Biden administration embattled with twin crisis of its own manufacturing

Beautiful day on the Capitol grounds

Currently the President Biden Administration faces critical choices with regard to resolving twin crises: The crisis in mass protests, including trucker convoys, against any vaccine mandates. The second is the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, after a prolonged military buildup on both sides, but now with Russia taking the first step in pre-emptive war.

The strange thing is that the twin crises are interlinked and trace back to possible crimes committed by President Biden as then Vice-President Joe Biden under the Obama Administration or as Senator Joe Biden. The press has largely ignored the lawless activities because of the larger-than-life coverage of other crimes pending prosecution committed by the Trump Administration. As the allegations of various crimes are outstanding under several administrations, the need for a wag-the-dog or false-flag becomes rationalized, even personally, for fanning the flames. This is why the twin crises are urgent and why many in the independent news outlets are demanding more truth in journalism, and an end to illegal censorship such as shutting down of independent media or blocking them.

I. Mass protests against vaccine mandates

The #Freedom Convoy/#Convoy to DC movement ostensibly began in January 2022 in Ottowa, Canada. That is now officially over, but the movement has spread like rhizomes with protests appearing at border crossings and in other cities in Canada. The #ConvoytoDC movement officially began on February 23, 2022 but it is almagamating slowly and there are now reports of variously staged convoys heading to DC. This will allow staggered arrivals and coordinations so that truckers will not drain the metro region of supplies, and gasoline. There are other arrivals planned for people traveling by car, truck, motorcycle, or bus, and this would coincide with other annual Spring DC events in March 2022.

Contrary to the reports on the news that there are barricades being erected at the Capitol, however, nothing was observed as of last week by AGN. This is because the Convoy to DC officially has stated that they are not planning to travel to the Capitol itself, but will linger in the Beltway region. Whether that will choke traffic along the I-495 remains to be seen.

The purpose is protest the establishment of vaccine mandates, whether the vaccines or the mandates themselves as needless and intrusive. To date, many brave doctors, medical professionals, top virologists, and expert witnesses have come out to testify on the unusual numbers of vaccine related injuries and deaths. The officials from government keep repeating that the vaccines are needed even if they are experimental and under emergency authorization. Numerous authorities, paid spokespersons, and leftist organizations who have received special incentives, such as from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), keep reiterating that all the vaccines are good for you. The fact that they reject any kind of serious analysis or discourse, and even back media censorship and punitive measures against professionals supporting alternative medical treatment methods for Covid-19 has raised the hackles of many.

In fact, it has been the responsibility and resourcefulness of independent media which has enabled the uncovering of numerous unsavory connections between the government, corporations, and international players over the years, at a time when even the Biden administration is legalizing identification and persecution through Homeland Security. For instance, it was the fearless reporting by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva which opened the eyes of the world on the number of Defense-funded U.S. biolaboratories globally.

People are frustrated about local authorities’ intractable use of the PCR-test which illegally harvests DNA and has been shown as inaccurate or manipulatable. Lower thresholds and fake positives allow authorities to practice quarantine, force emergency room visitation, and cause job loss. These kinds of measures have literally enabled emergency room adopted “death protocols” to commit murder, adopt abusive attitudes, and enact insensitive standards of care. Patients and nursing home residents are forced to take medications and have procedures performed against their will, resulting in weakening of the body. Patient’s relatives have testified at various alternative news websites and fundraisers.

Truckers and demonstrators are asserting their individual rights for fully informed consent and right to access alternative medicine. Most importantly, #TruckersforFreedom is resistant to the conception of a materialist totalitarian agenda enforcing martial law and digital passports. Anyone can guess that once such a passport becomes mandatory, it is only a matter of time before the digital passport includes all kinds of previously guarded private information, and now scannable upon demand by anyone “dressed in a black uniform.” Restrictions are already imposed on the noncompliant in countries such as Austria, Australia, Germany, and United States.

Imagine the additional fear and harassment when minorities, the homeless, or the poor are arbitrarily stopped-and-frisked because they lack a passport. Or the fear and anxiety for an elderly Asian-immigrant who left her papers at home. Already there are grocery and gym establishment employees who love to bully or servilely enforce the tiered society if it gives them any kind of self-gratification. There are people who are like lepers in Washington who cannot access any kind of facilities outside the shelters anymore.

