Nuclear saber rattling grows as peace stalls, experts observe

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Has World War III begun

The Ukraine-Russia War, now in its eighth month, shows no sign of peaceful resolution. To make matters wars, the war is actually intensifying and expanding outside Ukraine’s borders. In the Baltic Sea, on Sept 26, 2022, the Nord Stream pipeline for running gas from Russia to Germany was sabotaged. Both Nord Stream I and the newly completed Nord Stream II were seemingly attacked by undersea drones equipped with detonation devices. Various commentators, including Alex Mercouris from The Duran, have analyzed the attack from the perspective of who stands to gain the most from this loss.

The exploration is now being carried out by the western nations, but so far, they are not even allowing Russia to participate in the investigation of its own Gazprom pipelines. Absurdly, the press is even claiming that Russia might have blown its own pipelines on purpose, although why it might do that, after spending some twenty billion dollars in construction, is unknown.

The blowup of the Nord Stream pipelines deals a tragic blow to Germany as it is the manufacturing center of Europe. Already as of September, factories are closing due to the steep rise in energy prices. In the Netherlands as well, farmers had been on strike due to “green mandate” to cut the import and use of industrial fertilizer. This sudden move mimics the disaster in Sri Lanka meant to move the economy into one of local organic sustainability overnight, but resulting in chaos and mayhem in the farm industry.

However western experts and citizen-journalists note that these kinds of mandates, including downsizing animal husbandry, sending cattle and chickens to the slaughterhouse early, are also damaging to the middle-class economy and will cause prices to rise. Meanwhile, these same farms and businesses, when forced to declare bankruptcy, are being snatched up by billionaires and foreign investors. The problem is further compounded by grain and shipping cartels reluctant to ship for political and mercenary advantages.

Is World War III already underway? According to at least a few bloggers, yes they believe so. The pieces of the puzzle appear to be disparate and widespread yet the signs are adding up. It is more than just war and drought, but also increasing numbers of “food-factory fires” as Daily Veracity has noted in an article that includes mapping and bar graphs. Other articles also this summer’s odd fires in the United Kingdom countryside and in London, and recently suspected arson of a Tesla plant being built in Germany.

Daily Veracity strange events graph and map

Number of strange events increasing across America,

No mainstream media is seriously investigating this and under the present administration, with its open borders policy, almost anyone can walk across the border whether they are truly refugees from Central America, or criminals in disguise from other nations from all over the globe. Since once they are welcomed into the United States, they are now practically given the rights of American citizens, those who come for racketeering and arson will not be identified until it is too late.

Nobody will be told until it’s too late

Arguably the willful ratcheting up and stoking of the “proxy war” by the present administration is dangerous and psychopathic because everyone knows that essentially this is a war between the West and Russia. It is a war right on the doorstep of Russia, unlike in Syria, where one side was arming another side. While it might have been merely the United States which began the regime change in Ukraine in 2014, it has long become a NATO-wide conflict, meaning it is backed by all the European member states, and spreading to Asia as well.

From the United Nations speeches made during recent meetings, most of the western governments are fully behind Ukraine, even when Ukraine’s presidents have committed many atrocities against their own people, jailing journalists, murdering dissenters, developing kill-lists that include foreign media, and a record of non-stop daily attacks and nightly shelling against separatists and civilians in the Donbass region since 2014. None of this is recognized by the United Nations Security Council or in the United Nations debates.

At the 77th Annual Convention of the United Nations General Assembly, not one delegate including the Secretary General himself, was heard to utter the words “Minsk Peace Accords” except the now-labeled-as-rogue nation of Belarus. The bias of the United Nations Secretary General is so obvious that he might better recuse himself from the Convention, whether from conflict of interests (after all, his press secretary is from the famous banking cabal) to just being plain disinterested in truly resolving the conflict.

In all of this, the media and establishment are so complicit in their open partiality for Ukraine and blaming Russia that it reminds one of the magic used by Prospero in The Tempest to weave the illusion and enchantment against those who usurped his office. Except where the former Duke ultimately realizes that one cannot rely on magic and spells forever, rather only moral administration can weave the strong bonds holding nature and society together authentically. Today none of this matters to the UN leaders, where the SG himself plays an allegorical role of Sancho Panza, a squire and foil for the great Don Quixote, the allegory for NATO in its mad quest to conquer Sir John Mackinder’s Heartland¬† (ie. Russia and China).

Only a minority at the UNSC just days before the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage spoke in support of peace, including Mexico, Belarus, China, and India. After the pipeline disaster, rather than express condolences on that which will affect so many this winter, the United States Secretary of State intimated that this was “a good opportunity,” perhaps a blessing in disguise, to ship LNG across the Atlantic to Europe. Israel too, is jumping in, hoping to become a new retailer of gas to Europe, since it is become increasingly the Greater Israel project.

Predictably many countries, and at least 140 countries condemned the initial invasion on February 24th, condemned the accession of four new regions into the Russian Federation on September 30th. Even Brazil and Mexico condemned the referenda as invalid because the territories are “not free” and the people are being coerced. However nobody is noting how in these regions, a majority of the separatists and natives are ethnically Russian, and during this conflict, many have willingly fled to Russia, and Russia has offered support to these communities in a timely manner so much so that as Russian citizens, they often fare better than in Ukraine, and even in those semi-permanent United Nations camp-towns.

