Time Warp Again….

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This is a crosspost from testing my free wordpress account. Believe it or not, I have never really tested it out, and after a 13-year hiatus between 2009-2022, of course there is a real difference, especially when the free-version is very top-loaded with apps and options. Here is the original link from https://christinehkroll.wordpress.com/

The Times have changed…

It’s been over ten years and things are wildly different now. And WordPress is not the same anymore. Although open-source and affordable, the free-version is causing my laptop to overheat. And the navigation is fraught with interferences.

But for the type of news blog of AsianGreenNews.com, it would also required more storage than a free account.

The recent upgrades are forcing a worthwhile study of WordPress.org’s many tutorials and videos. The blogger watched at least one video from https://wordpress.tv/2022/12/09/builder-basics-demystifying-theme-json-and-global-styles/ and it was neat that for once, the designer and the DIY blogger shares some accessible intersectionalities.

Besides this there are scores of resources which this blogger has tapped into time and again. Keeping a skipper’s log of what is done is necessary, just as if we were repairing a boat, so the steps can always be retraced when necessary.

Aside from this, however, the necessity of a separation between the designer and reporter is like traveling between two countries. I am a netizen in the reporters camp and there is so much research, reading, viewing, note-taking, re-reading and locating of quotes that right now it’s not usually possible to spend too much time in IT.

Like tonight we have been hearing rumors from various alternative news sources that the Russians are mobilizing from Belarus. These sources would include anything from experts to professional second-world journalists. But the most telling message came from President Putin himself in a chilling speech translated by Michael Rossi (Michael Rossi Poli Sci channel on Youtube).

In “Vladimir Putin Addresses the Russian Defense Ministry Board Dec 21, 2022” hang onto your chair as you listen to the grim details of how well the Russians are prepared for the inevitable assault which will come soon.

As Colonel Douglas Macgregor has warned, you don’t mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops so they can sit in camp and try to stay warm. The expenses for keeping them fed and armed are very expensive, but it was because the Russians had had enough of the West and its hypocrisies.

In fact, according to the Schiller Institute and other antiwar groups, now is the time to speak out. Speak out and wake people up if you can. If you can’t, pray for yourself and their redemption, as the journey is about to take us into extremely treacherous waters.

IF YOU CAN, one says, because around the holidays everybody is particularly walking and driving and traveling about in a daze.

Americans don’t take kindly to being woken up. They will growl very unfriendly at you. When I say the word “Putin” to my friends at the Health Club, they are aghast at the breach and look at me with wonder as if they had never heard that name before.

How dare you talk about Russia in public? How dare you mention the WAR???

But there are signs all around us that we are embroiled in this war, a war that is basically anything but proxy. Just a few days ago on Tuesday, President Zelensky came to the Congress and the White House for last-minute visit. He wanted to remind the Congress to pack it in like fudge for more dollars before the $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill was voted on. The 4200 page bill has already been passed—it was introduced earlier this week, and two days later, it is all ready to be signed, so that Congress can take their winter break.

That really worries the DC residents, because if the politicians are skipping town, that is the ideal time for Russia to finish off with phase three. Putin has signaled he has at least the minimum number of nuclear bombs ready to go, including hypersonic missiles and the “Satan” missile with topped with multiple warheads. The nature of their technology, per the experts, is about ten years ahead of the U.S. right now. Their missiles can dodge the U.S. interceptor missiles. The Satan missile can send missiles in three different directions.

But nobody wants to believe the truth. It is as Kishore Mahbubani writes in his book, Has China Won? Granted the book is about the race with China, but the crux of the matter is the same, a topic touched upon during Colonel’s interview with Dr. Michael Vlahos on December 12, 2022 at the Army-Navy Club in Washington, D.C.

America (and Americans) are accustomed to believing they are the penultimate civilized virtuous society, and American values trump the culture of any non-Western nation.

The assumption of virtue does not just rest on the claim that America has been a benign actor on the world stage (a claim that Stephen Walt debunks). It also relies on the idea that the quality of life that the United States provides its citizens is the best in the world. In short, America is the greatest society in the world in improving the lives of its citizens.

—Dr. Kishore Mahbubani

Dr. Vlahos no doubt has studied this text, as he mentions the sense of current political leadership’s hubris, and of course the complacency of the public, but he does not touch on the media and the terrible role that it plays in generating propaganda which bleats out nearly every day, how Russia is losing the war.

Working Americans don’t have much time to do much beyond view the news from T.V. They are less likely to tune into Redacted, Inc, and the Redacted channel on Youtube hosted by Clayton Morris, a former Fox News anchor. (The show has amassed 1.5 million subscribers on YT alone).

We have listened to the Vlahos-Macgregor interview twice now, and yes, some will say but I am only able to report as an arm-chair journalist. But actually very few people are traveling to Ukraine. My relative barely escaped from Ukraine alive with his wife, while her parents were left behind. My best friends growing up were German-Mennonites who once lived in Ukraine in farming communities. My significant other was also German-American and lived in Germany during some of his best years.

Why mention this? Because another thing the American media has done is rob the American public of human interest, balance, care and concern in a deeply empathetic way. Time and again, we are distracted with irrelevant stories about what deserves to be buried on page 20, about the sex-change controversies. We are systematically robbed of any public spirit, while the law and social-justice are our godless gods.

A disproportionate time and energy spent on trivia guarantees that the public will accept distortion for perspective, and the amount of wealth and power of authority as valid cause. That’s why we have the billionaire class openly mocking the public, reminding them like Jeff Bezos does, to become a thriftier consumer. Morris pointed out recently that Bezos has purchased one of those very expensive yachts.

They expect us to worship them based on an illuminative authority as vapid as the light from a kerosene lamp. They don’t mind seeing us miss meals, forced to scrimp and save because inflation is rising; when in fact, what they do worry about is there are just “too many of us.”

Of course too many is a matter of perspective. No one person thinks he or she is one too many, even if the euthanasia enthusiasts want to convince them otherwise. Thank goodness I discovered the Schiller Institute, and the Ron Paul Institute. They may be viewed as “right wing” but as long as they are united for the need for a peace dialogue between Ukraine and Russia, it is admittedly far better than what has come out from the Green Party of Germany whose leadership has been downright treasonous to say the very least.