting the second amendment, which is the right to bear arms as a measure of self-defense against mob and totalitarian tyranny. It explains why in Oakland recently their Chinatown has declared an open strike by small businesses.

“The situation in Oakland has reached a boiling point, compelling more than 200 local businesses to take a stand against growing crime rates. These businesses are planning to go on strike for better public safety, a movement backed by former president of the Chinatown Business Association, Carl Chan…This isn’t just about lost revenue or dwindling street traffic; this is about rampant break-ins that are crippling businesses, instigated by offenders who seem to be operating in a consequence-free zone.”

“Why 200 Oakland Businesses are Striking for Public Safety,” News for Reasonable People

People do not want to drive into Oakland, as our family and relatives used to, to eat in Oakland’s once-upon-a-time premier gourmet Chinese restaurants, only to emerge a couple hours later to find the car stolen or having been broken into. They don’t like having to look behind their backs to protect themselves from the crazy deranged person lunging in their direction. They don’t like having to face defaced buildings and addicts slumming around in tents. However all of this seems to escape city officials for reasons unknown.

Going woke, being on the side of Black Lives Matters, the LGBTQIA+, and Antifa seem to offer social dividends, however, as many isolated incidents, particularly in South Africa, have exposed, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will not become a future target in some form or other. Even wearing a rainbow cape draped around one’s shoulders one still faces the inevitable hostility of a criminalist lunatic race hustler. For instance, as the Health Ranger reports, the EcoMap founder, 26-year-old Pava Lapere of Baltimore was found beaten, raped, and murdered by a black serial psychopathic sex offender. Yet why the Billingsley targeted LaPere would be unknown as the “30 under 30” honoree was wildly supportive of woke identity politics—which might have explained how, according to the New York Post, she even allowed him to follow her home and let him into her apartment building.

Virtue-signaling wokism is absolutely no guarantee of protection against black criminality and this is apparent even inside the transient homes and Catholic Charities shelter systems, where older white people, such as older white females, are routinely maltreated by people of color whether residents or in staff positions. Personally we know of someone who has violent tendencies both verbally and physically abusive of nonblacks, who recently spat at an older white woman and harangued her endlessly for no reason. But not to belabor the point, this is exactly why one must try to counteract, as the Health Ranger asserts, the tendency for the powers that be to try to stoke new race war across America.

A new race war with violent incidents can help the Biden Administration, anxious for distractions against the BBB debacle, to usher in martial law, maybe a new round of medical lockdowns, and internal strife to keep people from exploring and discussing the collapse of the middle-class, failed state of the big cities, and siphoning of dollars for new wars. Already they have instigated such deep ongoing brainwashing via the mass media propaganda machine, that many cable TV subscribers simply no longer have access to world news aside from BBC. Inside the states, there no longer is offered any cable access to Al Jazeera, RT, Chinese foreign news service, and even Telemundo requires a separate add-on cable subscription. To cover this defect that also can include censorship of Fox News channels, your cable TV connection may contain numerous local news repeats—that is, higher numbered channels that are repeats of the same channels lower down.

The active censorship on national and global news is why Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who has been trying to make a run in the Democratic Party for the 2024 Presidential race, is now considering running as a third-party candidate. It is why so many professionals inside the United States, even seemingly well-educated, openly parade their blithe ignorance on national and global news, because it is fashionable for them to only be interested in capitalist corporate consumerism. It explains why so many podcasters, whether it’s Dana Durnford (The Nuclear Proctologist) or Jonathan Choe (Choe Show) or Kim Iversen have to keep at least one backup channel available in case of a YouTube/Google or even Rumble censorship.

The worst part of woke conformism and democratic authoritarianism is the deadening effect it has on genuine engineering inventiveness and creativity. For America to survive against China it must revitalize its manufacturing base and relocate its energies from overseas back inside America to strengthen its ever aging infrastructure, however, no political leader is talking about that. Whether it was Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders—or now, RFK Jr—all those good ideas on resolving homelessness, affordable healthcare, high speed rail, improving public utilities, always seemed to end up as some kind of boondoggle issue at the end, with the politicians and businesspersons pocketing much of the difference.

