From The Peace Report: Trump will get second term due to favorable influences

According to The Peace Report, President Trump is headed for a second term because the Democratic Party is more concerned about elevating corporate profits to keep shareholders happy than the demise of the middle class. However he also shares the idea that both parties ignore the nascent ponerology of which Trump is emblematic. Undercovered by corporate and even alternate media, and downplayed in the impeachment trial, is the underworld ideology complicating many political relationships today.

Trump is not going to get impeached and it is just the failure of the Democratic Party that is going to solidify Trump’s second term in office.”

—The Peace Report “Why Trump Won’t Be Impeached”

In this podcast, The Peace Report argues from a Marxian perspective that President Trump epitomizes the desires of the ruling class, in contrast with President Nixon. Therefore even though both presidents faced impeachment, it was not the severity of the charges that really mattered, but the wishes of the ruling class who control our society.

Who has Trump done more for in the past four years?

Everyone probably realized that our duopoly is so far gone that this impeachment trial would be nothing but a show-trial. If presidents were tried for mass murder as an offense, then almost all presidents are impeachable, the title “Commander-in-Chief” notwithstanding. But because essentially the United States is a federal corporation, the Executive Office has become the supreme office of the land. As a capitalist corporation, the chaplain is not the people nor Congress but the power-brokers on Wall Street.

When we talk about corporations controlling society that’s just a very simplified view…It is corporations that run the country and really run the world. But we also know it is not just the executive officers…Look at the shareholders. They are the ones who really control society. But there are also people in these very famous wealthy family bloodlines…“—The Peace Report “Why Trump Won’t Be Impeached”

Comparing who was more progressive, The Peace Report argues that even though Nixon was by no means a progressive, as a conservative, he still enacted more progressive legislation than has Trump. Nixon attempted to play both sides—and lost. It was his administration that established the Environmental Protection Agency which Trump is decimating. Nixon had the support of labor unions whom Trump has largely eschewed in favor of huge tax breaks for the billionaire capitalist class. Nixon opened up trade with China, whereas Trump started a trade war with China.

Visiting the Richard Nixon Foundation, AGN recalled that President Nixon also advanced civil rights, signed bill for Title IX, initiated desegregation, lowered voting age, and allowed for native self-government; whereas Trump offers minorities support when the optics can be captured by the press to increase his approval ratings. Tellingly, Nixon’s domestic policies even included authorizing a joint task force with the FBI to effectively eliminate organized crime; whereas under Trump, mob families and traffickers (such as Jeffrey Epstein) are protected.

Finally, Trump has launched a trade war against Iran and North Korea, while strengthening the military buildup around the world. President Nixon signed the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and the Paris Peace Accords which ended the war in Vietnam; he offered full support for veterans in the form of the GI Bill. Trump’s support for privatized and for-profit institutions includes a tendency to ignore potential scams (such as Trump University). Is it any wonder that corporations eager to cannibalize the government are in full support of Trump?

Shareholders and family bloodlines support Trump

The Peace Report concludes that in the end it was how Nixon hampered capitalist profits that caused him to go down; and in contrast, President Trump is supported by the billionaires because he has grown their empires while ignoring or privatizing critical domestic infrastructure tasks and needs at the expense of the working class.

In fact, since President Trump was elected, the issues over crony-capitalist type appointments to cabinet positions, nepotism, and concerns over conflicts-of-interest have even died down in the mainstream media, as if his swearing all but annulled such matters. Public Citizen and many NGOs once raised a hew-and-cry over Trump’s conflicts of interest and legal embroilments. They even filed lawsuits against his 2-for-1 executive order rescinding new safety standards. Slowly and with a shrinking middle-class, even the NGOs are too financially hard-pressed to prevent partnering with corporate endowments, meaning they are effectively silenced.

It is this steady erosion of the middle-class which the establishment media fails to acknowledge because mainstream journalism is also under assault. As democratic presidential candidate hopeful Andrew Yang pointed out in a speech at a townhall last May, “Over 1200 local newspapers have gone out of business over the last number of years“, these shutdowns and mergers are taking its toll on a healthy functioning democracy in which community engagement and discussion of the issues is vital.