While at first glance none of this appears to have anything to do with the Biden Administration, still celebrating the passage of the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act 2021. Nevertheless it has everything to do with the continuing COVID-19 crisis, and expansionist foreign policies dating back to 2014; most notably orchestrating the Ukraine regime change under President Obama. As Jeff J. Brown, a Far-East analyst and biowar-expert notes, there has long been Pentagon-funded bio-laboratories all around the globe, but especially several major ones in Ukraine, and in Georgia. Since 2014, at least five more bioweapons research laboratories have been built in the Ukraine, with one located in Kiev. Small wonder that even as Russia invaded Ukraine with the special purpose of targeting bioweapons laboratories, the U.S. authorities began shredding any evidence that those biolabs ever existed? One concern is that biowarfare scientists at those labs had diplomatic immunity, meaning they could produce any kind of deadly viruses, bacteria, and toxins under diplomatic cover, even if it is in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons.

According to, the footprints of the COVID-Sars-2 research and signs of deadly outbreaks actually begin at Fort Detrick, Maryland, include additional research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and of course there is the now infamous Harvard partnership that enabled research to take place at the Wuhan Laboratory. Many other biolaboratories are likely involved including in Canada, Israel, and elsewhere to establish gain-of-function for a bioweapon that would serve as a disease vector while simultaneously requiring a timely vaccine for treatment. The Last American Vagabond has reported extensively on how vaccines were furnished in such a timely fashion including patents, in just under a year under the Trump Administration, that it seems likely that pharmaceutical corporations had long had insider knowledge into ongoing viral research projects. In fact, a special conference called Event 201, a pandemic preparedness exercise, sponsored by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BGMF), took place in October 2019, just a few months before the world outbreak called COVID-19.

Politicians stand to profit from the change of government in Ukraine and the election of President Velensky, a popular film-actor, assured everyone how much arms development could take place. Over 5 billion dollars contracts’ worth of armaments, defense industry consultancy, extensive military games, and base construction is underway. A similar track in profiteering can be seen in pharmaceuticals, as Presidents and other politicians vote to fund the Big Pharma in their vaccine developments. This had pretty much been open news under President Donald Trump, and related by Dr. Fauci himself to the press. However since the condition to payments is actual dispensation of the drugs, such as hundreds of millions paid to order by the United States, and hundreds of millions more from countries around the world, the global elite plotted to centralise the World Health Organization for promoting its own constitution in the name of  global security. The constitution overrides national options for pandemic evaluation and treatment standards asserts Dr. Astrid Stukelberger, Ph.D. in “Breaking emergency—Dr. Astrid Stukelberger PhD: World Health Dictatorship by Treaty to Replace the Constitutions of the Nations” at

Because the World Health Organization is overseen by the United Nations’ World Health Assembly, it is heavily influenced by big donors and U.N. partners such as GAVI (Global Alliance and Vaccine Initiative). According to, large multinationals (Merck, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Sano, Gilead, and Pfizer) receive funding and support from BMGF, which in turn also gifts the World Health Organization (WHO) to the tune of hundreds of million of dollars annually. This generous influence-buying assures that in the end, the first-tier multinationals profit as well as Bill Gates. Thus, as seen in Event 201, and similar parallels in the banking and speculation industry, such key players valued under the Obama administration have transitioned into aides and cabinet positions within the Biden Administration, carrying with them their valuable connections and trading cards. Even those on the outside, formerly Hunter Biden, profits from foreign assets, and big engineering construction company favorites are busier than ever. Some subcontractors have been involved in shady activities, such as illegal exploitation of local resources, smuggling of various items and humans—one wonders how these profitable activities stand now due to the Russian invasion?

II. Russia as preemptive-defender in Ukraine

According to Russian President Putin, in an hour-long speech made days prior to the invasion on February 24, 2022, he seemed to absolve himself of personal responsibility based upon the record of aggressive NATO buildup in satellite countries surrounding the Russian Federation. At least, he was defining what pundits would later unpack further. A groundbreaking revelation was that since 2000, after President Putin had been snubbed by President Bill Clinton in suggesting that Russia be included in NATO, Putin came to a hard realization. No matter if Russia complied voluntarily with all nuclear disarmament agreements, even dismantling its Warsaw Pact, he realized that NATO’s buildup is on the basis of the Russian Federation’s existence.