No one is commenting on how in fact the Ukrainian government has played a direct role in impeding the peace dialogues. For instance, the peace delegates to Minsk have been under attack or even murdered enroute. The President has a bipolar disorder with respect to one day welcoming the United States and Western dignitaries to his palace, and another day pretending to extend a welcoming call to the Russians. One day the Zelensky actor is begging for money and arms from Congress, and another day he is making good threats against the global order of peace with remarks that he hopes nuclear strategic weapons will be deployed.

What saber-rattling can buy

Zelensky’s cabinet or administration are de-facto terrorists now, eager to either resell weapons on the blackmarket or launch them upon Ukrainian territory infrastructure, whether or not held by the Russians. Recently bridges were blown up in Crimea and in Belarus, with his administration claiming that they would issue a new national postage stamp depicting the Crimea bridge truck-bomb attack. Such enthusiasm betrays the indication of who is behind these infrastructure terrorism.

Most worryingly, the West, especially at the United Nations, is oblivious of any wrong-doing on the part of Zelensky. He is their most popular sock-puppet ever, with President Biden himself having made comments on making sure Nord Stream would not be able to deliver, and recent remarks or hint of having a Cuban missile crisis on Ukrainian soil, and even suggesting using pre-emptive (nuclear) strikes.

According to experts recently at CrossTalk RT with Peter Lavelle, the situation is critical because the U.S. arms manufacturers are experiencing shortages also, and when low in conventional weapons, the U.S. may resort to use of strategic nuclear weapons and air attacks, just as they did so effectively in Iraq almost twenty years ago. The nuclear saber rattling has never been more stark, since the Russian president himself threatens to defend the sovereign territories however needed, also including using nuclear bombs.

Peace organizations, such as World Beyond War, have noted that both Russia and United States still carry thousands of nuclear armaments, but while the U.S. missiles are still relying on technology from decades ago, the Russians and Chinese now have hypersonic nuclear missiles, meaning they can escape detection and deliver in under twelve minutes also. Furthermore, military observers noted that although the Baltic Strait is NATO patrolled, the Russians most likely suspected pipeline tampering back in June, when naval exercises were held in the Baltic Sea.

Doomsday weaponry already parked

New York Post, and Hindustan News note that Russia deployed its “doomsday” submarines containing Poseidon missiles months ago. Nuclear-powered submarines can hide in the oceans for months, but these torpedos will travel robotically up to 3000 miles long-range to reach their targets. In fact, Russia probably has already planted various nuclear missiles off the coasts of the United States in order to target the Pentagon, Manhattan, Denver, and San Francisco. When detonated, the huge tsunamis will clean the U.S. of its functionality.

Furthermore, nuclear war will not spare those hiding in Deep Underground Military Bases or emergency silos, as the Russians already know where these are and want to take them out. World War III is already derailing the Sustainability 2030 UN Agenda. In recent broadcasts, Survival Lilly, known for her outdoorswoman antics, dedicated an entire broadcast to “Game over for Europe — People resort to desperate measures.” The Austrian Amazonia is advising on how to prepare when Europe slides back to pre-Industrialism. Forget EV and charging up the car, people are already starting to go into forests to collect firewood, prepping for winter, buying camping stoves and butane, and buying extra food. Natural News reports that the Swedish government is even advising families on how to stay warm by gathering everyone into a single room, and building “indoor blanket huts.”

Apparently the governments are not worried about the dysfunctionality and stupor which comes with hypothermia nor the development of diseases such as T.B. and pneumonia; instead, some of these very same governments are still more concerned that people receive their Covid gene-therapy mRNA boosters. The matters are aggravated also by the open-door policy for migrants from Africa and elsewhere, people who may not know how to cope with freezing cold. In the Netherlands, one YT broadcast responds to the envy generated by the government housing newly arrived migrants in five-star cruise ships replete with meals and healthcare.

“Go home,” the Dutchman say, “Please, you will not last here!” As the man tears, what he might really be hinting at is how the government taketh and giveth, much as in France before the Revolution, when Queen Marie Antoinette told the people that they should eat cake. Who knows what the government will decide to do once the migrants are so desperate they will resort to robbing, stealing, and killing. More to the point, the natives will become more angry and frustrated that they are suffering impositions just for being who they are.

Please make peace now soon

This is exactly why sane delegations are recommending that the U.N. or other governing bodies must demand an immediate ceasefire and start the peace process soon, in spite of obvious attempts to intimidate, extort, assassinate, and encourage gross crimes against foreign bodies for not following the increasingly thuggish “rules based order” dominated by the unipolar hegemony. It is taking tremendous courage to stand up to the caricatures of squire Sancho Panza & knight Don Quixote of NATO bent on fighting till the very death.