Since anyone working full-time becomes habituated into absolute corporate conformity, it becomes easier and easier over time to overlook the corruption of government and local businesses. Why question anything when in fact all that matters is the bottom line? This is why it becomes easier and easier for doctors to squeeze dollars out of even their relatives when they realize that they can make money from selling their homes out from under them. It becomes amusing for the optometrist to pack as many patients into the clinic as possible so that they can squeeze four patients into the eye-examination processing per hour, thereby ensuring that they can make at least $300 per hour.

Even opticians must get into the game by pretending they can’t hear older people when they speak, or making funny faces at them, or impatiently signaling that they don’t deserve the time of day. (If they do have a nice vision insurance package, then they make sure that their eyeglasses are chock-heavy with gewgaws to ratchet up the price for a handy profit.)

Today, thanks to our uncaring, non-empathetic, obey-at-all-costs society, ageism, elder-abuse, abuse of children, and atrocities such as pedophilia and euthanasia are being normalized. It becomes trendy when doctors who are predisposed to insensitivity and cruelty are initiated into the rituals of “justified killing” of their patients in “Covid Wards” as described by Sasha Latypova in an exclusive interview with Dr. Jane Ruby, “Hospitals Hiding Covid Killing in Dedicated Wards.” These medical murderers (disguised as caring conformists obeying the rules laid out, for instance, by the Department of Defense, now the ultimate authority in charge of various experimental vaccine programs) earn hefty bonuses for their “services” ensuring that their wards are run like Hotel California.

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave” is the meme internalized by the service sector nowadays. The optometrist is not there to make sure that your eyes are made better—they want your vision to become worse. It’s a struggle to get the doctor to write a 20/30 reading functional glasses prescription, and even then, she purposely writes it out wrong. When I try to get it corrected, she hangs up on me repeatedly and won’t even return my calls. I am too far away to just “come back in.” She can care less whether I see or become blind. The optician says, “well she is a nice person.” Yes, she is very nice but she has no empathy, nothing like personable outreach, and it is the niceness of a well-trained robot. She is nice so long as I don’t take up more than 20 minutes of her time, so she can at least process three people this hour, even if ideally it should be four for the $400 dollar mark.

That’s the kind of medical care and service system we have today, and thanks to the secret Covid plans, all the doctors are paid bonuses for administering experimental vaccines, whether they actually work, cause harm or not. The Hippocratic Oath (and the Patient Bill of Rights) do not apply in the case of Covid and/or gene therapy shots, nor if you are checking into a Covid Ward. Inside those wards you are basically checking into a concentration camp. And the same goes with a lot of how corporate restructuring has encouraged revamping of corporations modeled after Amazon Fulfillment Centers—factories with decent pay but fundamentally little to no benefits especially if you are injured on the job.

Whether someone like Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a born silver-spoon type, who led the life of a playboy for many years, and one of whose wives tragically committed suicide, can actually counteract all the ongoing harm that is being foisted upon American society by the cruel and calculating elite billionaires, is highly debatable. But he has dared to take a stand, particularly in his book, Climate in Crisis, co-written with Dick Russell. His essay “Introduction 2020: The Deep State” is a powerful statement and indictment on the real money and power behind Wall Street, explaining about government and corporate overreach. It’s no wonder this book is so hard to find inside public libraries—there are no copies at DC Public Library and generally only a few of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s books are allowed open circulation.

“A nation’s political structure tends to reflect its economic organization. When major industries are owned and controlled by a small group of wealthy individuals, the nation itself becomes economically stratified and tyrannical.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Climate in Crisis, “Introduction 2020”

Evidently Google Scholar allows for the essay as mostly viewable for free. Obviously we must dissect this section more thoroughly in a follow-up article. Basically the book mirrors more or less what RFK Jr represents which is a bold independent voice decrying the harm being done to the world’s peoples and to the planet—he wants to help all the oppressed people yearning to breathe with noble-mindedness. He promises to follow in the wake of his forebears footsteps, such as his uncle President John F. Kennedy, and that, frankly, is putting a lot of lifeline into the offering. What an inspiration for AAPI to go where no person living has gone before.

AGN photo from John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.