Even with the constant jokes about the Russian President being a “gas salesman,” there are different theories about why the United States (as NATO’s alter ego) is so interested in the Russian heartland. One op-ed by, the daughter of a former highly placed U.S. defense official describes it bluntly in “Why do the Cabalists Want RUSSIA?“:

“All focus is on Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. The common justification is that Russia wants Ukraine’s resources. But Ukraine’s resources were already sold to payoff their insurmountable debt. The real question is why do the Cabalists want Russia?…Russia’s Resources: Less than two years ago the price of a barrel of oil was just $19. The US was an independent exporter. Today the US is an importer once again and the price of a barrel is $93, an increase of almost 400%. Where are we importing oil from? Not Ukraine — Russia.

“Heating oil is up 50% and rising. German imports 40% from — Russia, not Ukraine. Russia now hold 21% of global gold reserves — not Ukraine. Of the large economies, Canada and Norway’s gold reserves total $-0-. Russia’s soil is black-gold, the best in the world. Lake Baikal, Russia; 395 miles long — 45 miles wide — 5,387 feet deep. It contains 1/4 of the world’s fresh water and contains more water than all the Great Lakes…combined!”

“So let’s rephrase: Why would the Globalists want Russia?”

Actually in the last five years the lowest prices were more like $38 per barrel but began to rise in 2021 as the global economy recovered from the pandemic. Admittedly there was a brief dramatic dip below $0 per barrel in April 2020 due to the global lockdown, slack demand, and over-production, however that soon stabilized. For whatever reason, however, global economists are not quite attuned to forecasting what will happen when the Siberian permafrost starts rapidly melting. Then, it will be all they can do to contain the endless releases of methane gas fires, and what with the underground fires burning year-round now in the hills above Los Angeles, how can NATO possibly manage Russia?

The trouble is that Putin does not want to play ball anymore. He makes that very clear in his landmark February 21, 2022 address laying out why Russia will be recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic. He lays out some of the very same concerns expressed in his iconic 2007 Munich Speech, speaking out against NATO expansionism, broken promises between NATO and Russia after the dismantling of the USSR, but emphasizes that historically, the Ukraine has always been part of Russia ethnically, culturally, historically, and spiritually. The inseparable bonds have continued throughout the 20th and 21st century even if the West fails to notice the financial underpinnings between the two states. For instance, substantial outlays were provided for the semiautonomous Soviet-Republic Ukraine including building Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, upkeep of vast manufacturing factories that kept Ukrainians employed, including several fully operating naval ports in Crimea, and centralized planning and educational opportunities allowing the travel of Ukrainians inland. The Russian Federation President was practically modest in his financial description on the extent of the dependency:

“[T]he subsidized loans Russia provided to Ukraine along with economic and trade preferences, the overall benefit for the Ukrainian budget in the period from 1991 to 2013 amounted to $250 billion.” — Russia President Putin, 21 Feb 2022

Russia President Putin went on to describe how while Russia paid back its debts, the Ukraine not only failed to return back to Russia its Soviet foreign assets or debts owing, but also made exorbitant demands. This pattern of making demands and playing all parties has continued. Even while Ukraine-Russian trade amounts to tens of billions of dollars annually, the Ukraine keeps using Russia as a bargaining chip to exact more billions from the West. For instance, since 2014 the United States has supplied the Ukraine billions worth in arms and equipment and training of specialists. But there are also war games being held year-round enabling a constant flow of weapons, inflow of foreign advisors, and special services.

“Over the past few years, military contingents of NATO countries have been almost constantly present on Ukrainian territory under the pretext of exercises. The Ukrainian troop control system has already been integrated into NATO. This means that NATO headquarters can issue direct commands to the Ukraine armed forces, even to their separate units and squads.” — Russia President Putin, 21 Feb 2022

Putin paints a picture that Ukraine does not need to be officially in NATO when it is the center for more NATO exercises and multinational drills than any other NATO satellite country seen in its eastwards expansion: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Ukraine and Georgia will be next to join, but Putin describes how the Ukraine is already NATO’s planned staging ground for incursions on Russia.