In fact, the superwealthy don’t need to rely on local engagement since they live in protected enclaves. They prefer to chart the course for humanity in the privacy of rich men’s clubs. Hiding behind a screen of private and federal security guards and secret service police, they are insulated from the poor trapped in slumlordly conditions. Most of the more prominent billionaires have bought up or are on the boards of the newspapers; including Washington Examiner, Washington Post, New York Observer, and Des Moines Register. The new owners do things like downsize or merge organizational staff, often ridding themselves of outspoken pro-labor reporters, or even rewriting the narrative on 9-11, such as inventing the conspiracy theory that Iran (not Israel) was involved.

9-11 Banner, NYC March

Banner questioning 9-11 by NYC marchers (photo by AGN, 2014)

One reason why Jared Kusher bought the New York Observer when he was only 25-years-old was to counter propaganda against his convicted father, Democratic political mobster Charles Kushner, with more substantive propaganda whether for real estate, political perspective, or business influence. The extent to which Jared Kushner is groomed and courted by Israeli sayanim is an open secret. Charles Kushner has known Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for decades; the Prime Minister cherishes his memories of seeing the younger Kushner growing up while staying at the Kushners home in New Jersey. It was through the generosity of his father that Jared gained admittance and attended Harvard University, where he served as student chapter president of Chabad-Lubavitch international. This rabidly pro-Zionist religious organization is led by rabbis who await the coming of the Jewish Messiah by agitating for punishment of non-Jewish infidels especially Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Germans, and enslaving the rest of non-Jews through piles of monetary debt.

The Chabad influence can explain the hiring of more youthful Jewish staff in the White House working for Senior Advisor Jared Kushner for father-in-law President Donald Trump. He capably handled Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 (and is likely a shadow campaign manager in 2020). Steve Bannon and other officials describe Kushner as an unusual meddler and often serving in multiple capacities whether as shadow secretary of state, shadow secretary of defense, and even shadow national security advisor, since his office is located closest to the Oval Office. Even if this kind of nepotism were acceptable for a son-in-law, there is the presumed softening influence of daughter Ivanka Trump who also serves in an advisory (if officially unpaid) capacity.

Jewish Royalty in Government: No Separate Palestinian State Needed

There has never been a more pronounced presence of Americans of Jewish support running for office. Former Vice-President Joe Biden, billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and even Senator Bernie Sanders are at the top for Democratic Party presidential nominees. Most of the other nominees can no longer afford to run because the billionaires have at the very least upped the ante in being able to place expensive advertisements on, prime-time cable networks, or newspapers. Senator Elizabeth Warren (one of Mike Bloomberg’s targets since he is very much of an old-school feminist) and entrepreneur Andrew Yang (both non-Jewish) are practically out of funds. Thus, it is more than likely the contest will come down to several old Jewish-American males.

Of course it is an open secret that the U.S. Congress is heavily in favor of all things Israel. Rabbi Levi Shemtov, the Chabad Lubavitch leader of the D.C. Chapter, brags of his extensive connections to every single Congress person and being able to tap their aides or other staff for assistance in ensuring, for instance, that nothing interferes with criminalizing the BDS movement and Palestinian-American protesters. reports on an annual event in which US Senators meet with Jewish leaders in a semi-secret meeting. While the time and location are known, both the Times of Israel, and Jewish Insider report on the event including Senators and Jewish leaders who will be at the round table. It is not just an opportunity to bond or exchange commitments; it is a demonstration of unwaivering support or as Senator Charles Schumer would phrase it, being a staunch “guardian of Israel.”

US State Department cuts over $200 million” (Source:

The Mid-East Peace Plan being touted by Trump, presented by Jared Kushner, and supported by the Israeli government is another case on point on closeness of bilateral ties. The plan may even have been crafted in collusion because tellingly the lead up to the Peace Plan proposal included calls by both the Trump Administration and Prime Minister Netanyahu to enact severe cuts to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Deutsche Welle which has been covering the peace plan stated (August 2018) that “The US, which had been the largest donor to UNRWA, slashed its annual $360 million contribution by more than 80 percent to $60 million.” Kushner’s perspective in leaked email mirrors the perspective of Israel that the UNRWA perpetuates the refugee issue for generations, even if presently millions of Palestinians are essentially still trapped in time-capsules in Gaza and the West Bank. Despite the fact that the UNRWA is one of the few agencies employing Palestinians in its 59 recognized refugee camps, in January 2018, Prime Minister Netanyahu himself urged an end to the UN agency whether by direct closure, or furnishing funds directly to each country to allow them to build their own refugee camps.