For instance, here is the statement offered by the Mexico delegation which explicitly calls for a special caucus to initiate a peace process after an immediate cease-fire is declared:

We urgently require a solution through diplomatic means and a cease-fire. For this we need political will from the parties and commitment from the international community…Madame President, based on this advocacy for peace, Mexico believes that it must now challenge the international community in its best efforts to attain peace. In this regard allow me to share the proposal of the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico to bolster the mediation of the Secretary General Antonio Guterres by creating a caucus for dialogue and peace in Ukraine, with the participations of other heads of state and governments, including His Excellency Narendra Modi of India, and His Holiness Pope Francis. The objective would be very clear: generating new mechanisms for dialogue and creating additional spaces for mediation which foster trust, reduce tension, and open up the path toward lasting peace.” —Mexico delegation, UNSC, September 22, 2022


Security Council 9135th Meeting

Maintenance of peace and security in Ukraine — Security Council, 9135th Meeting”

In fact, a trilateral party helped develop the original Minsk Agreements for Ukraine-Russia, according to the Belarus delegation who offered this statement of record:

Today the conflict that is unfolding at our borders and our neighbors—we are convinced through diplomacy and the help of negotiations based on mutual understanding it is possible to resolve any conflict including this one…Now the events in Ukraine did not come about suddenly. They are the result of a systematic increase of the risks of security in the region by western countries, and not taking into account the concerns of the countries involved. The premise of the situation took form over many years. Furthermore, sanctions pressure by the west has led to indirect consequences that have had devastating impact on our region. Sanctions have significantly reduced the margin of maneuver for Belarus. Belarus has often warned about the dangers of escalation in the region and the threat to the security structure that was formed over many years. Unfortunately we were not heard.


“Belarus has done and continues to do everything possible to take steps aimed at ending the conflict and strengthening regional and international security. I will just give a few examples. In 2014, 2015, Belarus served as a platform for negotiations and reached an agreement on Minsk I and Minsk II on resolving the conflict in Ukraine. No matter how anyone tries to deny this, the agreements at the time eased the level of military fighting significantly. Between 2014 and 2019, we held some 100 meetings with the trilateral contact group resolving the situation. We took part in dialogue including with our European partners, and we proposed concrete steps to support peace and security.


This year there were three rounds of peace negotiations in Belarus, and as a result of these negotiations, the outcome of these negotiations, all participants declared some positive progress in ending the hostilities. Unfortunately some time later this positive progress was stopped. From the very beginning we suggested to our Ukrainian colleagues to establish direct contacts with the Russian side, however our proposals were ignored. I don’t know why, but even long before the special military operations began back in December 2021, the Ukrainian officials declared Belarus as a hostile country, even though we were neighbors, we had good trade relations, and we never had any problems with Ukraine.


“Starting from March 2022, Belarus offered the visa-free regimen for Ukrainians and all foreign citizens fleeing the fighting in Ukraine. They were provided the necessary assistance including humanitarian assistance as soon as they reached Belarus. Starting in February of this year, Belarus has taken in some 50,000 Ukrainian citizens. Overall since 2014, our country has taken in over 200,000 Ukrainian citizens. And you should note that they are not coming to Belarus by force as some have tried to present. They are coming voluntarily. Furthermore they come from Poland, through the Baltics…


“Unfortunately the conflict has seen no let up, but military fighting has continued as well as uncontrolled western efforts to pump Ukraine with weapons. The activity of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists formation is being promoted. NATO is concentrating its troops at the borders of neighboring countries. An aggressive anti-Belarusian campaign has been launched; Belarus has been stated to be on an abettor and aggressor in the conflict. We have stated very clearly: Belarus has never been in favor of war, however we are not traitors; we have obligations to our allies and we respect international agreements. At the same time Belarus clearly states that not a single Belarusian soldier or any equipment have been sent to Ukraine.


“Independent OSCE experts have declared that Belarus is not a party to the international and military conflict based on norms of international law. All accusations against Belarus that are made, that have been made by the West, are absolutely unfounded and spurious. Minsk is a direct neighbor and is interested in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine about strategic peace agreement that should create the necessary conditions for peace.


“Ladies and gentlemen, strengthening security in local and regional and national security should be done not for increasing military capacity, but for creating the necessary universal multilateral and bilateral mechanisms for conditions of peace. Only a fully fledged and respectful dialogue aimed at overcoming differences can prevent confrontation in our region.


“One last thing: everything sooner or later ends at the negotiating table. This is the truth, and the sooner these negotiations, the better. So it was surprising to hear the statement of certain people here that we should continue fighting. These statements are contrary to common sense. Thank you.” —Belarus delegation, UNSC, September 22, 2022

Other representative statements were made by Brazil, China, Gabon, and India about the need to end this conflict in Ukraine, to return to the negotiating table, and for a diplomatic solution with negotiations conducted in good faith, so that a permanent buffer happens soon. While the seats at the UNSC are limited, the Southern Hemisphere is already feeling the impacts and expressing disgust at being dragged in. The additional impacts of a global depression will always disproportionately affect the poor, elderly, disabled, and disenfranchised; thus, it is important to prioritize people over the new Green Deal program at least until this horrific war with all its unfolding daily tragedies is ended.