While last year there were six overlapping war games in the Ukraine, with Operation Sea Breeze alone involving 32 countries and from six continents, extensive exercises including maritime operations, land-to-sea amphibious operations, air defense, diving, anti-submarine warfare, and seach and rescue operations. The Russian President alleges that in 2022 at least ten joint drills involving NATO multinational and foreign troops are planned, and that these are used as front operations for a continued buildup on Ukrainian territory, that also includes a network of airfields upgraded with help from the U.S.

“Ukraine is home to NATO training missions which are, in fact, foreign military bases. They just called a base a mission and were done with it.” — Russia President Putin, 21 Feb 2022

Even if economically Ukraine did not latch parasitically onto foreign aid with levels of corruption keeping the people impoverished, in particular stigmatizing ethnic Russians, the situation has become deleterious for Russian national security. Furthermore the Minsk Agreements have never been adhered to for the oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk. In the Donbass region, ethnic Russians have either fled into Russia or stayed to become separatists since 2014, as the Ukraine nationalists implement highly discriminatory policies.

“The nationalists who have seized power have unleashed a persecution, a real terror campaign against those who opposed their anti-constitutional actions…Eight years later, the country is split. Ukraine is struggling with an acute socioeconomic crisis.” —Russia President Putin, 21 Feb 2022

These are the defensive rationale for Russian President Putin to recognize the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic in a public ceremony with diplomats from each of the two new independent states. Of course the West will not recognize such a treaty, and it did not help that a day afterwards, Russian troops began openly crossing into the Donbass region, apparently using that region for security while staging forays into the rest of Ukraine.

The Russian Federation President pretty much bluntly states that he has run out of options, since the diplomatic solutions are continuously brushed aside or ignored, but instead with very hostile armed forces, airbases, military installations, and naval bases being built up with each passing month adjacent to its borders whether on land, sea, or air. The NATO threats of rapid deployment and preemptive strikes, multilateral sanctions, the daily shelling attacks, and diplomatic failures have finally necessitated military solution.

Yet even with all its defensive rhetoric, it is clear that the Russian President and his advisors are by no means taking these matters lightly or with eagerness. In fact it is sobering to the point of traditional Russian stoicism that what must have been inevitable can now no longer be endured: the ultimate Western sacking of Russia for her natural resources. Thus here, one can see that Putin’s primacy and legacy will be the choice for “pre-emptive defense” — undertaken for the preservation of the Russian people, history, culture, national heritage, and traditional geographic expanse, all of which currently are at stake. Clearly, NATO and the West are a threat to Russian sovereignty.

Whether the West will change its course and attempt to foster genuine peace is uncertain, especially if there is “personal skin in the game.” Unfortunately, Biden’s western investors and speculators have placed their capitalist bets and now black markets are disrupted. For the United States, with World War III started, will Ukraine finally lead to its own demise? Will the truckers #ConvoytoDC halt the global supply line and exacerbate inflation? Can we not see how the regime change in Ukraine, the bio-invention of Covid-pandemic, and the rise authoritarianism are now all converging like a huge catalyst for ushering in an apocalytic scenario of chaos, confusion, and an end to all once-dignified national sovereignties? 

One thing is for certain. Many Americans, AGN included, have relatives and/or know retired military personnel, experts, consultants, building contractors, and more who were lured to the Ukraine by the attraction of working in a beautiful country and with the hope of raising a family. We, too, “have skin in the game” and want for our relatives or friends to be able to practice the choice of returning to America safely. Furthermore, many Ukrainian-Americans such as in California still have roots in the Ukraine and hope their native country is not nuked. President Biden has choices to make, and we must hope and pray he chooses a path to an enforceable Minsk III.  At home, President Biden can relieve the inflation by halting all mandatory COVID-19 restrictions that would render any #ConvoytoDC unnecessary or at best economically and politically disruptive under wartime measures. Finally, we would all do well to read U.S. First U.N. Outside Consultant Dr. Alfred De Zayas’s book, Building a Just World Order, about 25 ways to reach a better, more just, internationally peaceful world in harmony with the U.N. Charter.

Building a Just World Order by Dr. Alfred De Zayas

Dr Alfred De Zayas, author and professor at Geneva School of Diplomacy, book “Building a Just World Order” available at