Wisdom is Virtue

De_Virtue the means to save one's life for heaven

We have been learning about Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) ever since the story broke at Redacted.inc about social workers, healthcare professionals, and others openly suggesting to patients that they “take the plunge.” Since Canada has socialized medicine, I always thought it might be the model of what the United States should enact—a real working single-payer system. However according to various news reports about how they are now using their system to cut down on the patient load, maybe better not check into a Canadian hospital.

Canada has now become unofficially nicknamed the death-capital of the world. People who want to commit suicide know there will be no problem. They are supposed to have two doctors signatures, but the rules of enforcement need not be stringent. Maybe only one caseworker and a witness will do. They are even encouraging veterans to quit life. You know, all that fighting for one’s country and they still have to live? As for anyone deemed mentally ill, the next stage in the law will allow anyone diagnosed to opt (or be forced) out.

In the Daily Mail, an expose is offered to the heroic death-doctor champions who have euthanized hundreds of victims. They don’t mind finishing off the people who are in great pain whether real or imaginary, whether due to ameliorable factors or not. A sentence of homelessness, poverty, drug addiction, loss of job—people should not fight to survive. There are apparently no ethical hurdles once the Hippocratic Oath is permanently abandoned. In fact, Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a column about the new law in California that forces doctors to forego the Hippocratic Oath: the better so they will follow the World Health Organization vaccine interventions—or else.

It makes me wonder how disheartening it might become for those who spent their careers helping disabled students adjust. Maybe after all those Special Education hours, the logical thing when the funding runs dry is for teachers to actively downsize their students life expectancy. If they become depressed, Canada envisions that eventually children won’t need any guardian’s permission to let the death specialists help them finish up.

As for older people? Well, many have already noticed how well New York state cared for the convalescents in nursing homes. Dr. Jane Ruby (“The Mechanical Ventilator”) explained in detail why the intubation process is so dangerous and how easily it can be for these tubes to become clogged or infected. When patients experience choking, they cannot even communicate with the nurse because they are usually partly under sedation. The inflexibility in practice has caused many patients to die even when they should have walked out with some medicines.

Perhaps the devaluation of poor elderly people is envisioned as the easiest part in the plan for depopulation. That is why over the last twenty years, euthanization laws have gradually become enacted in North America, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, U.K., Spain, Portugual, Switzerland, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. The level of approval is different in the various countries: some only allow it as a very last resort, only after all other options have failed.

But the vigilantes of Covid-19 madness are helping spread the word when there are cases of malignant intentions and abuse. One appalling case broadcast at Rights and Freedoms (rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com) is the notice served to an 85-year old musician that she would be forcibly arrested and administered Covid-19 vaccine shots. Not only this—the notice of determination by the court includes at least a year of forced detention in a psychiatric facility and deprived of her possessions. This Ukrainian-Jew, named Inna Zhvanetskaya has won awards of recognition for her classical music compositions, and is celebrated in Ukraine and Russia.

But in Germany, Inna is being shamelessly stigmatized and targeted in Nazi-era style deathcamping. The page online includes a personal statement on video and she appears to be calm, in possession of her faculties, capable of describing why music was her inspiration, how important composition has been, and she even plays a couple of piano pieces from memory and with the style of a virtuoso.

Unfortunately Germany has increasingly chosen to enact medical-martial law; as described by the Corona-Investigative-Committee.com and Grand-Jury.net, the authorities have targeted doctors, professionals, and anyone with any significant clout speaking out against the Covid-vaccines. The power of the police-state has increased immeasurably due to laws passed such as the “Infection Protection Law” by the German Parliament. If the authorities decide that someone is in noncompliance against the lockdown laws and involved in Covid-19 anti-vaccine activism, an investigation can be conducted that allows police to make arrests. (Dr. Andreas Noack was assassinated by police while livestreaming in November 2021).

Thus, the case of Ukrainian-Russian musician Inna Abramovna Zhvanetskaya, even a Holocaust survivor, should come as no surprise. Why she settled in Stuttgart, Germany away from all her former musician friends in Moscow is a mystery, but reputedly she loved the open spaces and freedom and nature. Now, according to Rights and Freedoms, she has been forced to go into hiding—she has only one day to escape the country or else she will be arrested and forcibly placed into a psychiatric hospital on what appears to be trumped up charges.

This is the mold that the globalists are trying force humanity into in the 21st century. They have created a fracturable post-modern society in the West, and now they can get rid of the leaders of the resistance, public intellectuals, and preservers of traditional Christian living. The home-wreckers would love to work their fiendish fingers into the government of Eastern cultures, but there are still many barriers. Of course there are abuses happening but they are usually not the norm.

This is because in the Far East, traditional veneration for parents and elders is part of the cultural fabric and heritage. Certainly it predates Confucius, the respect for ancestors, including logs of ancestral names, village records, histories of counties, religious and year-round celebrations. China has even enacted a social-credit system that benefits the elderly and the poor who can advance their credit and reputation in society based upon their voluntary efforts. A living example of this also is seen in Tzu Chi, where tens of thousands of volunteers have been mobilized in Taiwan and around the world for all kinds of philanthropic activities. It helps the community develop bonds, while nurturing relationships.

Just one example for comparison is a musical performance by a female pianist, Elaine Wu YiLi, who is in her late-80s, playing for the Older But Wiser Forum. The “Butterfly Lovers” concerto (posted by TheVeryQuietStudio) has a distinctly oriental flavor, yet if when listens to it closely, one can see many paintings come to life. When musicians grow older, they may not have the speed of a younger person but they make up with flourishes they have developed from lifelong practice. And the same goes for any craftsperson, be this in farming, vintage, carpentry, painting, teaching, story-telling, science, healing, ministry, etc. Only in politics can the worst people never be gotten rid of.

If the globalists lived by their mandates, they would be forced to understand that almost every person now knows at least three people who have been affected by the gene-therapy shots who have suffered either untimely deaths or injuries. If they appreciated their own geriatric prejudices, then they would enact term limits in Congress and retire earlier. If they believed that they were representing the people, then they would be willing to have the same health plan as everyone else, including taking all the prescribed regimen.

For those who are bold and responsible, it is necessary to speak up and take a stand to defend the preservation of humanity, the sanctity of our humble clay abode, and reject the calls to wokism, hedonism, libertinism, paganism, satanism, divisionism, the dissolution of civil society and collapse of moral order. All the saints came to heal and save humankind, so reject euthanasia!

Inna Zhvanetskaya – “La baie” (2015) pour Viola et Piano (https://youtu.be/oaVCtdBCwI4 @ https://www.youtube.com/@DmitryCheglakov)