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Most real writers are instinctively attuned to contemporary events, especially now as never before, when there is such a variety of existential global crises emerging. It really begs the question: how do we bridge the gap between the past and the future? Do we stay inside the gallery of our dreams and continue painting still-lifes, or do we crawl outside our shells to investigate the beat?

Real authors have long been caught in the juggernaut of events of their day. Whether it is Walt Whitman, Ella Josephine Baker, Arundhati Roy, performance poetry, or film festival, creativity and activism intertwine. Poets, artists, and intellectuals generally do not make ideal molds for ceramic figurines because true art demands fresh insight and the ability to cogitate more deeply.

For APIA (Asian Pacific Islander Americans) in America today, my humble opinion is that collectively we often feel jostled between the races trying to discover our identity and purpose. But changing one’s address, name, hair type, or cosmetic surgery is not going to matter if one lacks the courage to believe in one’s inner self.

Asian Green News‘ philosophy is that news fuels the imagination and succors the creative well-springs. Not only do news and events serve as the whetstone for inquiring minds, our explorations, reactions, and actions become a part of who we are, both as real people, ethnic groups, and voters.

Because events are dynamic upon the time continuum, participating in contemporary issues might even be considered soulful. Time reveals so many chinks and cracks in the opportunity system, but if you travel to conferences, volunteer at venues, and gain experience meeting people, it can help grease the wheels.

Faced with the fork in the road, AGN  believes its vital role is to present as many options as are readily available to encourage responsible competent green global citizenship.

experts defend releasing tame pandas into the wild_shine_cn

Tame, or wild panda? What a question!


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