If it sounds suspiciously like the pro-Zionist nations of U.S. and Israel want to nullify all claims to a separate Palestinian state, that perspective is confirmed in an interview with Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace in January 2020. In response to a question about what good the Peace Plan might be if the Palestinians do not agree to the deal [which they have not since they were not invited to be a party in its authorship], she responded:

The fact that it’s being presented to two Israelis and not to the Palestinians is consistent with the fact that the Palestinians are not the audience for this. The Palestinian role is either to say ‘we will accept whatever you do to us, as we have no power,’ or to reject the deal, and by rejecting it, prove that they aren’t allowed to have agency in their own lives.” –Lara Friedman, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace

If that sounds harsh, Ms. Friedman bolstered her reasoning by defending the statement on record that U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman does not believe that the Palestinians deserve to be treated like a state with equal negotiations, and that ever since the Trump came into office “every single policy from this administration points toward a single objective: permanent Israeli control between the river and the sea — and the administration is pretty open about that.” While the U.S. protests an outright annexation of the West Bank, Trump has formally recognized annexation of Golan Heights. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu is hastening the approval of developments for the West Bank reasoning that the settlements are an effective annexation.

Needless to say, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Committee member, and many other Palestinians are enraged by this political high-handedness not to mention the reductions in material aid which are having the same deleterious effects as sanctions on the Palestinian refugees living in crowded, often unsanitary and unsafe conditions in places like the Gaza Strip. Their quarters are also subject to heavy bombing by the IDF anytime the Palestinians kill or wound an Israeli soldier. So far, Jared Kushner’s proposed Middle East peace plan has been rejected by Palestinian Authority, the Arab League, and the European Union, even if Trump has labeled it “the deal of the century.

It’s like a Swiss cheese, really” —Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to UN after a presentation by US President Donald Trump side by side with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The plan leads to a status that amounts to a one-state situation that comprises two classes of citizens, that is apartheid, in which the Palestinians will be second class citizens deprived of the basic rights of citizenship.”—Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit

There is no glory in constantly bullying and punishing a people under occupation. The US administration has already demonstrated meanness of spirit in its collusion with Israeli occupation and its theft of land and resources; now it is exercising economic meanness by punishing the Palestinian victims of this occupation.“—Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, PLO Executive Committee member

Billionaires such as the Trumps and Kushners often have deeper underlying motives for why they support an Israel-first foreign policy, even when Israel, through Mossad, is allegedly stealing bundles of technology and reverse-engineering them for producing adulterated versions to sell to other countries interested in producing cheaper new jets and satellites. One might harbor suspicions that they were compromised earlier on in their mega-business careers by the likes of sinister operatives such as Roy Cohn or the nefarious Jeffrey Epstein.

Certainly before 2017, there were numerous websites detailing anything from Trump Escorts, topless photo of Her Highness, or the drug binges that accompanied Trump’s rehab; while Jared Kushner appears much cleaner and youthful, he was heir to all that his father Charles Kushner has cultivated including mobster-like ties and methods. Both real estate tycoons have seamier side reputations of being slumlords who sue their tenants, refuse to pay their construction workers or architects on time, or cheat them in pay. Both have so many pending lawsuits or claims one would have to either wait years or become homeless or starve to death before a verdict, since their lawyers are known to file countersuits or appeals.

Yet the Trumps and Kushners, like all billionaires, strive to balance their cruel reputations with feel-good philanthropic foundations. Whether it is to offset taxes, burnish their image, network with older family lines, or cultivate networks to tap as career politicians, their families are making generous donations to organizations and institutions including to Jewish causes, yeshivas, hospitals, settlements on the West Bank, and even Friends of the IDF in Israel. Since Jared Kushner sits on the board of the Charles and Seryl Kushner Foundation, we even have a wunderkind running as de-facto President—and a friendly shadow representative for Chabad International. No small wonder Bloomberg, Steyer, or even noveau-riche millionaires like Obama are undermining the Democratic Party to keep their welfare for the rich earned income credits. In their view, Trump and Jared are their anointed influential pro-Zionist representatives who will do their bidding perhaps because they are such good chumps and made men anyways.